PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal will play for bronze medal after losing to Juan Martin del Potro

Rafael Nadal’s bid for an unprecedented second Olympic singles gold medal ended with a thrill-a-minute semifinal loss to Juan Martin del Potro. The Argentinian won 5-7, 6-4, 7-6.

Rafa and Kei Nishikori will play each other in the bronze medal match on Sunday.

After the match, Rafa said:

It was good match, good level of tennis and all I can say is congratulations to Del Potro.

I try my best, I give my best ’til the last ball but that’s like this. I am very satisfied by what I did the whole week.

Tomorrow is another day and I’m going to try to be ready for it. (via ITF)

The players traded the first two sets. Coming back from a 3-0 deficit, Rafa eventually rallied to defeat del Potro in the first, 7-5. The second set saw del Potro eek past Nadal, 6-4.

Rafa and del Potro were tied halfway through the third. Del Potro eventually won a break point at 4-4 after Rafa belted a ball just beyond the baseline. The crowd roared: “Del-po! Del-po! Del-po!”

The Spaniard ripped through the next game, tying the score once again at 5-5. Again, the crowd went nuts: “Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!”

It went to a third set tiebreak. Del Potro established a lead, but Nadal hit some amazing shots as he tried to catch up. WhenRafa hit a shot long, Del Potro won the tiebreak and the match.

Sources: NBC, ITF


  1. Rafa will return to Spain with a doubles Olympic gold medal, adding to his singles gold of 2008.

    As stated by British sportswriter Simon Barnes, “…even a tennis player, an Olympic medal remains a unique and universal sign of achievement, something everyone understands, and a talisman that will be passed down to kids and grandkids.”


  2. I am new to this site but I have been following it for some time and have read with interest the comments made.
    Among the comments I have read those made by jaybeer who seems to me, besides being a disgruntled old man,a “fair weather fan” of Rafa’s – gives an occasional Vamos when he wins or a diatribe of negativity when he loses.
    He seems to have no understanding of the effect on Rafa’s body over many years of competitive tennis since he became a professional tennis player at the age of 15 and appears to expect him to go on forever as he used to be. Not possible. No one goes on forever as they used to be.I am amazed that someone who has reached jaybeer’s age cannot grasp that simple fact.
    I am also amazed that he gets obvious enjoyment in trying to antagonise others on this site .Attention seeking? Sad,sad,sad . Of course I defend his right of freedom of speech. He is quite entitled to his opinions and they do not have to be the same as others.
    But if others are upset or offended by them why bring further derogatory remarks from him by replying to him?
    Just ignore him. Let him continue on writing to himself . He will probably increase his attacks in his efforts to get attention. Let him exercise his right to speak but give yourselves the right to not waste your time in answering.
    I definitely will not reply to anything he has to say – EVER – unless by some miracle he has something pleasant, or balanced, to say.
    At 82 years of age I am happy to say I have been a Rafa fan since he was a boy in his teens, celebrating his wins and saddened by his losses,but forever in admiration of this young man for all he has done for tennis with the excitement of his play, his passion for the game and the great sportsman and person that he is.

    • Many thanks for your wise and all encompassing statement.

      Adding your voice gives even more power, and credence to a proven solution to rid us of a nagging problem that has descended upon Rafa’s fan site.


  3. I just wish the bickering and name calling would stop. People will always disagree but how one disagrees is just as important.

    I look forward to seeing how Rafa does vs Kei.

    I hope Rafa wins but if he doesn’t, I will be celebrating his deep run into the Olympics, and his doubles gold as opposed to “celebrating” his loses. No one here that I can see celebrated Rafa’s loses.


    • Apologies Margo – but these are not disagreements, trolls have a purpose ‘a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people’. These people then take the self righteous moral high ground to justify and cover up what they do as we see below by expressing extreme accusations such as fascism. They should be removed.

      • I am not seeking an apology, I just want peace. Rafa is due to play soon so I keep checking here to read what his other fans are posting before his match with Kei. I bet he wins, tired or not.

        Teresa, as far as I am concerned, you are an asset to this site with your insightful comments, and willingness to share Rafa news/videos with others here.

        Let jaybeer dig his own grave as he’s got plenty of ammunition of his own to accomplish that. To call Rafa a “loser” is just absurd considering his great accomplishments and “first evers.”

        If jaybeer held himself up to the high standards he has placed on Rafa, he would not be making such derogatory comments. His don’t deserve replies. PERIOD!


    • Margo, I totally agree. This is a Rafa fan site, but constructive criticism should also be welcomed. Our hero is always trying to improve. That is one if the many reasons we love him. If trolls do come to this site, we must remember that freedom of speech is precious. If there are some occasional trolls, it is better to ignore them. They want to get reactions and will go away if ignored.

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