WATCH: Rafa and his girlfriend shine at charity golf event


For the fourth year in a row, Rafael Nadal and golfer Jose Maria Olazábal hosted a pro-am golf tournament in Mallorca to benefit their foundations. Check out the videos!


  1. Bald or full hair Rafa will always have the most beautiful smile.

    Good luck Rafa with whatever you feel like doing. You will always be the best.



    • Hi PUMA, are you aware this post is from 2016? Only asking because I have made such an error.

      Rafa’s smile OUTSHINES everything.


  2. Anne. Marle and kay love you and hope you do well in tennis in the new year and we love your new hair do x xx

  3. I am anxious to know how Rafa’s left wrist is healing. Along with Rafa, Andy is also confirmed for Mubadala this month.


  4. Wow great to see , just watching Formula one( come on Nico) and who should pop up there being interviewed -Roger Federer, what a lovely surprise.

  5. We are so lucky to have tennis tournaments going on throughout the year, can’t wait for January for when it all begins again. December is going to be a very longggggggg month no tennis and no formula one .Thank you RNF for keeping us updated on Rafa out of the court circuit. Good luck to Nico today in Abu Dhabi

  6. Say it ain’t so, Rafa…

    I cannot imagine Rafa adding something more in his life to worry about. But hey..his personal choices are his…can’t argue with that.

    If the transplant stories are true, I hope he doesn’t start obsessing over whether the transplant will be a success, in addition to infection; if his hair will grow and by how much; if his curls and waves will return; how long will the transplant last; will the texture be the same; how to hide the donor areas.

    If he has had a transplant, FINAL results won’t be known for at least six to twelve months after the procedure.


  7. I have seen all over the internet that Rafa has had a hair transplant procedure( same as footballer Wayne Rooney) in a clinic in Madrid and if so, why not.Although he looks younger and more up-to-date I hope he will eventually grow it a bit longer . Good for you Rafa

    • I agree with you 100% Maria, he has the money and the time,,, it will make him feel so much more confident! I read that Andy’s tennis was being distracted because of his bald spot and he took treatment… I don’t know if it was a transplant but he did something, whatever he did his hair is back and he is number one! Do you remember when Andy had that dreadful short haircut? I think they both look handsome with longer hair!

  8. i would be VERY surprised if Rafa, wanted anything other than what is natural.

    I think I liked him how he was COMPLETELY NAT”URAL so I am hoping he hasn’t had a transplant.

    Love you as you are Rafa,

    Love and prayers

    Alaine Crowder/XXSydneyXXAustralia

    • I do know that his purported FUE operation has been all over the Internet. He has been wearing a cap for weeks and his head looked as if he had shaved his hair. RNF still hasn’t confirmed anything, so who knows….

      What does Rafa have to say….


  9. Ah finally the long hairs, that don’t match the balding skull, are gone. Is this change a sign that more important changes are coming too? Save your legacy, hire a pro coach.

  10. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Great photo of you & Maria. You look so handsome with your new hair style!!!!!! : ) Congratulations on your good Golf too : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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