How healthy is Rafa?

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Rafael Nadal appears on course to play at this summer’s Olympics after an encouraging update on his fitness.

David Ferrer told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser:

I will travel with Rafa on Sunday to Rio. His situation is more delicate. It’s never easy to come back after an injury. He will see how he feels.

Rafa is scheduled to play singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles in Rio.

And Toni Nadal said:

We began to intensify his training in order to be ready be in time for the first round.

Training with Andy Murray was a really hard first time with another top player and we are happy. Things worked out well.

In Rio, we will start training with the maximum-level players and see how Rafael will respond to the difficulty of the competition.

There are doubts about his game. I believe that is normal – these are the same questions we’ve always had after a period of inactivity. Starting with the Olympics is not easy but if we are lucky in the draw, he can improve step by step.

Source: PA Sports, ESPN


  1. There is another video (TennisWorldUSA) of Rafa practicing with Andy in which you can see Rafa smashing the ball. The score was 6-0, 6-1. I hope Rafa plays that well at Rio.


  2. Watch on youtube: ‘Rafael Nadal on his way to Rio at the Palma Airport. 31 July 2016’

  3. We always support you Rafa! Get well soon. The result is not that important. Tennis isn’t the same without you.

  4. Where’s the lovely Maria?

    Been a while since she commented……..

    Hmnn…..But as always, we’d see

  5. Très bonne chance à rafa pr Rio ! De tout coeur avec lui ❤❤vamos rafa👍👍👍

  6. Rafa the world is waiting to see you play tennis. You are everyone’s favourite and you are very loved
    You have to reach no18 grand slam
    To be the king of tennis
    We wish you t he best
    God bless

  7. YAY, finally something other than Rafa and Maria on a yacht! Whew, I thought he was getting used to the ‘lazy’ lifestyle:) But then, he’s earned it!

    OK, he’s gotta start his return somewhere. And of course I am sure Rafa and his team know best about the state of his injury- they will not allow him to play if the wrist wasn’t fully healed.

    Welcome back Rafa sweetheart! Just win your first match! How does the Olympic tennis even work? Do they use seedings? Can he get Djoker in his first match (gulp!!)??? I need to fill in this information gap. Google it is then.

    Good day everyone!

  8. I have always supported Rafa n Uncle Tony, but very disappointed with Tony’s comments which appear very negative. I feel Tony must now bring an extra Coach into their Camp. McInroe is lost to Raonic, but there are others. Please Tony, help Rafa. Rafa is a Legend n he is far too young to retire. He has worked so hard from the age of 3 n it would be a shame to throw his vocation away at such a young age. He still has lots to give to Tennis n just needs to be thought a few new tricks by someone who can also help him with his service. I think Rafael will be No.1 again n will break a few more records. I am giving our Aussie Victory Chant “Go Rafa Go”. Vamos Rafa. I am praying for a healthy n safe stay for you n David Ferrer in Rio. God bless you both. Win Gold again Rafa. Love your Aussie,Abuela. 🏆🏆👑🎊💥💥😀😊😇

    • I have a sneaky suspicion that McEnroe is with Raonic because of Moya’s closeness to the Nadal’s or is that far too cynical? I don’t think he will ever be lost to Rafa. Looking over some old commentaries, McEnroe always had Rafa’s back and gave the kid his due in a Federer fawning media world. I’m amazed as Mac and Rafa are polar opposites in personality. But I’ve never been more convinced that McEnroe is the right (additional) coach for Rafa. More so because he admired Rafa from the off. COME ON RAFA GIVE MAC WHAT HE WANTS!

      • I am lost here. I know from Rafa’s book that Moyà has been with him since he was much younger. What does McEnroe with Raonic have to do with Moyà being close to the Nadal’s?
        I do know that sports commentators have voiced their support for a Rafa-McEnroe partnership.

      • Rafa is an intensely private individual – I don’t think people can access his team nor private world easily. With Moya being an honorary member maybe Mac feels he can access this world. As I said, perhaps I’m being cynical but that was my immediate thought when I heard about Mac working with Raonic. Moya spoke extensively about Rafa and his attachment to his Uncle last year and also the difficulty of getting him to make changes outside of his family. Although he agrees a new voice might be helpful.

      • Ahhh…ok… so maybe Moyà could convince Rafa to add someone new (McEnroe?) to his team, or Moyà could let slip information to McEnroe that could help Raonic? I doubt Moyà would jeopardize his relationship with the Nadals. Unless Rafa has changed his mind, he wants his team to stay as it has always been. Rafa’s fear of “imbalance” may be the driving force.

      • Teresa, I told myself I would leave the subject of another team member for Rafa, to Rafa.
        BUT, (just can’t help myself LOL) why can’t Rafa get someone else to work with him as a “consultant?” This person would not be around every day like the rest of the team, he could give Rafa an assessment of what he sees, and then work out some kind of practice points for Rafa to follow. What do you think? Is that possible?

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Spot on Margo! Of course! Mac has a limited role with Raonic and this is showing he will not step on anyone’s toes – he can work in conjunction with his coach. It really is a matter of ‘gently, come softly’ with Rafa and I’m convinced Mac understands this. Rafa’s team said ‘before Rafa changes coaches he cuts of an arm’ so we know Uncle Toni is permanent (and so he should be) but a consultant in the manner you mentioned for Rafa – why not!

    • Sadly your comment will fall on deaf ears…I totally agree ..Tony’s giant ego plus this strange Mallorcan mentality to keep everything in the family will be his downfall ..I am and always will be A die hard Rafa fan …just sooo sad and frustrated nothing is being even tried ..there is so much experience and different ideas out there he’s only got one career ..I agree he has more wins in him if he wants it enough..Tony is far to negative ..hope it’s not to late

  9. Can’t wait to see you carrying the flag Rafa. No matter what you will always be one of the best ever sportsmen. Humble, gracious and courageous All the best for Rio, you and the whole Spanish team. Vamps.

  10. Rafa, ALl the best with the olympics and your good friend David Ferrer.

    i pray you are healed and stay strong.

    Love and prayers,


  11. Well he already has a gold metal in singles….just happy he is going to Rio with his good friend David Ferrer. For me I just want him to carry the Spanish Flag …He can retire then look back on an Incredible, historical career and enjoy the rest of his life. It makes me so sad but I believe this is the end for Rafa …Vamos Rafa…You will forever be my champion and I can’t tell you in words how much I have enjoyed being one of your millions of fans!

    • I too want Rafa to carry the Spanish flag in Rio, but I am not ready for him to retire yet. He does not sound like he wants to retire either. I am sure that whenever Rafa is ready to retire, he will have a wonderful life with his friends and family. Sadly, his fans will be the ones who are heartbroken.

  12. I trust Rafa, his uncle and the rest of the team have made the right decision in starting competition at this time. He’s too good an athlete to take the risks of competing before he’s 100% ready. Buena Suerte, Rafa!!!!

  13. Sounds like Rafa is not ready to compete at a high level. I just pray he does not exacerbate his injury.


    • I don’t think Rafa would go to Rio if he felt his wrist was still delicate,obviously it’s still fragile,but if he’s been training and practising with Andy Murray then he has to be 75%there. Go Rafa.

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