Rio Olympics SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Juan Martin del Potro?

2016 Rio Olympics - Tennis - Victory Ceremony - Men's Doubles Victory Ceremony - Olympic Tennis Centre - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 12/08/2016. Rafael Nadal (ESP) of Spain poses with his gold medal that he won with Marc Lopez (ESP) of Spain.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.
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On Saturday, Rafael Nadal will face Juan Martin del Potro for a place in the gold medal match.

Date: August 13, 2016

Match time: Rafa is second on Center Court. Approximately 2 PM local time / 1 PM EDT – New York, Montreal / 6 PM BST – United Kingdom / 7 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / August 14 – Sunday, 3 AM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.


Being at the semifinals is something that a few days ago I wouldn’t even imagine. I don’t even know how things are going so well, because I didn’t do any preparation for the tournament, but I’m playing with a great attitude, fighting hard for each point, fighting to the end.

Delpo on playing Rafa:

He is the next opponent and he is the favourite to get to the final and get the medal, but I am so glad with my success and I will try to be 100% or to be in good shape to be competitive.

The two have met 12 times before, with Rafa leading their head-to-head 8-4. Del Potro has lost four of their last five encounters, but did beat our champ in their last meeting at 2013 Shanghai, while the pair are locked at 4-4 when it comes to meetings on a hard court.



  1. Coming into the Olympics I wasn’t expecting Rafa to go far because of his injury and lack of play , and in the back of my mind was thinking maybe Rafa would be announcing his retirement soon because of his wrist and would be concentrating on his academy, but I should never had doubted him. The passion, determination and love for the game is there more than ever. The future is looking very bright for Rafa and maybe today’s match would have had a different outcome if he hadn’t been playing 2 matches in a day. Novak and Andy watch out Rafa is nipping at your ankles. Will be backing Andy now tomorrow but I will not mind if Del Potro takes Gold ,he is also a gentleman and could have been one of the top four if he had not been injured for so long. I think he will be a big threat in future tournaments and could be the one to stop Novak’s reign(here’s hoping)

  2. Legendary Rafa 🎾💪🌟 Go get that bronze now champ 🍀😘 Amazing what you have achieved. ❤️U

  3. Head held up high Rafa. What a match! Very happy for Del Potro. Good luck to both on Sunday! Now you play and have some fun in your final match Rafa- no matter the outcome against Nishikori, just enjoy yourself out there.

    Such inspiration from both players today. Too bad one had to lose. And so beautiful to see Del Potro’s interaction with his fans… this means so much to him. Jigsaw will never get this guy, coz he cherishes his life:)

  4. I thought he’d stopped fighting in the 2nd set, and lost it in the 3rd when he was 4-5, but came back fighting for the tie break. What a turn around but in the end a Bronze to go with his Gold. Brilliant though as he never thought he’d do as well.

  5. Rafa a true Legend
    already the match of the year

    rafa u r such a inspiration to this world

    Vamos rAfa ……

    A big thanku for producing such endleSs effort match

    love u rafa

    U showed us without u tenniS is one such lonely and boring game

  6. All right, NOT the result I wanted, but a terrific match. So so close, and little more than luck separated them. Congrats to Del Potro, but also to our warrior. He gave it everything he had.

  7. Gutted . You deserved to win Rafa you gave everything you could , the bronze can still be yours . You have a gold and nothing could be more rewarding than sharing such a precious moment with one of your best friends.I am sure you will not be feeling down as you have achieved more than you dreamt of with your wrist injury in this tournament.

  8. I cannot see the match but have been following tweets and chat from another site and I AM STRESSED OUT. The emotions RAFA is bringing today he should win if not I am still uber PROUD of the fight. Man…………., this guy is the epitome of fight.

    RAFA fan forever

  9. Oh my god what a game come on Rafa you are magnificent you just need to finish it of now pleaseeeeeeeeee😘

  10. Win or loose.. rafa is superman.. all this for love of country and a medal.. no points no money… just incredible.. just pure heart sweat and effort.. 20+ hours on court already.. 215+ games.. warrior.. legend

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