Shanghai Masters R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Viktor Troicki?

On Wednesday, fourth seed Rafael Nadal will open his Shanghai Masters campaign against Viktor Troicki, who claimed an opening-round win over qualifier Lukas Rosol 6-2, 6-4.

Photo: Shanghai Rolex Masters
Photo: Shanghai Rolex Masters

Date: October 12, 2016

Match time: Not before 6 PM local time / 6 AM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 11 AM BST – United Kingdom / Noon  CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 9 PM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Our champ has an unbeaten 5-0 record against 31st-ranked Troicki. They haven’t met on hard courts since 2010 when the Serbian player won his first and only set from Rafa.

Rafa has posted a very solid 39-13 record in 2016 and won two singles tournaments—the Barcelona Open and the Monte-Carlo Masters.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. I’m unable to think about a possible season- end clear- minded or objective since I desperately wished to see him this year and I have those tickets for Paris/working in Basel and so on. But besides of this, I’m really not so sure if this would be a good idea. I believe, (ONLY IF THE WRIST REALLY HEALED COMPLETELY (?)), he needs at least one win and at least better matches to gain confidence for next season. If he stops now and continues in 2017 it does not mean that he will automatically find back on the winning- route after not playing on the tour for a long time, once again. In training, things might work well, but match situation is causing severe problems.
    Maybe I’m still subjective but I’m too upset. I just don’t know how to survive the drama of not knowing if I’ll see him or not for any more longer. I would be very thankful to know soon.

    Anyway, it is up to Rafa to decide wisely. (Patience, urgently needed)

  2. Oh Rafa I feel your pain. Troicki was never going to be a pushover and I wasn’t surprised to see that Rafa lost.

    This is sad but it seems for now that our Rafa only has one gear, and it’s not possible for him to raise his level when his opponent plays a Super level of tennis.

    Any more of these losses and Rafa risks diminishing his ‘legacy’. Sigh… Love you still though, Rafa baby!

  3. Two things that are wildly inaccurate in these comments are that Rafa does not enjoy playing – ridiculous to anyone that knows him – it’s the love of the game that keeps him going. Also if he was scared he wouldn’t continue to fight the way he does, tournament after tournament, match after match. If he’s suffering anxiety it’s because he’s wired that way.

    He looked subdued and lost at the presser but still defiant ‘I am not a doubles player’. He’s finally resigned himself to maybe not playing the rest of the season but many thought he should have quit after the Olympics latest. His hyperactive mind doesn’t let him rest or want to rest so he does what he feels which is excessive training and playing. He’s frustrated, depressed and bored if he cannot play. If he discontinues the season, it’s because he now has to listen to others rather than himself. ‘Maybe the solution is practice, stop and process of training’. I doubt these are his words but the advice of the people he didn’t listen to in the first place.

    • Teresa, how can you say he doesn’t love playing? When he thought his career might be over, at nineteen, he went into a deep depression.

      • Apologies Margo but you need to read again. I said that it is wildly inaccurate … that he does not enjoy playing as someone suggested on here. They do not know ‘Rafa!

      • No apology from you is warranted….. but from me. My error, no excuses. My apologies…

  4. This is the end, there is no coming back from here. Its time to retire gracefully after TOP TOP quality tennis for MANY MANY years. There is no point just competing; time to accept the facts of life and move on. End of a Legend. I will never watch tennis probably again. RAFA was the reason I started watching tennis.

  5. Following his opening-round exit to Viktor Troicki on Wednesday at the Shanghai Rolex Masters, the former World No. 1 admitted, “I need to recover the forehand. I know I need to hit forehands. Every time that I hit the forehand, I need to create pain for my opponent.
    “It is something that is not happening very often now, and it’s something that needs to happen for the next year… If that happens, then, for sure, I need to recover a little bit the electricity in my legs. I need to move faster to hit more forehands. But I need to be more confident with the forehand to make that happen. Everything is a cycle. I need to do the things together.”
    “I need to play my matches, to practise more and just to keep playing,” said Nadal. “I know what I have to do and I am going do it. I have two-and-a-half months until the new season starts, so I have two-and-a-half months to put myself at the level that I need to be. I have the confidence that I’m going do it.”

    Great to hear this from rafa
    rafa fans please be positive and lets our beleif in rafa to unshaken

    • How many times has he said the same thing? He needs to figure out if he can continue AND be competitive. There is no denying that something is amiss. If, as he says, there is a confidence problem he and his team MUST give consideration to other methods of tackling that.

      If it is the years of wear and tear, and injuries then there is no solution.

      I hope the team can figure out how to resolve his issues. If not, I will have wonderful memories of his tennis career and the joy he brought to all who call themselves a fan.
      Just like Rafa, I am not giving up either. I will be with him in whatever he decides.


      • I listened to the conference – I can’t see that he said ‘I have the confidence’ but ‘need to recover the confidence’. I agree with your comment completely Margo.

  6. When i wondered if it a good idea playing a 500 level doubles, someone here said a good reason to play was because Busta asked him. Cant believe his team is advising him to do what he is doing? Rafa is not 20 anymore. Taking the hectic schedule for the Olympics was patriotic, but for a 500 level tourney? Esp after u get dumped in singles and have a masters 1000 the very next week? But then again, this is the team that has been doing the same things for the last 2+ years no matter the results.
    The courts in Shangai have been made quicker this year. It was confirmed yesterday in the commentary during the Delpo match with Goffin. Infact they showed a camera angle from the sideline and the court was actually shinny like marble. Immediately i feared for Rafa and my fears just came true.
    I really dont understand what the obsession is for folks here that Rafa sneak into Year end tourney. All that will do at this rate is for him to loose all 3 of his round robin rubbers and then same confidence issues.. improve in next tourney.. wash rinse and dry cycle….
    Better he take a break like Roger and work on his game/serve/strategies. It is never late to add a new voice. He is only 30 and fit. All he needs is to look at Agassi who won after 30. Hope all these losses finally get him to add someone to his staff.

    • If he qualifies for the World Tour but refuses to play, I read that there may be a penalty. I don’t remember the penalty. He may be obligated to play.

    • I think most of the talk on here was not the need for him to make the finals but because some of us have tickets and are desperate to see him win or lose:)

  7. Sorry to say but no one should decide whether rafa shud retire or not , just leave it to Rafa

    v shud consider the fact that rafa when was on peak never perforemed great in asian swing or say year end tournaments but saying this he not played this medicore also
    last year it was the begining of rafa playing great in asian swing which continued till roland garross

    the thing he need is confidence which will come from playing more matches winning and winning tournaments and rest will be back

    for me what rafa played in china open is way to go ahead and he should practice this if he continue this i am 100 % confident that he will win grandslams

    Rafa s returning from injury and has not many matches in to feel good and play confidently

    So he shud wait and dont let that nerves affect him this time please

    Vamos rafa

  8. Beverly, I think you talk a lot of sense and say what many of us are thinking but don’t want to say or think about. One thing for sure Rafa needs to make a decision either retire (hopefully not) or like it or not he needs someone new in his team , a fresh pair of eyes to sort out his game , or maybe as you say if it’s his body just letting him down then that won’t help, but something needs to change these loses aren’t good. I want to see him on tour for a few more years yet , selfish on my part I know but whatever Rafa decides I know the next chapter of his life will be wonderful so I won’t feel to sad , he’s has loving family and friends , lives on a beautiful island , has his academy and exciting times ahead and he deserves every bit.

    • Look I’m with Rafa until the end, but he needs to at least try a new addition to his team. As far as I can see every tennis player makes changes in their camp. Novak hired Boris as a clay speaciaist for the one purpose, to beat Rafa at RG. Personally I didn’t think Novak needed any help, but he blieves that Boris helped him and that’s all that matters.Rafa needs something pronto, he isn’t bouncing back this time. He says it has to do with him and him only…I just want him to figure out what is going on! I can’t bare to keep watching him lose like this. I know I’m pounding sand, but how can it hurt? I could see if he had nothing left in him but then he plays brilliant tennis, Vintage Rafa , breath taking tennis! Please Rafa don’t give up…you know that’s not what you want!


  10. Rafa lost to Troiki. Troiki has never beaten him before. This seems to be the way things are going for Rafa these days. I feel so much for him. He just practices so hard and does everything he can but nothing helps.
    I fear all these losses are resulting in a return of the nervous condition he suffered in 2015. They must be in his head the moment he steps on the court.
    Perhaps he needs to take an extended period off as Roger has. Certainly just practicing more and more is not the answer. If anything I think it is wearing him down .Exhaustion therefore could be another reason for his losses.
    Much as I hate to say it I think Rafa’s body is telling him it is time to quit. Of course I don’t think he will. But ultimately if he continues this way he will eventually have to face the fact that he cannot go on any further in this way.
    He has his academy at home which will keep him very much involved in tennis and hopefully we will see him at work there. Last year he introduced a womens’ tournament at his academy and this will be a yearly event. He will probably hold some exhibition matches there similar to the recent one featuring McInroe and Wilander.
    I don’t think he will fade away from the world in retirement. He is too popular. The media, and his sponsors, are aware of that.
    PLease forgive me Rafa fans for all this retirement talk. I suppose I am just trying to come to grips with it if, and when, it happens.
    However if Rafa were to read this he would probably say he had no intention of retiring
    and intends to go on for a few more years. That is what he always says.
    Whatever the case may be I will always be an ardent fan, win or lose, retire or continue on. I just want him to make decisions which will make him happy.

  11. I agree with Maria – rafa needs to think about things and there really is not much else to say….

  12. Lily , there are 8 places for London and at present Rafa is at number 7 , he is under threat by Thomas Berdych, Marin Cilic and David Goffin. Luckily Berdych and Marin have also been knocked out this week so I think it all depends how well they all play in the next two tournaments. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Rafa can pull something out the bag

  13. And the beat goes on. Troicki had quite a tough draw, but he made quick work of his opponents so far. As for Nadal, I think it would be very wise to end his career. I wish he would win many more slams, but it really will not happen. He does not enjoy playing clearly. So quit already. For yourself, for your incompetent staff, for your family, for your fans.

  14. Aww so sad. Rafa has so many fans that are as passionate as we are on this site! They kept showing these two young ladies and one was actually sobbing, I don’t know how long Rafa can take all these defeats. Guess he doesn’t want to try adding a new voice to his camp. Love you Rafa!

    • Next is Basel. He is still seven. We have to wait out each tournament to figure out the rankings for the World Tour.


      • I don’t believe in Basel anymore. In the presser he said: “I cannot say now what I gonna do during the next month. I’m not sure about my calendar” and: “Sometimes the solution is practice and stop and have a process of Training. And maybe that’s an opportunity to do it”.
        (I’m heartbroken).

      • Training and practice is all he ever does. It’s not working. I hope he finds a solution.

        RAFA ROCKS

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