PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal pays the Mallorca Open a visit

Rafa Nadal visited today the venue of the Mallorca Open, the Santa Ponsa Tennis Club, to watch some tennis here at his land. Toni Nadal explained that all in all, Rafa’s wrist injury is improving day by day.

My nephew is here at the tournament to watch some tennis. The Spanish Federation doctor came today as well and checked how is everything going. Everything is going fine. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro has said that he can start to do some work, no on court yet, but he can start with some strengthen work in order to readapt progressively. In two weeks we will be able to start practicing.

And if everything goes right, Rafa Nadal will be at Toronto.

The plan is to go to Toronto, which I think will be very good for us. If Rafael goes there will mean that you are in perfect conditions to play. Will be a great preparation for the Olympics too, practicing with top players there. Until Rio, we have a month and a half so Rafael will have very good 20 days to get ready.

Source: Mallorca Open


  1. I would not do anything to jeopardize representing your country in the Olympic Games. You can play more tournaments. This may be your last chance to represent your country. Please listen to your heart and your Doctors on this. I know this is a great honor for you.
    I will be watching Rafa. The best to you and your family always your number one fan!

  2. On 6/20/16 ibtimes writes that Federer was never good enough to beat rival Rafael Nadal at the FO. Federer and Nadal’s rivalry, going back almost twelve years, has been one of the greatest ever witnessed in the history of the sport. “Sometimes I was outplayed, sometimes I was close but I never lost hope or faith [that I could beat him in the FO]. With his topspin I had to change so many things to match him. The matchup with Rafa will always stay unique – because of the Wimbledon final in 2008.”
    As a fan watching these two athletes duke it out in a match was mind-blowing. So many times a match could have gone either way and watching Rafa in his Herculean pursuit of a ball was mesmerizing.
    That they meet again is my wish.


  3. I am very concerned about Rafa playing Toronto. I think Toni has it backwards by saying that if Rafa goes to Toronto it means he is in perfect condition to play. I feel he needs to delay playing on the side of caution. There could be micro-tears that were not detected.
    In his book, Rafa stated that his foot problem first showed itself in 2004. He was in great pain and missed most of the clay season. He rested and had a good 2005. It wasn’t until the end of 2005 when the pain came back that he was finally diagnosed with a deformed tarsal scaphoid. The kicker is that it took three different doctors to finally get a diagnosis. His doctor (Cotorro) didn’t know what was going on, another doctor couldn’t figure it out, the third doctor was able to diagnose and offer a possible solution. The team had no alternative but to seek outside help because Rafa could not walk. Otherwise, he would most likely been bandaged up, told to rest (like the first time the foot caused him a problem) and then allowed to play without properly diagnosing the root of the problem. That last correct diagnosis saved his career and it wasn’t Dr. Cotorro who diagnosed the problem. Just sayin…

  4. I don’t like beards n mo’s, but I must admit you can carry it off because of your beautiful smile. You look your best Rafa clean shaven, so handsome! I say this to my 24 yr old grandson n it upsets him! Praying for you to be back on the circuit. Watched Roger play today n was sad he lost. No interest without you n Roger. Get well soon my boy. Vamos Rafa. Love n God bless your Aussie Abuela. 😊😇😀

  5. Missing Rafa at the grass tournaments but am very happy to see his fellow Spaniard Carla Suarez Navaro has beaten Kerber to play in the semi finals at Argon in Birmingham , and when asked how she would relax tonight she said with a massage and watching the Spanish team in the Euro’s, so Rafa will be in good company . I hope they win for you Rafa ,enjoy the match and good luck to Carla tomorrow

  6. Didnt Rafa must attend at the Davis cup match against Romania if he wants to play in Olimpics?

  7. Forget about it. I know all about Toni and his plans. There will be no Toronto and there will be no Olympics. Mark my words. We’ve been down this road before.

    • I don’t think you know ‘all about’ anything much. No way do you know how Rafa’s injury is healing. I see no reason to assume he’s not getting the best advice. He may or may not achieve Toronto, but I’ll bet he’ll be at the Olympics.

    • I get it…you are a very disappointed fan, along with me. However, my worry is that he will return to competition too soon. I would have preferred that he wait until the US Open because injuries of this type can take anywhere from a few months to six months. He may have done further damage by playing the FO. It’s possible that micro-tears (which are hard to detect) in the tendon did not appear in test results.

      Since this is a new injury to him, his camp should have had the presence of mind to have the cause of the pain identified instead of giving Rafa numbing injections. It took until he couldn’t move his wrist for them? to “decide” Rafa couldn’t play.
      It’s been only three weeks and already Toni is proselytizing about Toronto and practice. If Rafa returns before his wrist is 100% healed the injury will recur and will most likely require surgery: that could take him off the tour for eight months or longer.
      For me, staying away until the US Open is a lot better than eight months or longer.
      I am just waiting and hoping that all is well with him. Fewer tournaments would probably help him to stay competitive. Had he stopped at Rome Rio probably would look much more plausible than it does now, for me anyway. Olympics are every four years, RG is an annual affair, thus he made his choice..,I will just support him and hope for the best.


    • Toni Nadal is terrible at expectation management. In 2012 he did it (they would be back at the Olympics, then at the US Open, did not play either), in 2013 he did it (RN would return at Aussie Open, nope never happened), in 2014 he did it (Rafa would miss the warm up tournaments but would pay US Open, nope did not happen) and right now exactly the same can be expected. Oh, and then there is this one. Toni Nadal, after the beatdown by Berdych at Aussie Open 15: “We’ve never lost here and then not won the French, so we are optimistic”. Dumb%ass.

      • LOL Good response (though I haven’t checked its accuracy)! Whenever Tony makes a statement I try to read between the lines: that way I don’t become stressed out when a promise doesn’t materialize.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Yeah right! And beside, Toni ‘s old style is no longer works. Rafa is hurting his body by playing like this. Why doesn’t Toni walk away to let a real professional like Andre Agassi to help Rafa?
        He said that he only wanted the best for his nephew right? Why doesn’t he act like Serena’s father? Walk away when can’t help his daughter no more and let a real professional in.

        Rafa is 30 now and he is playing defensively, running like he is 23-24 in his prime. That only hurts himself.

  8. I love the beard..makes him look even sexier if that’s can one man be so gorgeous..speedy recovery Rafa so missed in the tennis courts…Vamos

    • Agreed with you Linda Arnold. Rafa looks sexier with his beard. A real gorgeous dishy hunk!!!

  9. Don’t like the beard….think it hides the beautiful structure of his face,however I think it is just a relaxing thing….men hate shaving every day and when they don’t have to they let it go! He is so gorgeous that he looks good no matter what !

  10. Rafa,
    You look adorable with the shadowy
    beard too !👌🏻👍🏽👏👏👏💓💓



    GOD BLESS YOU DEAR. 🌸 🌹 🍀 💕 💝 💟

    WARM HUGS🙆🙆🙆🙆 AND KISSES 💋💋💋💋💋💋👴 FROM ALL YOUR INDIAN FANS N FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD . 🌹🌹 🌹 🍁 🍂 🌺 🌻 🌼 🌾 🌽 🌼 🌻 🌺 🍂 🍁 🍀 🌺 🌼 🌻 🌻 .

  12. My oh My how handsome and rugged with the beard,
    and looking soooooooooooo relaxed.

    pleased uncle Toni tells us that the wrist is improving day by day.

    I am pleased to see the pictures of Mallorca,
    and it looks really lovely,

    i am praying for you and God bless,


  13. What a difference in atmosphere and excitement when Rafael and Roger are not participating;
    no doubt this is reflected in ticket sales as well. A new look-why not? I vote for the clean shaven
    look though.

    Mallorca looks lovely-enjoy🌞🌞🌞

  14. Glad your out and enjoying yourself. Take care of your wrist. Your so handsome with the beard. Not everyone looks good in a beard but your more handsome with the beard if that’s possible. We love you Rafa. We will always be here for you

  15. I suspect Rafa is just taking it easy, but even unshaven he looks good. He has a wonderful smile. It hurts to see the brace on his wrist, but at least Toni had some encouraging news. I have watched a little of the grass court tournaments, but it is not the same without Rafa. Get well soon!

  16. I can’t stand beards but I gotta say Rafa, you’re looking good. I’ve NEVER seen you unshaven. Is this your statement of independence or did you just decide to relax…is it the brace? I thought you were ambidexterous…. Please shave before you return but if the beard makes you happy I won’t complain.


  17. Ohh, that’s really great news about Rafa’s wrist improving 👍😃 Very excited to read that 😊👏

    Continued speedy recovery handsome 😘🍀
    VAMOS Rafa 🎾💪

    Love the “no shave” look as well 😄💗

  18. Nice pics. Rafa 😍 Great to see you smiling also 😃👍 Love your smile always 💕

    😘 Hugs ‘N’ kisses xxxx
    from a 4-ever fan in DK 😊

  19. hope all goes well, Rafa, get better very soon, you are greatly missed, Vamos x

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