WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s dream mixed doubles partner is Anna Kournikova

Anusha Dandekar asked Rafael Nadal which female player he’d most like to play mixed doubles with. He only briefly hesitated before answering Anna Kournikova. Check out the video below to see more!

Source: IPTL 


  1. Simply bacause Rafa meant in case if they with Kournikova were teammates, could you imagine how much financial profit they could get from it? Kournikova always had so much promotion, is just a brand! And you thought that what??? Hahahaha 😉 😉

  2. It should be obvious and clear that it’s all is just done for commercial purposes and PR, and in reality Rafa doesn’t even care of any Kournikova, (neither Xisca as a woman as well), and has his own normal and very happy life.

  3. What a great interview where Rafa didn’t have to be on the defensive with the media. A totally relaxed Rafa who didn’t once tug at his shorts or brush back his hair. Enjoyable to watch. Wish he had plenty more easy moments like this. He is easy when not being bombarded by the same questions ad nauseum.


  4. My assessment on Rafa’s choice of Kournikova as a doubles partner shows how quickly Rafa’s mind works.
    1] Kournikova lives in Spain with her partner. There is a good chance that Rafa and Mary know them personally.
    2] Ana is retired and has been for years. Unlikely she would partner with anyone unless perhaps for a charity event.
    3] She has become a very private person since her relationship with Iglesias, many moons ago.
    4] Rafa named a retired player to avoid any speculation among fans and media.
    5] Does Mary play? He could of named her but she doesn’t want any publicity.

    I think Ans was a smart choice.


  5. It was a light hearted interview , Rafa was mucking around and joking . They are not teenagers they are grown ups and I think Rafa’s beautiful girlfriend is old enough and has been with Rafa long enough now not to be offended by a bit of banter.

  6. Very disrespectful of Rafa, especially towards his gifriend. Disappointing that he did not choose a tennis player based on her tennis skills. Also not the right moment to pretend to be a “cool guy” after bailing out of the season because 3 years of anxiety left him helpless.

  7. What a great interview by Anusha Dandekar these are the type we like, more fun and not asking the same question over and over. Rafa now i wonder why you chose Kournikova ? Hmm. So funny listening to Rafa as easy in Britain can have a double meaning , and not a favourable one ( He He) You are so innocent Rafa, if you were anyone else I would be wondering what you were suggesting to the interviewer offering to show her some moves in off camera ( only joking) Great interview lovely to see the more relaxed side of Rafa.

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