Rafael Nadal advances to quarterfinals in doubles at Olympics [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez advanced to the Olympic men’s tennis doubles quarterfinals after defeating Argentina’s Juan Martin del Potro and Maximo Gonzalez, 6-3, 5-7, 6-2 on Monday night.

They looked delighted with the win and one more victory will see the Spanish guaranteed a medal match.

After the match, Rafa said:

It was a long match with a lot of tension for a lot of moments.

All the matches are tough, I play with high emotions here and that makes the matches tougher physically, especially for me with two months without competing and not practicing much, but I’m enjoying every single moment and I’m happy. (via ITF)

The No. 6 seeds in the men’s doubles event will next meet Austrians Oliver Marach and Alexander Peya, who defeated Brian Baker and Rajeev Ram in three sets.



  1. What a great start by Rafa , he looks pumped up and means business. GO RAFA😘🇪🇸

  2. Rafa just about to come on court . Wishing a quick and easy game for him so he can have a little rest before his game tonight with Marc . GO RAFA 😘

  3. Ahh now i see there’s another tournament starting next week, not a lot of time for Rafa to rest after taking his gold to then . Thank you RNF for the info

  4. With the Olympics only just started why are they rushing to get the tennis over so quickly. The scheduling is ridiculous , Rafa has his singles match today at 17.45 and then back on the court again at 19.00 . Just Stupid

  5. Rafa! You are awsome! You can actually win all the medals in single, doubles and mixed doubles. But could someone tell me that his wrist is fine now? I know Rafa is playing well but i can’t never forget the moment when he announced in French Open after easy wins. If Rafa is healthy again, he can win anything, especially when Djokovic is out, both single and doubles.

    • Yes, remarkable what he is doing considering the injury he sustained in May.

      Rafa has stated many times that his wrist is not 100% and that if it were not for the Olympics he would not be in Rio because his wrist is still healing.

      Yesterday I read that he said he is doing everything possible to be ready for each match. I cringed when I read that because it brought to mind the numbing injections he admitted to having been administered during RG. Or, it could simply mean he is using ice to prevent swelling or other non-invasive methods to keep him in playing condition.

      He also stated that he is tired about talking of his wrist, he came to play–not to discuss his injury and will not answer any more questions about his wrist. LOL I guess he shut that reporter down.


  6. beautiful photo as Rafa hugs Marc. It’s good that you’re both too much used. I wish very much luck in the next round and victory will be beautiful

  7. Félicitations à rafa et Marc 👏👏👏👏vamos rafa et Marc pour la suite👍👍👍❤❤❤

  8. Rafa and Marc I didn’t see the games but it all sounds fantastic.

    You both put in great matches.

    ALl the best for the next games,

    Love and prayers,


  9. That was so worth staying up for last night – so exciting! Im starting to really enjoy doubles. Rafa acting as tho it was a slam final – so intense and getting bossy – you’d think Marc hadn’t won RG doubles😉. Great shots galore although not sure the wrist is always obeying. Marc looks a little startled when Rafa planted a kiss on him😂 So good to see Rafa seeking his fans out after the match to throw them a towel.

  10. What a great result , Rafa and Marc are a great pairing. Rafa you show such enthusiasm in whatever you do its so lovely to see.

  11. I love love love the two top pictures of Rafa because they speak to the sheer power and speed with which Rafa answers his opponents. I can see Rafa’s hair being blown as he runs to make a shot, how his face is contorted as he is set to strike a ball. The incredible power he exerts on each shot is evidenced by the glistening outlines of those incredible muscles of his. Just beautiful.

    I commend the photographer for taking these great shots and I thank Rafa for supplying the material. LOL


  12. I didn’t see the match but I saw a pic of RAFA jumping on Marc after they WON and he kissed him.

    How cute, HA HA. He was sooooooooo happy he could not contain his emotions. That’s why we love RAFA you know.

    Ha ha.

    RAFA fan forever.

    • Yep, Rafa is on Marc’s back and he looks as if he’s trying to avoid a tumble. The thrill of these wins for Rafa are just so great in so many ways.

      I didn’t realize that doubles are only five matches, and mixed doubles are four. Singles are six, I believe, with the final being best out of five. Rafa get as much rest as possible between matches because you’ve got more wins to win.

      Everyone can see who and what he is up against in having to face Rafa. Zeus be with you!


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