Carlos Moya Joins Rafael Nadal’s Coaching Team

MAJORCA, SPAIN - JULY 21: Former tennis player Carlos Moya (L) and Rafael Nadal attend the Bacardi Limited 'Champions Drink Responsibly' event on July 21, 2012 in Mallorca, Spain. (Photo by Getty Images for Bacardi)
Photo by Getty Images for Bacardi

Rafael Nadal has added former French Open champion and fellow Spaniard Carlos Moya to his coaching team. Moya will join Toni Nadal and Francis Roig in working with our champ.


I am very excited to announce that Carlos will join my team immediately and will be working together with Toni and Francis Roig. To have someone like Carlos who is not only a friend but also a very important person in my career, is something special. He will be next to me on my practice and competition. At the same time he will also join the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar working with Toni and the rest of the technical team.

 Carlos Moya:

Toni called me while I was at the IPTL competition. It was great to receive that call. To be able to help Rafa is something special for me and I am sure that, together with Toni, Francis and the rest of the team we have a great common project.

Rafa is a special player and, above all, a great person. I have a lot of trust and confidence that he will be able to continue winning important titles. At the same time, the academy is an important challenge in an already very professional structure with great professionals that do an excellent work.

Toni Nadal:

When I knew Carlos had stopped with Raonic I called him. Carlos has always been a special person for us. He was always there to help us. We think it is the right moment to have him join our team.


  1. I dont think insults are the only thing on offer if you look back at what has been said here and on other posts by your alleged perpetrators. And yes i fully realise that this is a rafa fan site. In fact i was on it long before you started using it thanks. Bullying tactics suggesting banishment was not what this site was all about, hence me not using it much anymore as i cant bear your reaction margo when someone dares disagree with you. There is more to life quite frankly. Leave others to have their say whether its insulting or not – unless you run this site?

    • Some people needs to grow up. Their world are just surrounded by “Rafa Rocks”. They think that it’s the only way to support Rafa.

      Insult? Hater? Oh Please. Go to mentennisforum or tennishouse to see the real Rafa’s hater.

      Ones should realise the difference between opinion and insult.

  2. So very few here seem to realize what an incredible low it actually was that Rafa just quit his season two months ago. It hardly ever happens that a player just quits the season because he has lost all confidence. He made a small attempt to blame it on the wrist but it is very clear: he was too afraid to get back on court because he was afraid to lose again. Therefore, with Moya brought on board in a final try to find back his confidence, we should realize that for sure, if it is not gonna work this year, it’s over after this one. And yes, Pat Cash is right: Moya is not the best choice to say it mildly. But hey, who is surprised?

  3. ps: just viewed your beautiful you tube clip: Nadal Downs Monfils Monte Carlo 2016 Final Highlight…..loved the genius NET REACHING point………: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

    Inspirational magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You are so beautiful on the court……humble…. striking……returning….. serving…… reaching…..all with solid passion and stride!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) all fun …..enjoy EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ci….ci….ci…& ci…. : )

    • Now I am counting down the hours…the long wait is almost over.
      Sooo excited…
      If your posts don’t inspire Rafa to win, I don’t know what will.


  4. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Very happy for you …..congratulations on all your efforts and hard work and amazing brilliant achievement with your Tennis Academy!!!! : ) KUDOS!!!!!!!!!: ) : ) : ) : ) Have a great time tomorrow …. lots & lots of fun bringing your beautiful natural tennis genius …….ci….ci…………enjoy everything dear Rafa and know we will be there enjoying it all with you!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART & lots of love & happiness!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  5. Why should anyone be banished from this site – just cos some dont like what they say? There is a concept called freedom of speech whether we like what is said or not!

    • LOL As you said, “freedom of speech.”

      This is a Rafa “fan” site in case you haven’t noticed. It is not a Rafa insult site, or a Rafa bashing site, or a Rafa mocking site. When these are the ONLY things one offers, well….

    • U r right Susie, it is “good people” with “good opinions” who are in favour of freedom of speech, as long as they can say to what extent. We call them Gutmenschen and they are the worst characters among the human race. Hi, Margo.

      • Who is calling the kettle black here… You yourself have compared a comment you didn’t like to Hitler and the Holocaust … If that isn’t freedom of speech I don’t know what it is. Very sad that you are still able to haunt this site. Go take your meds and get a life!


        Souix, ignore, ignore, ignore. Let him spew his hateful comments about Rafa. He will be here as long as fans keep tolerating him and as long as they keep responding to his ugly diatribes. Unless fans start complaining to RNF he will keep using Rafa as his punching bag here on RNF.
        Many fans have shown their displeasure already. He has gone into double digits. Hehe


    • I’m sorry Margo … Just ignore all those negative comments …There are plenty of fans here that appreciate you…I for one! I remember when I was so happy to find this site that shared the same passion I have for Rafa. Too bad a few people have to bust my bubble!! I will take this time to wish you a very Happy Healthy New Year & will look forward to reading your posts in 2017! Have fun watching our boy on Friday ! ( would not of known if it were not for you!) VAMOS RAFA!

      • Souix, I along with other fans enjoy sharing information, new and old, about Rafa. The Mubadala TWC exhibition is not an ATP tournament so maybe that’s why RNF did not post.
        Put your game face on for 2017 and ignore those who only want to bring Rafa down.
        Wishing you too a Happy and Healthy New Year.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. Pat cash on rafa – absolutely pin point
    “For Rafa it’s about rebuilding his confidence. Last year we saw him just losing his confidence under pressure.

    He said it a couple of years ago and it was more obvious this year. At some stage when we get older you just lose your concentration, you lose the ability to handle the stress all the time, day-in, day-out, and Rafa is showing signs of that,” said Cash.

    “Carlos is a sharp guy. I just tend to think that some of Rafa’s issues are technical and I’m not sure they’ve picked that up.

    “Spaniards typically tend to be quite traditional in tennis coaching, a bit like their tennis academies, hit lots of balls, get lots of confidence, that sort of thing. I’m not sure Carlos is down that path, but still I think Rafa really needs take a good look at himself under the computer and get a specialist to see where he can improve his serve.

    “In my opinion he needs to technically fix a couple of things in his game, he needs to get some free points, he needs to get consistency with his depth on his forehand and backhand and he just hasn’t had it the last couple of years – he’s never really had it.

    “When he’s in good form his depth is unbelievably good and when he’s not in good form it’s really poor and the guys are taking advantage of that now.

    “The problem is the last couple of years he’s never really got his confidence back on that depth. That’s his number one thing. He needs to be able to push his opponents back and then finish the point off. You can’t push them back if the ball is just dropping in the middle of the court. So that’s the number one thing for me. And his serve, he needs to fix that up a little bit.”

  7. Recent views of pat cash on rafa is inch perfect for him ……if rafa does this no one.will come close to him and i totally believe in rafa …
    Vamos rafa cant wait to see u

  8. Hehehe ! You are right Margo I should not feed into their petty posts! I’m relatively new at this and sometimes just can’t Contain myself!. You are good at not dignifying their comments by Ignoring them .On the other side of the spectrum I will protect you and all his loyal fans until the cows come home! However I will try to focus on a few other post like Fan Love & Positive Thinker!

  9. Spaniard Andres Gimeno won the French Open three months shy of his thirty-fifth birthday in 1972.


  10. If you haven’t been there yet, you can visit a web page created by Laurie Ainley— just Google 15 Capybaras that look like Rafael Nadal. The page on Blazepress may be the better. Enjoy!


    • Yep, I agree. Those two are always cheery. At first I didn’t get Fan Love covering the page with imojis, etc. That was when I first joined RNF. I now realize she/he is just spreading the love. Something important FanLove said on this post, “The best person to believe in Rafa is Rafa himself,” or something like that. So true. I hope he has banished his demons.


  11. For those of you who will be unable to watch Rafa live, Scoreboard has already posted the players’ names and brackets for the Mubadala WTC, which starts on Friday. At least we will be able to follow the scores which are usually posted a few minutes after real time.


  12. Mubadala as of 12/26/2016:


    DAY 1 — December 29 (from 5pm)
    Quarter-final 1: David Goffin v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

    Quarter-final 2: Rafael Nadal v Tomas Berdych

    DAY 2 — December 30 (from 5pm)
    Semi-final 1: Andy Murray vs Tsonga/Goffin

    Semi-final 2: Milos Raonic vs Nadal/Berdych

    DAY 3 — December 31
    3rd/4th place play-off (1pm)

    Final (3pm)


  13. Footballer Omar Abdulrahman has challenged Rafa to a game of tennis. The video is too, too funny. He wants to “show Rafa a thing or two” on the tennis court. Note the size of Omar’s racquet and ball. ROFLMAO


  14. Because time flies?
    I agree with the opinion that the change is kinda late. The reason that Rafa started to fall in 2014 is that his body just can’t keep it up with that style of play. Huge topspin and running to save shots and no big serve for free points. Rafa injured himself in 2014. You guys, the ones so called fans should realise that he is a human being and he is 30. Eventually, his body just can’t recover to his best level. That showed well in 2016 when Rafa still have some competitive matches like vs Andy Murray in Monte Carlo or vs Djokovic in Rome. But you see that he just couldn’t keep his level throughout whole match.
    Try a different approach was the answer when he kept losing early in Wimbledon the tournament which shows how good the player can perform on fast surfaces.
    Now his last castle-the clay has been conquered by Djoker.
    I believe it’s kinda late to make a change now. A time machine may help!
    It’s not negativity or haters dude, it’s the painful truth!!!

    • Give credit where credit is due. Rafa won this year’s Monte Carlo vs Andy. As for Nole “conquering” clay, it took him TWELVE, that’s 12, attempts to win the French Open in which Rafa retired due to injury. Rafa was looking to win his TENTH, that’s 10th, Coupe de Mousquetaires. And, if you look at Nole’s record, you will see that he is hardly a force of nature on clay. Rafa is still the King of Clay. Whether or not he would have won this year’s FO is now moot.
      Many fans were calling for Rafa to add a new coach or consultant to his team. That is a decision only Rafa could have made and as fans we respect that. We didn’t denigrate him or make fun of him because he did not heed our wishes.
      We fans also KNOW that he has been plagued with injuries throughout his career. I, and hopefully other fans, was hoping that a new voice could help Rafa circumnavigate some of the issues he is faced with due to injury combined with just getting older.
      Despite falling to number TEN, that’s 10, he came back to be ranked in the top FIVE, that’s 5. And he would have qualified for the World Tour had he not left the tour due to his injury.
      I recognize Rafa’s weaknesses and strengths and will stay a fan regardless of how he does. He deserves my support for all the joy he has brought me through the years.


      • Margo … Did you know that Rafa was a human being? OMG he injured himself in 2014 and his body can’t recover to his best level! We so called fans just can’t handle the fact that he is finished,washed up! We just can’t face the inevitable! Don’t know what post he has read on what site but it wasn’t the ones that I read! We so call fans just want the very beat for Rafa… Thank you for articulating the facts that you are so good and knowledgeable about. Seriously what harm can it do… Rafa Looks really happy practicing with Moya!

      • This is a new chapter for Rafa.
        Many fans, I included, expressed the hope that he would add either a coach or a consultant to his team. He has done just that. Instead of dismissing Moyà as “too little, too late,” I am thrilled that Rafa’s fans can see the positive that could come of this. I was pleased to learn that Carlos intends to be more coach than friend; sounds very promising.
        I am also certain it has not been lost on fans that making the decision to add a new member to his team must have been very difficult, friend or not. Rafa has admitted he does not like change. And don’t forget his loyalty to Tío Toni.
        In just three days we can start cheering for our champ on the court. All the best to him and his team.
        Stay healthy Rafa and make your way back to where YOU want to be.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • WOW, hope I never get on your wrong side. LOL

        What is insulting is that they claim they are offering “opinions” when all it is is insult, containing denigrating and mocking statements. Obviously they never will get it. I have often suggested to fans to ignore them. I am usually pretty good at that. But it’s hard when you have fans cheering for Rafa, when you can feel the love for Rafa through fans’ words only to be confronted with the seething negativity of these three. Maybe they are to be pitied because they have no hope.

        In your statement you have reflected perfectly fans’ hopes and positive outlook for Rafa. Thank you. And you can plagiarize RAFA ROCKS anytime, just because he does and because you can.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Margo you could not have put it better. I agree with you entirely. Whether Rafa wins another grand slam or not, whether he improves from no. 9 to be back in the top 5 or not, whether Carlos Moya can help him in his game or not, one cannot take away from all the successes he has achieved in his career . There are some who make it sound if Rafa is a criminal because he has lost a match or has not heeded their advice. Every player reaches a stage where they can no longer achieve the results of previous years. If, and I only say if, Rafa has reached this stage , it is no crime. If he has suffered anxiety issues I agree when he said they are harder to overcome than physical ones. If he can put them aside I am sure he will. In any case to suffer from anxiety issues should not be the cause for condemnation but for understanding.
        Rafa will always give the best he can. Unfortunately that is not enough for some who expect him to go on forever.
        Like you, I will support him always.

      • So true re the anxiety. My heart breaks for him because I cannot even imagine what he must go through during those episodes. He is quoted as recently saying he has overcome this. Perhaps this time off tour has given him a better perspective about what his goals are and how to achieve them.
        As Sioux said, Moyà should be given a chance.
        For me it has been one thrilling journey that is still in progress. Come what may in 2017, this Friday starts a new chapter for Rafa and I am more than happy to keep journeying (is that a word? LOL) on with him. So yes, I am excited. I will not lose hope until Rafa calls it a day.
        Thank you for your support for Rafa. Regular fans like you, Souix, and Fedallica, Fan Love and Positive Thinker help to make this a Rafa fan site.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • You talked as if Nadal is so useless and hopeless! In 2014, if not for his back injury, followed by wrist injury, he was on his way to retaining his no.1 ranking (when Djoko was poor at the USO series that year). He didn’t fall off the cliff because of decline in his game but because of injuries.

      He was on his way to revival at the clay season in 2016 when he won MC and Barcelona but suffered a wrist injury after that. Djoko conquered the FO when he didn’t have to face a revived Nadal (who unfortunately suffered a wrist injury and had to withdraw). Do note that beating Nadal at the clay masters was no guarantee of beating Nadal at the FO ( see 2013 and 2014 clay season for e.g. when Nadal was playing well).

      Nadal lost early at Wimbledon because after his knee injuries he couldn’t bend his knees low for the low bouncing grass surface. He still could win on fast HC surfaces like Montreal, Cincy and Doha in 2013/2014, reached finals at Beijing and Basel.

      As long as Nadal stays injury free and could still play like MC and Barcelona 2016, he will have his chances of winning the FO and the clay masters. A top three or four ranking is possible imo.

    • You also seemed to forget how good Nadal was when he could perform well on fast surfaces when he won Wimbledon twice and reached the finals there five times! It’s not that he doesn’t have the game to win on grass; it’s his body now no longer allows him to do so (unless his knee conditions get better after stem cells treatments)

      The so called ‘last castle’ wasn’t only ‘conquered’ by Djoko but Stan too, so what’s the big deal? You mean Nadal had to hold on to the FO crown forever? Did Fed hold on to his Wimbledon crown and not allowed others to beat him there to ‘conquer’ his ‘castle’?? Or Djoko his AO crown for that matter?

      • Despite Nadal’s ‘game style’, he still plays for a good fourteen years (2003-2016) in the main tour and he’s not quitting anytime soon; I doubt that’s not longevity; not forgetting he started young at 15 and started playing in the main tour at 16, at least one to two years younger than most.

        He had played almost a thousand matches now, just think of players like Gonzo, Safin, Nalby whom all had serious injuries and Gonzo and Nalby both had hip surgeries, and they had all played fewer matches in comparison. Did their game style affected them causing their injuries? They started their careers at an older age than Nadal but ended their careers during their early 30s (Safin at age 29), so weren’t they having longevity issues too? Roddick, Davydenko also retired during their early thirties and they were plagued with some injuries at ending stages of their careers, having played fewer matches than Nadal.

        Nadal is a physically strong guy so despite his numerous injuries and his game style, he’s still playing at a level higher than most and stays in top ten. Fed despite his longevity, and relatively injury free career, had not won a slam after turning 31; we have to see how Djoko and Murray fare after turning 30.

    • Well i know that some of you guys on this site won’t like my comment. I don’t really care about that much.
      @ Margo: You seem to miss all of my points. Of course that Nole probably never win his first FO if Rafa hadn’t had injuries. So? The fact that it already happened. My point is that his loss on FO marked his decline on clay which is his most important surface. Rafa could peform poorly on fast surface in the past but when he was back on clay, he turned into a monster and thrashed all the opponents. He could win again like Federer win his last Wimbledon in 2012 but his dominance is over.
      If i remember correctly. You’re the one who defended Toni the most (or at least stand on “defending Toni side” ) and criticized us for calling a new voice on Rafa’s camp. Now you are talking like ” Hey he has done what you want.” The point is this coach addition means that Toni finally realise that he wasted 2 years of chance of surpassing Federer’s record when Rafa was 28.
      “Despite falling to number TEN, that’s 10, he came back to be ranked in the top FIVE, that’s 5, etc”. Yes. Thank you for posting something that everyone knows which is not relevant to my comment.

      @ Sounix: Sir, if you are so smart and acknowledge about Rafa, Please could you share something so that we can finally “feel” it? And remember, Have some stats. Don’t just be sarcasm. Oh, and by the way, Rafa is a human being.

      @luckydoggy: Nope. I never forget how great Rafa was. It is just that you labeled me. But that is not relevant to my comment. He did win Wimbledon twice and also had 5 finals. But since 2012, he lost very early. Except for Wimbledon 2012, he was actually in a state of decline on grass after that. And you seem to misread everything. I did point out the fact that his style of play leads to injuries? And Rafa’s poor performance on grass was due to injury. So what’s your point on copying my comments?

      Don’t be a fan boy. Learn how to read the whole things. Grow up.

      • You are sadly mistaken. I was the one who caught fire and brimstone for stating that I don’t believe a word Toni says. He admitted to lying to reporters. Months ago I stated it was Rafa’s talent that got him where he is. I caught fire and brimstone for that also.

        Don’t misquote me. Where did I say Nole would never have won the FO had Rafa not retired due to injury? I was pointing to the fact that it took him twelve tries before winning. Maybe you don’t know what the word “moot,” means.

        Again, Toni publicly stated it was up to Rafa to decide if he wanted another coach. Rafa has steadfastly clung to his decision to keep Toni as his coach. So how can you blame Toni, or anyone for that matter, for “wasting two years.”

        All you (and the other two) have to offer are negative and derisive remarks for Rafa. We all know when Rafa has won, and when he has lost. “That’s sports,” as Rafa says. We also know that thus far Rafa has no intention of retiring in the immediate future. That is why we have hope for 2017. That is why we are happy he has added a new voice to his team. That is why we are looking forward to seeing any positive results because of Moyà. That is why we have optimism. We are not blind to Rafa’s bad times on court, i.e., we don’t need you or anyone else to come here on every RNF post to spew your negative crap. I can accept differences of opinion, what I refuse to accept are so called fans who come here to constantly berate Rafa or point at his failings. It seems you and your cohorts are guilty of Schadenfreude. The punishment should be banishment for the three of you.


      • No need to be rude!

        Nadal without his congenital foot issue to start with, won’t be injured so often (when his injuries were mainly knee related) I’m sure, and I’ll bet that he would still be able to sustain his style of play even now at 30, he being a strong boy. So, imo, his injuries weren’t due to his style but because he didn’t have ‘perfect’ feet to start with!

        He’s capable of playing an aggressive game like he did in 2013 but what he needs is confidence which he is lacking now. I don’t see why he can’t play that way once he regains his confidence, it’s not like it’s a total new style to him, and his aggressive game was and will be hard to beat.

        He didn’t need too much of his topspin on grass, where he hit a bit flatter and played from close to the baseline. Note that his injuries weren’t due to his topspin FH anyway, but more due to his knees and as I’d explained, he couldn’t bend his knees as low as before ever since his knee injury in 2012; and it was since then that he performed badly on grass. Try a different approach on grass? Like S&V? Chip and charge? Big serve and big forehand? One two punch? If he can’t have a good enough serve, he’s not going to win on grass, now that he can’t even retrieve those low bouncing shots on grass.

        We all know and recognize that his serve is his main undoing these past two years (when he wasn’t having any injuries until clay season in 2016), so fix that serve and serve within time limit, and I believe if he can fix that, he will most probably stay calm which will then lead to better execution of his game and his game plan.

      • Yes, you get it.
        Rafa’s foot issue was covered in his biography. At the time he and his doctor were trying to devise a way for Rafa to eliminate his foot pain so as to be able to continue his tennis career, his doctor came up with the idea of an orthotic to resolve the issue. According to Rafa, he, his team and his doctor decided to give it a shot. His doctor did advise though that this artificial remedy would be the cause of other muscoskeletal problems in the future. Rafa has found ways to deal with many adversities. I trust him to do so now.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Blah blah blah… You seem to have all the answers don’t you? What stats do you want me to produce Mr.know it all ! You are the sarcastic one accusing his loyal fans of not acknowledging that Rafa is a human being…When in fact we all realize that Rafa has declined…We are just hoping and praying that adding a new voice to his team may offer some help with the issues plaguing him… Should Rafa retire tomorrow, I would be fine with that… I will still follow him and take pleasure in the fact that he has his own Academy and a beautiful life without tennis. I would also be thankful for all the countless hours and hours of wonderful entertainment that he brought to me and his fans. Yes Rafa is thirty years old now… Which in tennis years, is getting up there! Plus Hello we have always known his style of play would hamper his longevity in tennis. Now Maybe you can “feel” that I know a little something about Rafa! Do yourself a favor and READ Margo’s and Luckydoggy posts…they research and post facts instead of insults! You may learn things about Rafa that you never knew! Plus let’s give Moya a chance… Of course he is not a magic bullet that is going to bring Rafa back to number one and perhaps not even winning another slam but we can be positive and hope for the best!…. Now for a little plagiarism,,,RAFA ROCKS! (Sorry Margo! )

      • @Margo: Don’t fool yourself. We all know that Rafa is a kind man that he would never sack his coach. Read my comment again and you would see what i really mean about that “2 years”.
        About Nole, oh, sorry if you were trying to give credit to him although that do nothing relevant to my first comment (is to Rafa if you find that too hard to understand).
        About the “negativity”, I understand that you and “the other two” just won’t accept that and may label me “hater” (just may), “hopeless” in spite of your saying “accept differences of opinion”. But you never really point out what ‘s wrong and try to use “fact” about Rafa or somebody else to give it a very long essay in a comment.
        “The punishment should be banishment,etc”. Oh, Margo. I have been matured enough. I understand that what we ‘re doing on the internet is just fake. That won’t scare me or even “the other two” which i don’t know who are you talkin about? The fact even you won’t believe that i am a fan of Rafa doesn’t base on what you ‘re talking on the internet, on “Rafa rocks” after a long essay, or blaming different weather conditions after his losses. I am still gonna enjoy while Rafa is still playing cuz i know we surely won’t have another warrior like Rafa again in the near future. If Rafa could finally win his tenth FO, i would be very happy. Don’t need to be that childish.

        @luckydoggy: I wasn’t rude. At least after what you labeled me for my first comment way up there.
        I don’t see any contrast between your comment and my first? As we all agree about what Rafa’s problem is due to health issue lead to slow footwork and his serve. What we don’t agree is that you believe Rafa is gonna fix his serve in 2017 but i think it’s kinda late to do the changing stuff.May be that’s different you are trying to say after all those words?
        “Big serve and big forehand”. Hmmm, well everyone who plays on the grass definately gonna try that. Rafa used to have his megaforehand to dominate on grass from 2006-2011. Now he lost it and that’s the reason why he even loses on clay.

        @Souix: Blah blah blah… Your point is, Sir?
        I see that you never point out what’s wrong for my first comment (all of you). I understand your high hope on his new coach which i would be happy if that happened sooner. I would be very happy if Rafa could make it again.
        I did read luckydoggy and Margo post. Margo is trying to give facts about Rafa’s world ranking at the moment and Nole’s road to victory. Luckydoggy shows that he knows Rafa’s issue on grass quite well but we all agree on his problem.

        But you?

        Seem that you don’t have anything to speak it out?

        Just make fun of my first comment with no reason?

      • Some correction – you didn’t mention about Nadal winning on grass with big serve and big forehand, so I misquoted you, apology.

        And nope, I don’t think our differences were just you believing it’s too late for him to win whilst I don’t or didn’t.

        You seemed to be blaming him and his style of play (leading to injuries) for his plight now whilst I didn’t as I felt his injuries weren’t because of his game style but rather his inherent foot issue, and believed that without that issue, he could sustain his game style to at least his early 30s as he’s such a magnificent physical specimen!

    • Nah, my comment wasn’t rude whilst yours (telling others to grow up) was downright rude!

      Nadal didn’t have a big serve but only a big FH when he won on grass in 2008 and 2010 so you’re wrong if you think he did that to win on grass. He won on grass because he not only had his FH (which he flattened to play on grass), a good enough serve (more for good placement than pace), quick and good movements on grass, AND, he was able to bend his knees low to retrieve low bouncing balls and that’s why Fed’s low BH slices had no effects on Nadal even on grass!

      He couldn’t do the low bending anymore imo so he has to improve his serve and his FH (which lost some bite during the past two years) if he wants to win at Wimbledon. His serve I guess was affected by his back injury in 2014 and it is/was not the same thereafter.

      Besides adjusting his serve (to accommodate his back), he has to improve his court position from far behind the baseline to somewhere closer to the baseline, if he’s losing power on his FH and so his many short balls. With improved serve, FH and court position, he should be trying to play like in 2013 rather than 2015, for examples. If he can do that then we will certainly see a better Nadal than the one in 2015/2016.

      • Well Rafa actually won everything by his amazing forehand and footwork. In the past, he won imbledon twice by hit it with very good shot selection. Flat/ topspin at the right moment which is very rare to see since 2014.
        In his prime, Rafa could beat Djokovic because of his speedy footwork. Djoker actually used the combo drop shot+ lob over head to counter Rafa’s defensive style from long time ago. But when Rafa was 24, that wasn’t a big problem. Now Rafa finds it hard to win against big server and hard hitting opponents cuz he is much slower. And as you said before: injuries.
        I believe that is due to his style of play. Bending your knee to create huge topspin makes you vulnerable to injury. Of course that is not the only one reason. No big serve means he surely finds it very difficult to hold game. In the past , it’s not a problem either but now you should agree with me that Rafa just couldn’t save his game. Losses against Fognini in recent years (especially the last set in US Open 2015) are good examples.

        So, my point is we all know that Rafa is getting old and that just won’t work for him anymore. Why didn’t Toni act sooner? I didn’t say that, Pat Cash, Mc Enroe, also said that. They are grandslam champions, not just internet fan boys who always try to be “aggressive” when someone speaking “negativity” about their idol. Stats show that Rafa started to hit his forehand just within the service box and he started to lose on clay quite often. His loss at Wimbledon 2014 really showed that he needs to change his game in order to be competitive on fast surface. I was upset because Rafa was a G.O.A.T candidate back then. When he was 28 and already had 14 grandslam. 3 grandslam is definately within his reach. But now it is kinda impossible. His body has been heavily damaged with injuries. In 2016, he has some competitive matches and some competitive moments but failed to “hold” throughout a whole match. The match against Djokovic in Rome 2016 is a good example. He did hit it deep, topspin and had accuracy with his forehand. But that wasn’t enough. Even when Rafa lost to Lucas Pouille, i still think he did have a good match but it is just about his level at the moment. That he is not suitable to play a best of five match like 2 years ago. So i think his age is his biggest opponent now. That is the reason why i said it’s kinda late and ” A time machine” may help him.
        About the serve things, i don’t think Moya is gonna help him much cuz he wasn’t famous for his serve in the past. His determination, footwork and a beautiful inside out forehand. Though i may think Moya could help Rafa for his gameplan. Rafa just doesn’t have a plan B when things get ugly with his forehand which he should realise that is very normal when a player turn into 30. He should remember that he has a very strong backhand too and he should use that for a SWORD not just a SHIELD in the past.

        You ‘re right about Rafa’s game. But i think you don’t quite understand my point yet. I am not talking negativity about Rafa.

        And about the fan boy things, when i read your last comment, i realise that you’re not and i ‘m sorry if that bugs you. You’re different from “the other two”. You have your own opinion not just react childlishly like “You should be banned if Rafa is gonna win this year,etc”.


    LOVE YOU ALWAYS.💙💚💛💝💗💖💔💓💟💜

    • Don’t be negative… When a tennis player of his stature starts to fall… It’s time to make a change somewhere! You have a right to your opinion. however all of his fans and almost all commentators and other coaches advised him to so. As a Rafa fan that I know you are ( I read your posts ) try and be positive about this and perhaps you’ll be able to to enjoy Rafa for a few more years!!!

  16. Wishing a Merry Christmas to Rafa ,his family , friends and team. Merry Christmas also to all Rafas fans and to RNF and let’s hope 2017 will be a great year for Rafa .🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  17. The following partial list is from the Grandstand post for 2017 Brisbane:

    1 Raonic, Milos CAN 3
    2 Wawrinka, Stan SUI 4
    3 Nishikori, Kei JPN 5
    4 Thiem, Dominic AUT 8
    5 Nadal, Rafael ESP 9
    6 Pouille, Lucas FRA 15
    7 Dimitrov, Grigor BUL 17
    8 Ferrer, David ESP 21


  18. Not too late for Nadal to make changes. Bear in mind he had his back injury at AO2014 and from then, things weren’t the same for him. Still, he managed to win a slam, a masters, a 500 and a 250 that season and finished as no.3. He didn’t fall over the cliff at that time; it’s his right wrist injury plus appendicitis that had done him in since as he was lacking in confidence in his own body.

    We don’t know whether he sought professional help to solve his ‘mental weakness’ issue but even if he had, it would take time for him to see the results. He was well on track during 2016 clay season, beating some top ten players including Kei and Murray before injury strike again.

    I doubt Nadal couldn’t pick up from where he fell as he’s not that old, not even a year had past since the last clay season, it’s not like only he gets older whilst others don’t! The good thing is his knees and his back aren’t giving him problems these days and the wrist injury isn’t chronic. As long as he has the desire to compete he can have good results. Having Moya as a hitting partner certainly is a positive, better than hitting with some juniors, even if some think Moya, as a coach, can add nothing to Nadal’s game.

  19. Why? It’s simple. When Rafa finally does retire, something his fans do not look forward to, der schlechtmensch will be able to repeat, “You see, I told you years ago he was finished.” Absolutely petty and pathetic.


  20. I agree with Wilander who said that it is probably too little too late. Moya isn’t going to shake things up and tell Rafa to man up, while that is what he needs, apart from a game plan.

    • So now you are going to be negative about Moya. It is obvious that whatever Rafa does you will see only the negative and whoever joins his team becomes part of your negativity. It must be terrible to only see the downside all the time but that is obviously what gives you pleasure so, to each his own, I guess.

      • @Beverley Budnichenko
        Rest up Beverley and get that shoulder working so that you can jump up and down, and wave your arms like a Rafa fan each time he makes a beautiful shot at the AO.

        RAFA ROCKS

  21. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) ; ) : ) God bless you as you prepare for your next tour and have a beautiful holiday season!!!!! : ) The best person to believe in you is you sweetheart !!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Best wishes and lots of love & happiness!!!!!!!!!! : )

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