Rafael Nadal: “I won’t be able to play at Wimbledon this year”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 02: Rafael Nadal of Spain attends a press conference during day four of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 2, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Roger Allen - Pool/AELTC/Getty Images)
Photo by Roger Allen – Pool/AELTC/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal will not play at Wimbledon because of the wrist injury that forced him out of the French Open.

Our champion initially felt pain in his left wrist at the Madrid Open last month but it worsened at Roland Garros and he withdrew ahead of his third-round match.

Rafa wrote on his Facebook page:

Hi everybody. I’m sad to announce that after talking to my doctors, and receiving the results of my last medical revision, I won’t be able to play at Wimbledon this year.
As you can all imagine, it’s a very tough decision, but the injury I suffered at Roland Garros needs time to heal. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join in the pre-tournament event The Boodles at Stoke Park‬ that I attended in previous years.
Thank you all for your support, especially my fans. Your kind messages mean so much to me.


  1. Missing Rafa will have to be content with his 1 minute advert for people wanting to book a place at his Tennis Academy ( for now).

  2. i expected him to withdraw , so i’m not surprised. I do hope he will recover for August and he can do well in the Olympics . My only problem is that Djoko mostly likely to win Wimby and that is why i cant watch tennis. . I love tennis and i can suffer through a GS without Rafa, but i cant watch Novak.

    • I have to agree . . . I guess I’m hoping that Roger will find a way to win. Without Rafa . . . tennis is not the same. Let’s hope he’ll be back for the U.S. Open.

  3. Dtpraying for you in olympi Rafa I am praying for a speedy recovery so we can see you back in action again. I’m sad for you that you have had to pull out of 2 tournaments but your health is the most important thing. Rafa I’m waiting for that lion inside you to roar & soon you will be holding your trophies aloft . Only you Rafa knows how to come back VAMOS

  4. So sad to hear the news that you will not be playing in Wimbledon,It’s not going to be the same without you,get well soon Rafa. God bless.
    From:Denise & Gil

  5. In Rome 2016, Rafa was raising the momentum very well. He got the early break but eventually failed to play consistently in the last moment and got broken back.
    Rafa’s game is really catched. Now he has to play 50-50 with Djoker, change the direction by his down the line shot to make Novak run for a weak reply. Whenever Rafa feels good with his down the line shot, he can still cause damage to Djoker. But you see, when you’re 30 it’s difficult to keep that level throughout a set!

    That’s the reason why Rafa should consider hiring Andrei Agassi. Rafa is a right handed guy but his backhand is not really a “weapon”. He should upgrade his backhand to actually “attack” Djokovic’s forehand which is his only weakness. Rafa actually did that in the final set of the epic semi final in RG 2013. That would also save his knee from running so much for the forehand.

  6. I think everyone of these fans on this site was more than delighted when Rafa Won Monte Carlo and Barcelona… What a strange thing to say that we only post comments when he is Injured! We are all concerned and sad that he is out and sorry that our champ is not competing. Tennis without Rafa is no tennis for me…I did watch the final between Andy and Novak …but it was boring and one of the worse FO I have ever watched. I honestly think that Rafa had a real chance to win his 10 th RG if he didn’t get injured. All of his fans on this site are extreme fans and have invested years into him …we are also worried about his wrist and it is Consensus that we all want to be 100% healed before he returns. Vamos Rafa ,,, you are beloved … Especially on this site!

  7. So sad for Rafa that he cannot play, but he needs to rest that wrist so that he can attend the Olympics. He missed that opportunity the last time around and he doesn’t want to miss it this time as well. Vamos Rafa and may your health come back as soon as possible!

  8. Said to hear this crucial decision of rafa. Praying for him everyday. Good days ahead RAFA!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So sorry Rafa, get well soon. Enjoy life whilst healing. Looking forward to seeing you when you are better. Tennis without Rafa, is No Tennis at all. Love your spirit, and manners on court. A joy to watch. Thank you for many years of wonderful tennis.

  10. Your health is more important Rafa,the injured wrist has to be fully healed otherwise you increase of injuring it.You have won a number of tournaments and while your rival is dominating the tennis circus, time will come when his body would feel the weary muscles,tendons, ligaments, as consequences of the strenous game he or other players is putting into his body..So relax Rafa..your winning days are not over! Looking forward to see you in your next tennis game..

  11. I was so sad to hear that you won’t be playing this year at Wimbledon.But your health is more important than anything else. Tennis is not the same without you. Get well soon beautifull angel. No tengas miedo.

  12. It’s funny how certain “fans” only comment when bad things happen to Rafa. Wins Monte Carlo – nothing. Wins Barcelona – nothing. Then as soon as he gets injured – boom! “It’s over”, “Rafa’s finished”.

  13. Was expecting this announcement. Another GS without Rafa. Don’t know if I will even watch it now. Get well soon. Vamos Rafa!

  14. so sad as others ,but you must rest your wrist to damaged it any more would be madness. so enjoy your rest frustrating. as it is for you! we will look forward to seeing what you do this summer with your lovely lady and family
    god bless and take when sailingxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Wimbledon indeed tennis in general is not the same without Rafa. Get better soon and carry that flag at the Olympics. Love and miss you ❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️

  16. So sad n depressed Rafa to hear the sad news that you will not be playing in Wimbledon. For me, Wimbledon is going to be dull to follow. My heart is aching for you. I prayed for your wrist to heal, but God knows best why we are put through these trials in life. Love to see your smiling face, so please keep us informed on Facebook of your day to day activities. God bless you. Vamos Rafa.
    Love from your Aussie Abuela. 😊😇😀🎈🎈🎈

  17. Dear Rafa, i’m so soooooo sorry about your wrist! I can not begin to imagine how hard this must be for you, especially the decision not to play. I know how hard it is for me not to be able to play because of injury, so for you as professional it must hurt emotionally and psychologically so much more!! I will think of you in this tough and challenging time and hope for your speedy recovery! You are and will be my ultimate sport STAR and hero!

  18. Get well soon sweet Rafa. Miss you 😘
    All the best to you for a speedy recovery and a great comeback 😊🍀☀️❤️

    VAMOS CHAMP 🎾💪👑😃

    Lots of love, hugs and support ☺️💕
    from a 4-ever fan in DK

      • I have all the right to do so. Rafa has done it again, is screwing up an entire season. It is not a coincidence that Djokovic and Federer never end up in such dramatic positions as Rafa. It happened too often. The next step is probably cancelling the Olympics and the US Open too. Or – the light version – he returns at one of these events, with the lowest expectation level (“Just happy to play again!”). It is over.

      • Funny jay beer you always surface from the gloom pit when there’s bad news …don’t hear a word when he wins anything funny that!!!..once again why the hell wasn’t he advised to skip Madrid(where the trouble started) and Rome instead 2 GS have been sacrificed..sad

      • No Linda Arnold. You only comment on my comments that you don’t like. I don’t see any of your bitter replies to the countless positive comments I made in the past. I am stating the facts here (you are a 100% dishonoust person, that is by now clear). 2016 is at 75% regarding slams, and Rafa has done his worst performance since 2003.

      • I just don’t think it’s not up to you Jaybeer, or anybody else to pass judgement on Rafa.
        – What gives you the right?

        Why don’t you show some respect and support instead. – Show some humility…

      • Correction: “I just don’t think it’s not up to you…” = “I just don’t think it’s up to you…” :-p

      • Rafantastic, you are passing judgement yourself. Everybody here is passing judgement. What you meant to say is: “stop passing judgement that I consider negative or disrespectful”. You are like an IS fanatic who advocates freedom of religion, but only for islam. Disgusting, and you don’t even realize it.

  19. Don’t worry we’ll always with u.get well soon be prepared and stonger for next tournament

  20. Rafael had problems with this wrist a few years back… Such tremendous pressure on his wrist to create many of his favorite shots… Apparently the weakness did not toally heal strong. So, take the time you need, Rafael… Simple as that!! You are still young, only just turning 30 a few days ago. With your genius, if you are able to get perfectly healed, you will win more championships, without a doubt.in the future. We already have been spoiled rotten watching countless exciting, brilliant matches and championships won by our favorite player, Nadal. Nothing will ever change that. Best wishes for your total strength in your wrist to be returned 100%.

    • I believe his wrist problem a few years back if I’m not mistaken was the right wrist. This injury is the left wrist which I think is worse because he is a left handed tennis player.

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