VIDEO: An interview with Rafael Nadal (Monte Carlo Masters Final 2016)

Rafael Nadal captured his ninth title in Monte-Carlo after a tough three-set victory over Gael Monfils.

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  1. I knew Rafa would regain his form. Gael Monfils deserves a win this season too.
    Murray needs to learn from these two great players how to be more respectful and gracious in defeat.

  2. You look great Rafa! Seems you are in good shape, looks healthy. Keep it that way, and keep winning! CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Congratulations to Rafa what a wonderful win for him, he played so well in that 3rd set it was pure magic Such a lovely young man, gracious to his opponents , we are blessed to have young men like him in Tennis and indeed all sport.He is the Greatest. All we need now is for him and Maria to tie the knot and we will be happy. hope that happens soon All the best for Madrid and Barcelona Vamos Rafa

  4. So proud of my favorite tennis player for many years I knew you could pull back, regroup and take on the second set. The third set was like a clinic. You made up your mind: I’m going to win. It seemed like Gael was sick or knee injury but he prevailed hitting the big shots. Your angle shots, passing shots, drop shots all led to your victory. Winning here means a lot to you. Congratulations to Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a great beginning to 2016 Clay season. Your confidence must be soaring. Vintage Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What a game… was a pleasure to watch both fighting so hard and an even bigger pleasure to have the ending I was praying for. Magnificent Rafa…never gives up. What an inspiration he is. King of Clay is well and back.! Now on to Barcelona.

  6. So happy for your successful 9th crown at Monte Carlo and that must go pretty well on the shelves with the 9 Roland Garros trophies. WooHoo Go Rafa!

  7. So happy for Rafa I new he could do this ! Been with him all the way I feel privileged to be a Rafa fan and will always remain so
    Our champ best player of all time
    Keep on going Rafa I can’t imagine tennis without you

  8. Rafa you were so amazing you fought like a lion you never give up even when makes mistakes i/m so happy and bless to be 1 of your fans thanks you for giving us joy on your 9th Monte Carlo win

  9. Thank you all for your support. Very happy for this win and now it’s time to celebrate it with the team.

    RAFAS’ own words.

    RAFA fan forever.

  10. Oh very happy he winner,I WINNER,THE WORLD IS HAPPY TOO,suffering,patient,but winner RAFAAAAAAAAA congratulations

  11. The Ultimate Warrior is a Worthy Champion! Great on the court and humble to a fault off the court! It’s a great day for tennis fans, as well as those that still value good manners, decent behaviour and above all, those who love and respect their family, the way Rafa does! And what a beautiful smile on Maria’s face today! Hope Rafa marries her soon, we need more tennis geniuses like Rafa! 🙂

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