Roland Garros R2: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Facundo Bagnis?

On Thursday, nine-time champion Rafael Nadal will play his second round match at the French Open against Argentine Facundo Bagnis (World No. 99), who beat Frenchman Kenny De Schepper in three sets.

The Argentinian lefty player has never reached the third round of a Grand Slam. He has played 13 tournaments this season and all of them have been on clay.

This is the first time these two competitors will meet on the professional tour.

Rafael Nadal beats Sam Groth in three sets at the French Open 2016
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Date: May 26, 2016

Match time: Rafa is 2nd match on Court Philippe-Chatrier. Approximately 1 PM local time / 7 AM  EDT –  New York, Montreal / 12 noon BST – United Kingdom / 1 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 9 PM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Our champ, who won Roland Garros in 2005-08 and 2010-14, is trying to become the first player in the Open Era to win 10 titles at any Grand Slam event. He already is the only man in history to have won five consecutive titles at Roland Garros. Rafa is 71-2 in Paris.



  1. Oh no teresa – what type of stuff is he saying? I usually like jim but am not impressed with that!

    • Various over the tournament: ‘He is slower than he used to be. Novak annihilated him last year. If the doesn’t win this he is finished’ GGGGGRRRRR

  2. Jim Courier has practically written Rafa off for this tournament. I’ve only heard negative comments from him. He is irritating the hell out of me:(((

  3. Oh good god – theyve taken rafa off to show novaks match. I feel violated! But rafa is 2 sets up so hope he has a smooth 3rd

  4. Slow start for Rafa – he looked a little out of sorts – mean and moody – now got his rhythm. Love you Raffy. No mercy! VAMOS xxxx

  5. They’re doing it again – showing bedene (british no 2) instead of switching 2 centre court where ive just heard over microphone that rafa has just walked on! The coverage of the 9 time champ is truly pathetic!

    • Rafa was supposed to start at 1pm Paris time but it doesn’t look as if he will. I wonder if he still does his pre-tournament locker room routine.


    • Maria, I didn’t realize Fognini was knocked out. Do you know who Rafa probably will face in round 3?


  6. Don’t worry about it, they probably don’t mind us discussing players that are in a match with Rafa ,but as I said maybe I went a bit overboard talking about Andy on a Rafa site. Rafa is number one always when he is in a tournament we know that

  7. I think they just want us to comment mainly on Rafa, . Maybe other fans don’t want to read about other players . I think they know Rafa is our number one. I just think a few comments about other players is far better than comments that have been disrespectful about Rafa

    • Agree 101% with last paragraph.

      But we are focused on Rafa and who he might have to play.


  8. Margo I think they might be on about me as I have been mentioning Andy a bit to much, which is fair enough as it is a Rafa website . I just thought it might be nice to comment on other players when Rafa s not playing that day or when he has been knocked out of a tournament

    • I did look for the rules governing this site but couldn’t find any. So I am at a loss as to why they may think I am not focused on the best clay court champion of all time.


    • Ah, I see what you mean. But RNF did not address anyone directly so are we supposed to guess who they mean? This is real spooky. Like big brother spooky.

      How can we discuss Rafa without discussing opponents is my thought.


      • You should both stick to the topic. This is not a forum or chat room where you and Maria often go out off the topic. Many fans complained because in the comments they don’t want to read what are your plans for tomorrow, or live comments during Djokovic’s match. That’s all.

  9. Onwards and upwards the best is still to come tomorrow, one step closer Rafa, one step closer

  10. Thank God for that Margo ,was so looking forward to this week , didn’t realise it was going to be so stressful

    • Stressful yes, been there with Rafa.

      I thought Andy would have it easy but I completely forgot to take into account how unpredictable wildcards and qualifiers can be. Glad he pulled through as these have been two grueling matches.


    • I am still looking at Nishikori as very serious threat. He has literally run through his first two matches. I wonder how deep he will go. And Kyrgios.

      Both Andy and Stan had to battle. If this keeps up anything can happen.

      I am very excited to see how Rafa does tomorrow. May the clay gods protect him on his journey to round three.


  11. I know someone on this site commented that Andy had an easy draw , and it did look that way, but my god it’s been anything but .I bet at this moment in time he was now wishing he was in Rafa’s half of the draw

  12. Phew! Don’t think my heart can take much more of these close shaves so early on in the first week of the FO.

  13. Good job to the press looks like their comments have had an effect on Murray’s game . Rafa really needs to step up to the plate now ,we can’t have Novak taking the FO, If you think he’s arrogant now that title will make him unbearable

  14. What the hell is going on with Murray, it’s like watching a different person from the one who beat Novak a week ago ,good news though if Rafa gets to go against him ,he will have no probs that’s if Andy still in .These wild cards are turning out to be very troublesome

    • Andy is now 2, at least no lengthy tiebreaks. I hope he wins the decider. C’mon Andy….you must be pooped!


    • It’s to do with the type of clay, conditions and altitude of each court.

      Murray, djokovic and federer all prefer faster courts with lower bounces in my opinion such as hardcourt surfaces where they can play flatter hits

  15. Fight on-who wants it more than Rafael Nadal? Fire it up because it is a game of
    a focussed mind, passion, and physicality. 🔥🇪🇸💪👍😆👑🏆👊👑♥️

  16. Chantelle, the British players are playing today so hopefully the TV channels in the UK will televise all of Rafa’s match , I can’t quite understand why 3 channels are showing the tennis yet two of them have to show the same game, now I know why you have to pay for the sky sport channels (although the FO is not on them) Good luck to Andy today , I hope he dosen’t let all the press speculation about Amelia Mauresmo effect his game ,it just tactics to put him off. Andy’s venting on court is just frustration and surely it is better to do that towards your team rather than than the ball boys or smashing a racket. If you can’t take that maybe you shouldn’t be a coach I’m sure their fee must be worth it.Good luck to Rafa on Thursday , he is just adorable and playing great , Rafa fans are getting very excited No. 10 is looming

  17. Rafa, lefty Bagnis has never reached the third round of a GS but all he plays is clay. Show him what you can do on clay. Best of 5 to you without breaking a sweat.


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