Rafael Nadal loses opening match at Shanghai Masters

Fourth seed Rafael Nadal is heading home to Mallorca earlier than expected after he lost 6-3, 7-6 (3) to Serbian Viktor Troicki in the second round of Shanghai Masters on Wednesday.

Though yet to have officially qualified for the ATP World Tour Finals, Rafa is a shoo-in to earn a spot at the London showpiece.

However, Rafa suggested he had doubts over his ability to take part at the O2 Arena, as he continues to battle back from the wrist injury that wrecked his French Open and Wimbledon.

After the match, Rafa said:

I cannot say now what I am going to do during the next month. I’m not sure about my calendar. I’m not sure about the things that I need to do to try to be at 100 per cent ready for the next year.

I need to speak with my team. I need to speak with my uncle [Toni, also his coach] too and prepare myself for the calendar to try to do the things that I need to do and to work on things I need to work, because sometimes to keep competing is not the solution.

I have two months and a half until the next season starts, so I have two months and a half to put myself at the level that I need to be and I have the confidence that I am going to do it.

For me the season is almost over and I accept that. Just looking about what I need to do to be 100 per cent ready for the beginning of the next season.

Source: Yahoo Sports


  1. Don’t think negative thoughts Rafa. You talk about the surface not being good for you and it’s not the best part of your season. The longer you have this mind set the harder it will be to shake it off. Other players are picking up on all of this and using it to their advantage. Don’t feed them with ammunition. Think positive thoughts!!!!😍😍😍

  2. I really enjoy the English Commentators, I don’t know their names ( Sue the female one) they never show them, but they are so good at commentating and enjoyable to listen to. They have a way of calming me down with their little sayings …”Oh he’s served it up on a silver platter ” ” Titillating Tennis from another planet”. They add a bit of english humor which really adds to the game! They also can see that Rafa is struggling, but never fail to complement him on what an outstanding athlete and person he is.

  3. Rafa..you need to end shots sooner. You are giving opponents too many opportunities to think and hit your next move. Nevertheless I just adore you and what you have brought to the game..Rafa.. I just love watching you win and watching you fight to win. Please dont quit yet..I pray you will get French Open #10 ..then Take a break and marry girlfriend (if you want) have a family..then become a commentator..then coach. Love Aunt Darcelle

  4. I’m puzzled by Rafa’s loss to Troicki. Give Troicki credit he took his chances with confidence and deserved to win but yet again Rafa delivered an underwhelming performance. He talks about the fact that he is no longer making his opponents feel pain. This is NOT the mind set Rafa should have as he must realise that players on the tour are extremely fit. It’s no longer a case of him winning by a slogging match. The game has moved on. The sting in his shots has disappeared (temporarily I hope) and he is slower and this is due to a mixture of things: old wrist injury, nerves, lack of confidence and age. All these factors conspire against him to produce losses. I don’t believe that easing off on the rest of the season is the answer. Rafa needs match practice and to figure out how he is going to thwart his opponents. First and foremost his serve is a major liability and needs intense work. If he could get more free points on his serve then that would help to ease the pressure.

    Interestingly, Troicki, after his win against Rafa went on to lose emphatically against Bautista Agut. Yet another player putting so much effort in to beat Rafa and losing in the next round! None of us know whether Rafa will figure out this current conundrum, but one thing is for sure, he will work, work, work to try and solve it.

    • I believe he means “mental” pain in order to undermine an opponent’s ability to win: psychological warfare, if you will.

  5. I watched Rafa’s match against Troiski and was disappointed about the loss and himbeing outplayed . I did not notice any apparent injuries , or grimacing from pain.
    . Rafa’s court speed has slowed some but I think it’s more from age and confidence than injury .
    Unforced errors contributed to the loss and the inability to serve well and return serve were very apparent .
    However , I think that Rafa should stay on the tour and try to fine tune his game through match play and competitive tennis rather than sitting out the balance of the season . Rafa can improve his game better by trying to be more focused and playing more aggressive attacking tennis . Sitting out will only make the self doubt and comeback for 2017 that much harder and dubious . I believe Rafa should stay the course to regain his competitive match play .


    • Borg made a laughingstock of himself upon his “comeback.” That is something I hope Rafa avoids. Rafa and his team need to remove the blinders.

  7. Actually rafa is right he should stop.playing any tournament and sit, think and analyse his game

    Since playing tournaments and losing in early rounds will cause more dent to his confidence and will agian cause nerves problem as he faced last year and rafa dont need that again so take decision wisely

  8. For me it would not wise to call an end to the season
    he shid play basel and paris since not playing here will cause a drop in his rankings also because he had good end of season last year

    and we know a drop in ranking can cause a serious damage in draws for big tournament

    How well u prepare how good u feel abt game
    but no player want to face a good opponent in opening match

    Rafa shud play basel and paris and playbin terms of short time goal and dont look for winning
    he shud test what he is going to do over his weak areas in such tournaments and see whether its working or not
    no matter how well u practice but a real match will be the real practice for him

    So keep playing rafa but just smartly

  9. It’s my birthday next week and I’ve asked for the the dvd of the 2008 Wimbledon men’s singles final rafa v Roger – perhaps the best final ever played in the history of tennis and rafa’s 1st Wimbledon victory in the dark due to all the rain delays. Need to remember him in his prime. Agassi and connors both made comebacks in their 30s and I’m hoping the same will go for rafa….

    • What great idea for a birthday wish! (😭). You brought tears to my eyes since even the memory about that final makes me cry. This golden era of tennis will remain forever in millions of peoples hearts. In case I will reach a high age I will still watch this and other finals from time to time to never forget the most thrilling and touching moments ever experienced by watching sports, thanks to Rafa and Roger. Let’s be thankful that they are both still playing.

  10. Jaybeer – did borg really attempt a comeback in the 80s? I didn’t know that. Thanks – I’ll look it up.

  11. After your lost in Shanghai, I feel you now see that you might have to change how you’ve been playing! You made a comment after losing about your serve. Regrettably, you really don’t win free points like others you play. The comments about your wrist and having to speaking to your team, I believe is very positive, which I think you need to compete and stay POSITIVE in today’s game!!!! Looking forward to seeing you in 2017. 🎾

  12. Rafa you can only do what you can do if your wrist is still bothering you.

    If you are playing in pain, thaqt is VERY off putting.

    Consult with your team, and your medical team and see what ois best for you.

    Love and prayers,


  13. Excuse me for repeating, I said the same in the older article.
    I’m unable to think about a possible season – end clear- minded and objective since I desperately wished to see him this year in Basel and Paris, looking ahead to see him since the beginning of the year. But besides of this shocking news, I’m really not so sure if this would be a such a good idea if he ends this season now. I believe, ONLY IF THE WRIST REALLY HEALED COMPLETELY (?), he needs at least better matches to gain confidence for the next season. If he stops now and continues in 2017 it does not mean that he will automatically find back on the winning- route after not playing on the tour for a long time, once again. In training, things might work well, but match situation is causing problems.

    I just don’t know how to survive the drama of not knowing if I’ll see him or not for any more longer. I would be very thankful to know, very very soon.

    Anyway, it is up to Rafa to decide about the rest of season. (Patience, urgently needed).
    Some comments are depressing me too much. There is not even a second of doubt that Rafa will go on fighting and we will hold on to him no matter what the results are. He still is passionate about this game. Maybe some people need to lower their expectations a little bit.

  14. A lot of “psychologists” giving advice, probably well meant but frankly we do not know the issue. It is interesting that certain people come out of the woodwork when Rafael loses. Are they true supporters? I think not.
    He may well decide not to play until 2017 but that too is only speculation. I wish him well. Next week his Academy will be officially opened. This is a great achievement for him.

  15. Siempre sere tu admiradora, pero yo estoy segura que ya es hora mi Rafa querido de que busques un NUEVO COACH, please, en el cambio estara la solusion, eres un excelente jugador, eres un verdadero cchampion, Vamos Rafa ak cambio

  16. I still maintain that it is rafa’s body that is his problem. It is worn out. Added to that is his mental issues. he has completely lost confidence because of all his losses.
    I could be completely wrong and maybe a new pair of eyes on his team may help.
    But a worn out body can only do what it is capable of doing and a change of style may be something he can’t do at this stage of his career.
    I think Rafa is deluding himself that 2017 will bring better results. he has said in the past that he is an optimist but he also needs to be a realist.
    Perhaps he should have a full physical examination with a sports specialist who could advise him, honestly, whether physically he can continue with success
    in the sport that he loves or whether he will just damage his health more.
    Also a visit to a sports psychologist to assist with his mental issues.
    When he returns to Mallorca I feel both these actions would be more help to him than just continuing with this obsessive practice, practice, all the time which will only wear him out more than ever. He says practice is the way to get his game back to the level that he wants but it hasn’t helped him lately.
    However who am I to judge what is best for Rafa? We as fans all have different ideas about what he should do but none of us knows what is going on in the background or what is really in his mind. Rafa is a total professional and we have to trust him to make his own decisions.
    All we can do is support him without expecting him to miraculously revert to the player that he was some years ago.
    Time, and age, marches on.

  17. L important maintenant pr rafa c est de se préparer à fond pr la prochaine saison et ainsi revenir au top 👍👍👍rafa en est tt à fait capable et j y crois fort❤❤❤vamos rafa 👑👑👑

  18. L important maintenant pr rafa c est de se préparer à fond pr la prochaine saison et ainsi revenir au top 👍👍rafa en est capable et j y crois fort ❤❤❤❤

  19. No matter what, you are the best!! Your drive and most of all your humble attitude and behavior are the real you!! Rafa Nadal, I became an avid follower of tennis because of you!!

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