Rafael Nadal out of French Open with injured wrist

PARIS (AP) — Nine-time French Open champion Rafael Nadal pulled out of the Grand Slam tournament on Friday, citing an injury to his left wrist.

”A very tough moment, because you … wait for these two weeks for the whole year,” said a glum-looking Rafa, who announced his withdrawal the day before his third-round match.

Rafa was wearing a blue brace on his wrist during what he called ”one of the toughest press conferences in my career.”

Rafa, who owns a total of 14 Grand Slam titles, said he would not even have tried to compete at any other tournament with the injury, ”but it’s the most important event of the year for me.”

He played his second-round match Thursday after getting an injection to numb his wrist. But he said that he began ”to feel more and more pain” overnight and could not move his wrist much Friday morning, so went for an MRI exam.

”The results,” he said, ”are not positive.”

Rafa added that he can no longer practice and wouldn’t have been able to finish the tournament.

”I cannot play with my forehand,” Rafa said, referring to his best shot, a spin-laden uppercut.

He said there is inflammation in the tendon sheath in his wrist and was told that there is no way he could be given five more painkilling injections – one before each possible match, were he to make it all the way to the final – over the next 10 days.

”He didn’t want to make this announcement, but the people around him, his physicians, told him not to play, because the risk was that the tendon could break. It would take forever to come back,” tournament director Guy Forget said. ”So I think he made the right decision.”

Rafa said he does not need surgery ”at the moment,” but he might if he didn’t take time off now. He expects to be ready for Wimbledon, which starts exactly a month from Friday.

Source: Associated Press


  1. Rafa so sorry to hear of this news😢😢😢,,hoping u a speedy recovery,rest up and take care,,love ya😘😘

  2. Me too, I checked late last night to check the time of play and saw the news! I am so sad for Rafa, it must be terrible for him, when he was playing so well.
    Not watching any more until he’s back on court! Soy triste Rafa 😥😥😥

  3. Absolutely gutted for Rafa, his fans and the tournament, from an Andy Murray fan. Terrible news.

  4. I am absolutely dejected and have tears in my eyes ….sometimes have feeling why only rafa… it will be not the same without u rafa….
    for me rg 16 is over

    Yes it was started in madrid when pictures were out he suggested him to pull out if he feeling bad
    but the moment was such rafa was coming in form after a not up to the mark season….. so he obviously dont want to stop his rhtym going into rg 16 ….we can understand rafa decision

    fed choose to skip tournaments because on ijury and because he dont want trouble and risk his most favourite tournament wimbeldon

    But rafa is not fed who expect to win grandslam with little preparation and he is correct when he had bad season

    so i just pray rafa problem is not critical and gets treated well

    Please rafa have rest ….come out of the injury 100 fit and start with new motivation ……we looked at u as inspiration
    will miss ur play rafa

    I wish to see u on courts very soon
    for us ur health is more important than grandslams because u can always win grandslam .
    There is remaining 2 more grandslam and olympic this year so dont worry

  5. I was checking today when he play next,no info???? But I never ever though I will get that devastated news! Of course health is most important, so Rafa get well fast,because tennis is soooooo blah
    without you! For me RG is finished! No more interest there!
    With that said I am soooo sad and angry at the same time! He has injury in Madrid and continues playing? ??!!! Insane! His team showed again bad managment! He should skipp Rome,heal the wrist and be ready for RG!!! Because that’s what matters! That should be priority! You can’t expect to play all turnaments at 30& not injured! Stupid team decision! Not surprised there!
    The sadest thing is I truly believed he will win his 10th RG! IT was coming!
    To achieve greater things you should be not only incredible sportman,adorable human,fantastic gladiator,beautiful spirit
    and inspiration ,pleasure to watch,enjoyment to millions. ….You should be wise too.
    So sorry, Rafa! Love you! Fan forever, champion! Get well soon! Good luck!

    • I totally agree…bad team management & what about the doctor who in Barcelona said it wasn’t serious. I read the doc is saying this is different injury than that one which wasn’t serious. Seriously? The player is playing with heavy bandage & anti inflammatories & the injury wasn’t serious. RG was his this year for sure. What was needed was retiring from semis at Madrid, skipping Rome & being healthy for RG. Stupid uncle needs to work on his nephews confidence so that like Fed & Nole, even with less preparation they are able to win. Still can’t believe it. M devastated. Nole lucky…with Tsonga out too there is none to even challenge him now.

      • Yep Rafa fan, what’s make me sad and angry is that he will not achieve what he deserves in tennis, because of his close minded, very conservative team.He is not the same since his lost to Stan at AO with back injury. He still believes more training is the answer, but it’s not! At 30 you must adjust, you must be smart, your body can’t handle the toll anymore. He definitely needs new” brain” in his team for the last 2 years at least if not more. You should know your priorities. RG was a must win this year, everything else is secondary. So he should be ready for RG even if he must withdraw from other tournaments. And with wrist problems in Madrid continues playing and waiting for miracle???!! Insane! And with all his struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. ..I read somewhere he said they didn’t ask for professional help, for psychologist??!! Insane again! The mentality of his team is still in 20 century, but we are already in 21 century. Things are so different now. If you want to fight for a legend status you should be smart and wise first.You should be open to new ideas for your benefit. It’s not only his team to blame tho, because in the end is Rafa’s final decisions. If he can’t stand up for himself, nobody can and nobody will. Sorry for him, because he deserves much more. Good luck, Rafa. Love!

  6. Oh Rafa sweetheart I’ve cried so much! Maybe I need a life, but I was looking forward so much to your next match, that when I saw news of this withdrawal, I hoped it was a bad dream directed by Eli Roth.

    I know you would say there’s more to life than tennis. Get well soon and come back strong my dear. I’m so gutted. No tennis until you’re back. God bless you Rafa!

  7. So sad and dissapointment for the fans! I hope he recover soon and stay healthy😍Rafa, all the best, take a good rest. Forever Rafa

  8. PLEASE, PLEASE Skip Wimbledom, get completely well and hopefully you’ll be O.K. for the US open (provided you’re totally O.K.at that time).

  9. He needs to stay away from the grass season – it is the worst for his knees. But he hates being away. I just pray he doesn’t spiral into anxiety and depression again.

  10. Rafa, get well soon, please. We love you so much!! RG is over for me…it is really so..no Rafa no tennis. So please get well very soon and come back please. I will believe and pray you will be ok champion! We love you!!

  11. I can’t understand why his team allowed to him to play Rome as he got injured in Madrid. They should have advised him to skip Rome and rest his wrist and just wait until french open. What is uncle Toni doing and his physio? In no way he should have played Rome. Are they not there to give him the right advice?

    • Why do so many blame Uncle Toni for decisions that Rafa makes. It was his decision to play the FO and the tournaments prior to that. He actually said he wanted to play for his tenth title at RG. Usually he says things like I hope to be ready or, I am working hard, etc. And don’t forget that Rafa is known to be very stubborn.

      My gut tells me that as he gained in confidence he may have brushed aside the pain he was feeling hoping it would go away. It is a known fact that he has played for years while in pain.
      He didn’t want to be disappointed nor did he want to disappoint anyone else. I am sure it came as a crushing blow to him because he is not prone to tears as he was at the presser.
      Be thankful for the many years he brought joy to so many and hope that he recovers spiritually and physically.


      • I think i am entitled to have my opinion. Besides you have been using this website as a place for chit chatting posting irrelevant comments that have put off many here.

      • Of course you can have a difference of opinion. That is what most blogs are about.
        I simply feel bad for Rafa because some feel that Rafa, at age thirty, has no capability of making his own decisions; from what he himself has said only demonstrates he is in charge. That is the Rafa I know. My opinion. That was supposed to be a general post but I inadvertently posted it to you. My error so don’t take it personally.

        As for the rest of your remark, I looked all over for rules governing this site. All I found was a statement that RNF is in no way connected to my champion. Nothing else. I’ve never been on a blog much less a fan site.
        If I had a problem with another fan, as I did with someone filling up the screen with a gazillion imojis, I would have requested that it stop. I made a post and it did stop.
        Not one fan advised me what I was writing bothered them. Not one. RNF did post something recently about staying on topic and that is what I have done since their post. Funny that you wait until now to complain.

  12. I was checking today what time he would be playing tomorrow and did not see his name. Panic set in, then to find out about his withdrawal.

    I am soooooooo sad, No more tennis for me until RAFA is back, even when he is not scheduled to play, I feel good that he is on the grounds practicing, making his fans happy and excited.

    The Roland Garros app has been deleted.

    My girl, Victoria Azarenka also retired with injury.

    Bye guys.

    RAFA fan forever.

  13. He said he had the problem in the last 3 tournaments. Why the heck does he deny injury like this? I’ve always questioned why he plays with painkilling injections. I know you’re a warrior Rafa but that is just crazy!

  14. I am so disappointed for Rafa and for us fans..but health first ..I really thought he had a shot at “la decima” this year..never mind get well soon Rafa..hope to see you at Wimbledon Vamos

  15. Rafa, is it allowed for me to be pissed that you were playing with wrist pain even before the FO and that you waited until now, when you can’t even move it, to have it checked out? BAD BOY! I hope the waiting did not exacerbate the injury.


  16. Such devastating news, but maybe Rafa will heal quickly without more training. I do not care about his wins or losses, but just the pleasure of watching him play. The two matches he played at RG were so exciting compared to everyone else. Sadly, what makes Rafa so special also takes a toll on his body. I just want him to get well and be happy. He can now enjoy some time on his beautiful yacht. Get well soon Rafa!

  17. Get healthy; FO is not the same without your presence. Best wishes for a complete recovery.👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊❤️

  18. you will back just as good when your wrist is better,get well soon,my thoughts are with rafa.

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