Rafael Nadal looks suave in his suit at Tommy Hilfiger event in Madrid [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal looked super suave wearing a sharp navy blue suit with a white shirt and nice tie at the Tommy Hilfiger event in Madrid.

He visited the renowned El Corte Inglés department store to meet with consumers, VIPs and friends of the brand, and answer their style questions in a unique Q&A session.

FYI: Rafa is wearing a single breasted blue suit by THFLEX Rafael Nadal Edition Capsule Collection with shirt and tie by Tommy Hilfiger Tailored.

Source: Just Jared, EFE


  1. Yes, it is a shame that some people have their hairthinning while they are 30 or so, this transplant treatment has it been going for long in Europe? I liked him with longer hair, pelo largo in 2005 Roland Garros onwards. I have printed photos of him during those years from Internet to put on the wall. He was always lovely , still is but now looks more mature. This session was in Madrid El Corte Ingles Pasellano. I have been to Plaza Callao. Shame for us he did not come to Paris Bercy this year, I saw Feliciano Marc Lopez and Ramos, others of the Spanish Armada . Got autographs. Fiona in Paris

  2. Rafa’s contract with Babalot ends in 2017. Unless his contract permits him to use a different brand of racquet, or he wants to face a breach of contract lawsuit, the answer is nyet.


  3. Could someone confirm that Rafa is actually using a HEAD racquet?
    It’s kinda weird. I thought Babolat offers much more spin than HEAD.

  4. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Great to read and see current information on your interesting professional life!!!!! : ) YOU ARE THE BEST DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) You have the golden touch in all your efforts & projects!!!!! : ) It was very nice to watch your brief video clip of your q & a session Rafa Nadal asegura que podría jugar al tenis en traje….you look SO HANDSOME in all your professional Tommy Hilfiger suits, white shirt & tie….!!!!! You are such bright eye looking man !!!!! : ) We love your new hair style …..very sophisticated & it brings out your adorable, gladiator features!!!!! VAMOS SWEETHEART and congratulations on all your awesome affairs!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Have a beautiful weekend & lots of love & happiness!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  5. They are making a Hollywood movie of the great rivalry between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, lets hope if it’s a success that Rafa and Rogers could be next (wishful thinking perhaps)

    • The rivalry between Borg and McEnroe was a real rivalry. The rivalry between Federer and Nadal never was. Nadal started as a black page in Federer’s career, and he ended up not being a chapter of black pages, but actually taking away most of the magic of poor old Rog’ (that is the sole reason of those tears, back in 2009 at the Aussie Open, a helpless Roger facing the facts and not able to deal with it). The mass media and sponsors had jumped on the band wagon back in 2003, proclaiming Federer “God”, “Unbeatable”, “GOAT” etc (whilst Sampras could still hang with him, already five years in retirement). Then Nadal came along, and then Djokovic, to make matters worse. They can make a very nice documentary pretending there was a rivalry. But they can’t deny the fact that Nadal and Federer played 11 big matches (grand slam matches) and Nadal won 9 of those. “GOAT” Roger only managed to beat Nadal twice, when his opponent was a merely 19 and 20 years of age – a total unexperienced grass player, at Wimbledon. The only real rivalry worth a docu is Djokovic vs Nadal, until 2014 (before Rafa had his mental breakdown that cost him his career).

    • If he did have a transplant, only Rafa can answer why.
      To look better in his TH ads? He has been losing hair for a while but lately it has become even more visible and more written about in the media.

    • Rafa was going bald… He was starting to have to answer questions with the media and also his friends were telling him to do it… Like Andy! I don’t know if Andy had a transplant or not but he did something because he was going bald and it was affecting his game…. I can still see his bald spot but it’s not near as bad as it was. You can’t blame any of them for having it done, it’s a horrible thing to go bald especially when you are playing tennis sweating and having the camera showing every angle possible. I I think Rafa is adorable, handsome,gorgeous no matter if he is bald or not, however I fully support him in his decision and I hope it works for him!

      • Great to see you here. Your comments are always appreciated because they are balanced and well thought out. I have to work on that. 🤔
        Before we know it Rafa, will be back in the swing of things. I hope all is going well for him and that he had a much better 2017.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. There is an Esquire article, “Rafael Nadal’s suit is proof that a good tailor is a style essential,” that also mentions his tie. It really broke my heart to read the article because there is no reason for either the TH or Rafa team to not have noticed these glaring faux pas.


  7. the hair is okay. we won’t see the finished product for some months. the suit does not look good, does not fit properly. i am surprised that tommy hilfiger allowed him to appear as his model like this. he always looks so immaculate in the hilfiger suits but this looks like one which rafa has bought off the peg. however suit or no suit, hair or no hair, rafa is still a very handsome man. nothing or no one can ever take that away frim him.

    • I agree as the suit seems to be pulling from all angles. Not a good fit. It’s possible that TH did not account for Rafa’s well-muscled physique, unlike most males’. His suit should have been custom fit but perhaps TH would have been legally obligated to mention that in their advertising. I wonder if TH is punishing him for his drop in ranking, unlike his fans.

    • It gets worse. The Esquire article takes it from the neck down. Where is Rafa’s PR person or stylist I wonder.

    • I don’t understand why Nadal keeps accepting B-level types of sponsors. First Kia, and now Tommy H since a few years. I know, based on personal experience, that Tommy H cloting is really terrible quality. Shapeless and not durable at all.

  8. Rafa looks great as always. His hair is short now due to his hair transplant. I think it will be longer in about six months. I am not sure why it looks more brown? I sure hope it will be successful since the procedure took ten hours according to press reports. Many athletes have had it done and were pleased with the results.

    • @va4favre It could be the lighting. The full-length picture of him standing against the blue wall seems to show much darker hair.
      If he did have the FUE procedure, it’s all his own hair taken from sites seen or unseen. LOL
      In any event, I will wait until May or June to see what the transplant accomplished, or did not accomplish. At the moment, I don’t like what appears to be a half buzz-cut on the sides and back of his head, and a somewhat unruly top. If we are looking at the results of an FUE procedure, is not the final product so who knows what it will look like in a year from now. If he had the transplant, I just hope Rafa is happy with it and that he can now concentrate on his tennis.

      It would be nice to know how many emails RNF received asking if Rafa had a transplant.


      • It looks brown because he’s under a light, the picture of him standing looks the same. The donated hair is his own anyway. They take it from the nape of the neck, which is why he had to have the rest shaved, so he didn’t have a strange bald patch at the back.

      • Another aspect of Rafa’s brown hair, that may put him down even more is that the hairs are BROWN. “Hey Rafa, your hair looks BROWN”. Rafa: “BROWN? BROWN? Weeeeeh, Dustin Brown, mooooommmaaaa, mommmmie!!!”

      • Yes Jaybeer is always ready to put the knife into Rafa and turn it… Don’t think I’ve ever read a post of his that is positive, always negative negative negative… The fans on this site love Rafa no matter what.. that is not to say that we don’t get disappointed sometimes or upset with his decisions but we still love him no matter what. I don’t know what Jaybeer is doing on this site but anyway best thing is to just ignore him and not give him any attention … He loves to get reactions but I think everybody here has got his number now!

      • I agree Souix, but to even mention his name gives him the attention he craves. Some people just want to spread their misery.
        One can only surmise, from his comments, that he has truly gone off the deep end. His rants keep escalating.

        RAFA ROCKS

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