Rafael Nadal loses five-setter to Lucas Pouille

Fourth seed Rafael Nadal is out of the US Open after being beaten in five sets by world number 25 Lucas Pouille.

The Frenchman outlasted the two-time champion over five gruelling sets 6-1, 2-6, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 to reach the quarter-finals, where he will play his countryman Gaël Monfils.

The match lasted four hours and seven minutes, and went to a tiebreak. At 6-6 in the breaker, Rafa had a brilliant opportunity to bring up a match point but dumped his forehand into the net with the court wide open. Pouille pulled off a winner down the line the next point to seal victory.

Source: The Guardian


  1. Sorry Rafa Fans, but I am a Die Hard, One Eyed Aussie Rafa Fan from way back, n I cannot give credit to Poulle winning. There is always an element of luck n it was onPoulle’s side! Rafa was the better player n Rafa played a fantastic game, even though his body was completely drained of energy after Rio. He’s had a long strenuous 4/6 weeks, but he still put up a wonderful exhibition n should have been the Winner … Final Word. Vamos Rafa. God Bless. Your Aussie Abuela. 😀😊😇

  2. fear i guess somebody not seen the 5 th set wehen he two time won the game to remain in match with an ease and played the tie breaker till the very end

    Point is he is not feared he give to much of authority to the lesser ranked opponent
    3rd set was key rafa was so close to break him but he didnt played well at that point

    Earlier rafa was able to win the lossing match with not a great form against player like this but now he is loosing a winning match that is the concern
    this should never be 5 setter match

    Vamos rafa keep practicing
    u need ur serve going

  3. I noticed when rafa was winning set 2 that there was that look of fear. And that is why i knew he’d lose and so he did. Another failed season. Better call it quits.

  4. Rafa! I thought you were doing well, my champion! I thought you were getting better and better with each match you played, what happened? I heard you say your forehand isn’t making your opponents suffer, your forehand is lacking the venom it once had. Okay go back, get some rest, then tweak a few things in your serve and forehand, let your wrist heal, and I know I’ll see you show them a thing or two in China and London. I still believe in you, amigo! You are the best!

  5. Rafa needs to bring back his ability of turning defence into attack play which is missing

    Now once he get into defencive position he most of the time lost the point

    • Thank you, Maria. I try to look at things objectively but of course I feel so sad that Rafa lost a match today that he should have won. He said in interview that he was sad because he could have had a very good tournament here.
      I just wish people would stop comparing what he used to do with what he is doing now and be thankful that he is still playing and hasn’t retired. He doesn’t need the money and he has his Academy in Mallorca to keep him occupied when he does retire.
      In the meantime let’s just support him and accept that he really doesn’t need us to tell him how he should play or analyse his game for him.
      So many people have posted very positive remarks following today’s defeat and that shows they still appreciate the talent that is Rafa Nadal.

  6. Rafa rightly accepted that he is missing something in his game
    I guess ita consitency, the killer instinct in his shots….making less ue …..playing solid on important points…having really a good poistion to hit the forehand ….getting a good pace in the game like he did in 5 th set

    That something missing rafa needs to find as early as possible

    I really think with one slam all will be in right place

  7. It was heartbreaking to see Rafa lose after playing for over four hours of great tennis .
    It could have been anyone’s game at 6-6 in the tiebreaker . Such a shame that rafa missed a shot that was bread and butter for him. But in other moments he hit winners from impossible angles. The brilliance is still there but an aging body sometimes lets him down.
    However I was very impressed with his play in all four of his matches. The loss did not take away from all the great shots over the past week.We need to keep that in mind.
    As for his needing another voice on his coaching team, who are we to give advice from the comfort of our armchairs? Rafa is the one who is doing the playing. He is a grown man and a most experienced player. He can make his own decisions.
    He played a great match today and the fact that he made a mess of an easy shot at the crucial moment was disappointing to us as fans and I’m sure devestating to him. But he will get over it and so should we. He may never win another grand slam. Age and years of playing top tennis have probably caught up with him. But to watch him play is still a great joy.
    Congratulations to Lucas Pouille. A very talented player who kept his focus and his calm right through the match. A future top 10?

    • I agree. They’ve both played brilliantly. But Rafa is more of a marathon man than a sprinter. Why don’t the USO organisers wake up and revert back to our good old advantage deciders?! That way he would surely win this match 9-7 (or maybe 12-10). It wouldn’t be very harmful physically, and certainly better for all us, Rafans 🙂

  8. Rafa not looked pressing for 2nd break in 5th set which was possible and he could have got
    Rafa every shot length ball was hit for winner

    Good thing is he is really moving well
    his nerves seems to be tough fogthing till the very end calmly
    his net play look great
    forehand look good but needs the zip in the crosscourt forehand and needs to setup the down the line forehand before hitting it
    his return needs a real look

  9. I’m gutted! I need a good cry but can’t just now😑. I’ve read all your comments and it’s a comfort to know others feel just as I do. I guess the days of taking it for granted that Rafa will be in semis and finals are gone. This sort of match would usually be his. It’s been a year of highs and lows – Rafa has still achieved, in one of his worse years, more than some professional players will achieve in a lifetime. Our expectations of him are high maybe too high. I wonder if Rafa feels any worse than we do? He has the comfort of his huge family and more success than any of us will ever know. I don’t understand the emotional investment I have in him and why I feel so much when he loses but I know I’m not alone in my love for this incredible man. Sweet Rafa I will support you until you finally bow out of tennis. Seeing you in London is what I need and hope for now. Don’t be sad lovely Rafa fans – he lives to fight another day.

  10. Didn’t see the Match (early am for Australia), however, have seen bits n pieces of replay n so disappointed n upset for Rafa, as he appears to have played so well but could not finish! Time is running out on me Rafa – I am 81. Please Uncle Tony get an ex Champ to assist you in teaching Rafa a few new tricks. In my opinion, Rafa is a natural, gifted n has the best temperament in the business. I know you can do it Rafa. You have admitted to becoming very nervous at a crucial time at the end of a Set n i don’t know the answer, but I feel Tony should know. Love you Rafa my boy n I become so depressed when you lose a 5-Setter. A few years ago, you were unbeatable in a 5-Setter! You can do it Rafa. I now look forward to seeing you win your next tournament. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the U.S. with Maria n your family. Enjoy your Mum’s good cooking n keep fit. You are the Greatest Champ.

    Vamos Rafa. God Bless You. Love from your Aussie Abuela. 💐🎈🎈💥💥 😊😇😀

    • Shirley Taya, I know how you feel about time running out on you.
      I am an 82 year old Australian great grandmother of five and have seen Rafa play in Melbourne on several occasions. I am now considering flying up to Brisbane next January to see him.
      My family tease me about my Rafa obsession but who cares?
      We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to follow his wonderful career.

  11. Hmm … so again ..
    played austrialian open great untill the berdych match come
    played us open well untill the foginni match come
    And here again he.was playing great untill this match arrives
    i mean rafa could have played a better 3rd set he did have lot.of chances in whole match but his oppnent played perfect points on important ones

    So rafa needs to work a lot he is no more consitent
    his returns ….his serve sometimes can be free points to other player
    today the backhand passing shot not worked well
    he needs to return better like he did in 5th set

    But feel rafa should have won this match

    But now its ok since with such inconsitency he cant have won the slam

    So rafa needs a slam to get him.back in play where he was
    but for doing same he needs to work hard i mean very hard ….get that zip back in ur crosscourt forehands

    Its really heartbreaking to see rafa loosing.an winning match

  12. I am gutted too, RAFA is also. I know he did his best, but I have to take a break from tennis. He is the reason i watch, and I don’t like seeing him lose. It’s part of life, but it’s too much to bear right now. He was so happy, positive and excited ……….and for him to lose the momentum it’s tough. I don’t want to read an article about the match or even his presser.

    I sound selfish, yes. I just can’t at the moment. I’ll be back though, because he’s great and I truly admire him.

    RAFA fan forever ( short break from tennis world)

    • Omg that’s exactly how I feel I know it’s sounds so selfish and stupid but I can’t help it Rafa win or lose will always remain my favourite no one can replace him in my eyes and I can’t bear to watch the remainder of the US Open poor Rafa worked so hard and was so positive but just wasn’t to be he must be so disappointed at the moment
      Hope he is able to return fit and healthy for his next match whenever that is I so beleive in him but wonder if it’s nerves that is causing his problem he could and should have won this match
      Always a Rafan and feel for him

  13. Rafa doesn’t need negativity right now as he’s been playing positive tennis since coming back from the Olympics. Alright so he did not get the win today, but he showed all his fans that his fighting spirit is back and he is not afraid to fight for every point. He was down 3-6 in the 5th set TB and still he fought back to 6-6 before netting that FH. Like Rafa said, “it is the sport and not everything goes your way all the time”, but maybe next time it will go in his favor.

    He played aggressively and his fans should be happy that part of the game is back for him. I support his recovery and know he will be more than ready when the new season begins in Brisbane in January. The tough part of the season is coming up for Rafa, so do not expect too much from him, but I take the rest of the year as a continual recovery period for Rafa and he will use this time to get better honed in getting ready for 2017.

    Rejoice that Rafa is fighting strong and proud in his matches! Vamos forever Rafa!

    • A good and positive comment ! I agree Rafa don’t need negative comment ! If you love Rafa, you have to support him !

  14. Think of the quality players like Tsonga who and berdych who have never won a grand slam remember Rafael will go down in history as the greatest clay court player who played the game t here are so many young r e at players out there

  15. As much as I am a fan of Rafa, he lost to a player ranked much lower than him, despite the fact that he had opportunities to win especially since he was ahead in the final set. I have never seen him dump a forehand into the net, with the court wide open. sadly, because he refuses to hire a coach to work with him, TOGETEHR WITH UNCLE TONY, we as his fans must accept that his winning days are over. I cannot see Nadal winning another slam. he does not have the drive anymore and the players have figured his shots, especially that spinning forehand that he hits every time to the left of his opponent. They just stand there and wait for it as he does the same thing over and over again. Talk about the definition of insanity!
    Rafa, you have been a great player-quit now completely so we, your fans, can remember you as one of the great ones!

    • Well 14 Grand slams and I don’t know how many masters but he’s right up there with all the elites.( Margo will know!) .. Several Davis cups two gold medals… And uncle Tony right by his side all the way… I think we can all agree that Rafa could use a new voice in his camp, however don’t think for one New York minute that it will ever happen! I honestly am not disappointed in Rafa’s game…this guy is only 22 years old and he is dam good! As always Rafa never has a walk in the park,it’s always a grueling, nail biting, nerve racking game… Especially for his fans like us who want him to win so badly. This one will sting for awhile…he was so close and he only lost by 2 points…. I ‘m so very proud to be a Rafa fan and like I have said many times before…I love him win or lose! Just have no desire to watch the rest of the US open…

  16. What a spectacular match. Congrats to Lucas for his victory.

    Although it’s sad Rafa lost by only by 2 points, I feel he has been playing terrific
    high level tennis since the Olympics in Rio. I was so pleased he fought back from
    2 sets down as he so often does. Always gives his all out there. Loved his passion as always. Great performances by both players but there can only be one winner.

    There’s always a younger talented player trying to make his mark in the sport. There’s certainly no shame in losing by just 2 points in such a hard-fought battle.

    Now I’ll miss Rafa on Ashe but there’s always next year. Meanwhile, I hope Rafa
    can enjoy some down time with his family and team. He has been working so
    very hard since the Olympics.

    Win or lose Rafa is always such an amazing and electrifying player. Always with Rafa!

  17. At times I could not watch. What a wonderful match full of drama and excitement!

    Pouille played great, but lets not kid ourselves, Rafa lost this one. Up a break in the fifth, he gets broken back. Had a clean look at a forehand to go up 7-6 and serve out the tiebreak, he dumps the ball into the net.

    Rafa played catchup for most of the tiebreak, coming back to tie it at 6-6. But in the end, if all his experience does not kick in for the win, then there’s not much to say there. This one is on him, he lost it fair and square.

    Kudos to Pouille. Hopefully he does not suffer the Curse of Nadal:)

    What next for Rafa? Go home, rest, come back strong? Sigh… same old same old. Always with Rafa… just lowering my expectations now… I’m so disappointed. And I can only imagine how Rafa must feel. Putting his family through that! His girlfriend!!

    Rafa’s killer instinct, please return!

  18. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ; ) : ) : ) Good evening sweetheart!!!! It was only one point ….. and it was very exciting to see you give it all and see you so very fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) You can hold your head way high with your brilliant strong game!!!!!!! : ) You had some very special angled strong net returns……..sharp, strong & winners that are unique to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) In your US OPEN matches you had fantastic serve and many many stunning points…… so thank you for all your beautiful tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) It was a mesmerizing exciting match and you looked fresher and stronger till the very end…. There will be other opportunities….other tournaments….. and the good news is that you are by far the Tennis fans most favorite player ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Have a good night & enjoy your brilliant tennis and the great solid way you compete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART & have a great time between tours. Good night & all the best wishes to you & your loved ones. VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness & enjoy your time off!!!! : )

  19. I am quite sure Rafa gave it his best.

    I didn’t see the game but I can only imagine that he ran down every shot.

    Prouille sounds like a really great player,so all the best to him as well.

    Rest up Rafa for the next tournament,

    Love and prayers,


  20. Heartbreaking loss for Rafa, but he played great. Sadly, Pouille did too. It is ironic that they practiced together last week. I wonder if that was a mistake? I am trying to look on the positive side, but it is hard right now. He certainly did not play injured, so hopefully the rest of the year will be injury free! Vamps Rafa

  21. The game is sort of there but it’s not consistent enough. Rafa needs to add a big ex-star player that he can look up to in his box.

    Pouille, what a player, made Del Potros forehands look like average…

    I really hope Rafa can turn it around but he is running out of time. Maybe he can focus on getting the Tour finals trophy that he hadn’t won.

    • I agree Rafa13_10. As stated on my previous post I am totally gutted. Where does Rafa go from here? I don’t know. Just disappointed right now

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