Rio Olympics R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Andreas Seppi?

On Tuesday, Rafael Nadal will face Italian Andreas Seppi (No.74) in the second round of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

El tenista español Rafael Nadal en acción contra el jugador de Argentina, Federico Delbonis hoy, domingo 7 de agosto de 2016, en el marco de los Juegos Olímpicos Río 2016 en Río de Janeiro (Brasil). EFE/FERNANDO MAIA
El tenista español Rafael Nadal en acción contra el jugador de Argentina, Federico Delbonis hoy, domingo 7 de agosto de 2016, en el marco de los Juegos Olímpicos Río 2016 en Río de Janeiro (Brasil). EFE/FERNANDO MAIA

Date: August 9, 2016

Match time: Rafa is third on Center Court. Approximately 3 PM local time / 2 PM EDT – New York, Montreal / 7 PM BST – United Kingdom / 8 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / August 10 – Wednesday, 4 AM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Seppi:

He is a very tough player. He can play very well on all surfaces with great control from the baseline.

I have to change the rhythm of the match to have success.

This marks the seventh time these two competitors will meet on the professional tour, with Rafa leading the head-to-head series 6-1.

Good luck & Vamos!

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. And Rafa wins! Some terrific play although I thought he looked tired. Still, it’s easy to forget this was only his second match since coming back. And wasn’t he pleased at the end! Does he still have to play doubles tonight?

    • Third.
      And he’s got to rest for his fourth in about an hour more or less. So far he is outstanding, superior, an übermensch, a super Olympian!!!!



    I don’t give a ratz arse about people who aren’t even currently at Rio. Get a grip!


  3. Rafa when you are not playing i am not interested as much to watch the tennis matches. I have read your book. You are a WONDERFUl person and love your country and family. You were raised well. Please please take care of your wrist. Need to see you keep playing. I think reading about you makes me love you more. Not only in tennis but in your life in General. You are a great player try to stay healthy you have alot of years ahead. To me and your fans you are the greatest player you just need to stay healthy. God bless you, your family, and GOD HELP KEEP YOU HEALTHY. BLESSINGS TO YOU. LOVE YOU RAFA.

    • @VamosRafa, I only now saw your request. Had you posted it earlier in the day I would have posted for you. I note that your message reads August 9 at 1:26am. Which match were you requesting to be updated on?
      Rafa won singles and doubles on August 8.

  4. Go onto bbc1 on TV and live events press where it says Watson v svitolina court four and your find Rafa

    • No it doesn’t appear to have started. Fognini has just started and Rafa/Marc due goodness knows when! May be because Delpo needs to recover.

  5. Congratulations Rafa, Very happy to see you play again. I am sure you’re okay or else you would not be playing. Please do not over-do. Please stay healthy. Keep loving tennis. Love you always. God Bless You. from Marylynn

  6. May Zeus and the his fellow Olympians cheer you on in each match throughout your second Olympic Games. You are a champion AND an Olympian no matter what happens in Rio.


  7. Rafa…one of your doubles opponents today is DelPo, so watch out. Juan has a singles match scheduled to start just a few hours before his doubles so I imagine he will be tired.

    Come fresh and ready to RAFA AND ROLL!!!!!

  8. I think Novak can’t stand knowing that Rafa or Roger has won something that he hasn’t. (Roger doesn’t have gold) if he had won this he would have no doubt in his mind that he was the best ever . I’m glad he has to wait another 4 years now as for the tears it’s rare for him to be on that side of the fence so maybe it will do him no harm.Just one more point on Novak as I am aware this is a Rafa site keep to your own counties colours as they say you can’t buy love and if he is so proud to be Serbian perhaps he shouldn’t have left their as soon as he was rich and let his own country benefit from all that tax . Rafa ,Roger and Andy all still live in their own counties RESPECT

  9. Bonne chance à rafa pour ce match contre seppi !! De tout coeur avec lui et derrière lui 👍👍vamooooos rafa👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. I’m hoping that Rafa’s doubles match today will be on court one or centre court as these are the only matches being televised on the red button in the UK . Didn’t see the doubles yesterday but I think it will be a real test today against Del Porto, I wish Rafa had just kept to playing singles(to give his wrist a rest) where he has a very good chance of a medal now Novak’s out. I’m afraid I have to agree with DMTNA about Novak , he’s a great player but personality not so great . He tries way to hard to get the crowd to love him , I means what’s with wearing a Brazilian sweatband on one arm and having their colours on his sports bag to get them on his side ,learn from Rafa who is just being himself and is loved the world over.

    • Nole has a contract with Head. I can only speculate that they designed the bag with thoughts that he is numero uno, and that he would win gold in singles. A racquet bag adorned with the Olympic host’s colors, alongside the trophy would have been a nice touch.
      I saw his tearful breakdown after the match and did feel bad for him at that moment. His recent loses may help to bring him down to earth and teach him a semblance of humility. I’ve read a lot of favorable comments about him from his colleagues so it’s possible that the media is just not into him. Actually, I was rooting for DelPotro, without wishing bad on his opponent. My dislike of Nole stems from his bad court behavior, and the poor behavior of his parents during his earlier matches. I guess he gave them a talking to and now he is working on himself.
      Just putting my two cents in. LOL


    • Nole wasn’t crying for his country. He cried cuz he knew the chance to make Golden Career Slam was over. He smashes racquet, pretends to faint, complain to referee to stall the match, etc not to mention his father and his precious coach always try to attack Rafa and Roger.

      Djokovic is a good player but not a great player.

      • Who said he was crying because he didn’t win for his country?

        Olympic gold is missing from among his trophies and he has stated that it’s the fifth grand slam. He probably went to Rio thinking the trophy was a sure thing. And to be upset in the first round was even more hauling to him, and shocking to say the least.

        I missed most of DelPo’s match so I didn’t get to see Nole’s tantrum at the Olympics. In which set did that occur?

        RAFA ROCKS

  11. Well done Rafa. Great to see you on court again <3
    Congratulations and all the best of luck forward 🙂 :*

    VAMOS Champ 😀 (y)

  12. Go Rafa Go give it your best so pleased you have won your 1st round singles and doubles with Marc
    So well done to both of you 😄😄

    • Novak is arrogant. He didn’t cry because he lost for his own country; he cried because he lost his opportunity for Golden grand slam…so it’s ALL about himself as always.

  13. Nole OUT!
    This shows that arrogant Djokovic only succeeds in a weak era. Del Potro only played with one hand today since his left wrist is still hurt but that is enough to stop that arrogant from winning Golden Career Slam.
    Good job Del Potro!

    Rafa! This is your chance to make history. Win another single gold medal and next year another Australian Open to make it Double Career Golden Slam. You will be the greatest of greatests.

    Vamos Rafa! Look after your wrist!

    • Stop calling Novak arrogant he isn’t ..leave the guy alone one can be more of a Rafa fan than me but I can still admire and like other great players..

  14. Well done Rafa and Marc.

    Play your hardest tomorrow for the next doubles,

    Love and prayers,


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