Rafael Nadal out of French Open with injured wrist

PARIS (AP) — Nine-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal pulled out of the Grand Slam tournament on Friday, citing an injury to his left wrist.

”A very tough moment, because you … wait for these two weeks for the whole year,” said a glum-looking Rafa, who announced his withdrawal the day before his third-round match.

Rafa was wearing a blue brace on his wrist during what he called ”one of the toughest press conferences in my career.”

Rafa, who owns a total of 14 Grand Slam titles, said he would not even have tried to compete at any other tournament with the injury, ”but it’s the most important event of the year for me.”

He played his second-round match Thursday after getting an injection to numb his wrist. But he said that he began ”to feel more and more pain” overnight and could not move his wrist much Friday morning, so went for an MRI exam.

”The results,” he said, ”are not positive.”

Rafa added that he can no longer practice and wouldn’t have been able to finish the tournament.

”I cannot play with my forehand,” Rafa said, referring to his best shot, a spin-laden uppercut.

He said there is inflammation in the tendon sheath in his wrist and was told that there is no way he could be given five more painkilling injections – one before each possible match, were he to make it all the way to the final – over the next 10 days.

”He didn’t want to make this announcement, but the people around him, his physicians, told him not to play, because the risk was that the tendon could break. It would take forever to come back,” tournament director Guy Forget said. ”So I think he made the right decision.”

Rafa said he does not need surgery ”at the moment,” but he might if he didn’t take time off now. He expects to be ready for Wimbledon, which starts exactly a month from Friday.

Source: Associated Press


  1. Margo on June 8, 2016 at 5:51 PM
    I wonder what Rafa thinks of Sharapova’s two-year suspension. Not long enough?


  2. Margo … Yes I have heard that Rafa practices much harder than he plays…When I read his book, he spoke of being terrified of his uncle Toni, even to the point that he cried to his parents that he did not want to practice; and he spoke about his knees and that most likely he would not have the longevity like Roger or Novak. I don’t remember him saying anything about his wrist, however… Which really scares me because I don’t recall him having such a issue with his wrists before. He did explain in the conference that it was the sheath ( the protective lining of the tendon) rather than a tear in the tendon… We can only hope that he gets the best doctors that specialize in wrist injuries, but he is tenaciously loyal in his team and they are responsible for everything… even what he eats! I hope that I’m wrong, but watch him miss the Olympics… He is supposed to carry the Spanish flag and wouldn’t that be a shame that the most famous athlete in Spain would have to miss out again on such an honorable occasion. I have been such a fan of Rafa’s for over ten years now… I don’t know exactly why, but I’m sad when he loses and so happy when he wins…When he does retire, I will not be watching tennis …It’s so boring without him. I have seen him play at Indian Wells a few times ( I live fairly close ) anyway, he is stunning in person…He has this aura about him, like a tennis God!! I could never get too close because he is always mobbed with people !

    • Yes Souix, I am with you on all counts.

      I hope it is not true, but I’ve been thinking that maybe, just maybe, Toni is living his life through Rafa. It may not have started out that way, but as Rafa became that undisputed champion, Toni may be living vicariously.

      As a fan I want to protect him so my mind just wanders thinking about things I have no control over. I am just hoping for the best for him, be it retirement or to keep playing if he is healthy. I don’t want bandaids.


  3. Think everyone on this is site are true Rafa fans… That is why I post comments here. I do believe Rafa needs a new voice on his team however like Margo said he can be stubborn …guess he feels that 14 slams with the same team is good enough. Rafa may very well be in the twilight of his career…all the injuries are taking their toll. I think all his fans are very Appreciative and grateful for all the wonderful Exciting tennis he has given us… It’s just that we don’t want it to end, we want more! Novak finally got his RG win …I was actually happy for him! He gave a very Eloquent Speech thanking Andy and his team …then finished in perfect french in which he is fluent in ( the french are impressed with that)

    • Souix, your post made me think of something else about Rafa regarding his stubbornness.
      I’ve been wondering if he consults outside doctors for a second or even a third opinion. On everything I’ve read about injury to a tendon’s synovium (or protective sheath) which produces synovial fluid to lubricate the tendon, it appears that the recovery time could be anywhere from six weeks to many months. However, all the literature recommends eliminating the cause of the injury, in Rafa’s case it is the repetitive action of his profession.

      One article about Rafa highlighted the fact that fans and others do not see the day-to-day practice sessions in which he works just as hard as if he were playing a tournament.
      A doctor who has treated tennis injuries discovered that some tiny cuts in tissue does not necessarily show up on an MRI.
      What I am trying to say is that Rafa has the means to consult with the best doctors in the world for whatever injury he may have.
      In Miami, he said he did not feel “safe.” I think he was feeling pain in Miami and panicked in fear of injury. He also said it was like “in Australia.” The heat could have aggravated the injury in both instances. Did he see a doctor after the Auatralia open. I don’t know.
      Consulting with the very best doctors to ensure the best outcome is what he needs to do and to not think of it as being disloyal. He has his future to think about and hopefully a pain free future.

  4. Hope for your fast recovery Rafael. We, my daughter and I always believed in you. You are such an inspiration. God Bless!

  5. Margo there is not anything ‘funny’ that as you said i supposedly waited until now to complain. I was not even aware that the site administrator asked you not to make any irrelevant comments. But that does not surprise me at all as it was very annoying to read about all the irrelevant comments you previously made which seemed more like a chatting forum. People may not have to communicate with you to make a complaint as you are not the administrator of this website. So yes it will help and make things easier for others if you can post relevant comments and also refrain from the ‘lecture approach’ you have when you are communicating with others. All of us are fans of Rafa just like you are. No one said that Rafa is not able to make decisions on his own. This is your interpretation of things. There are several factors that influence one person to make a particular decision but in tennis the coach and the team play an important role when it is time to make crucial decisions. As for your comment ‘Be thankful for the many years he brought joy to so many and hope that he recovers spiritually and physically’. Don’t worry about that. We are all thankful for that and that does not mean we are not able to express our opinions on certain issues.

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