Rafael Nadal beats Gael Monfils to win ninth Monte Carlo Masters title

(AP) World No. 5 Rafael Nadal won a ninth Monte-Carlo title and record-equalling 28th Masters crown with a hard-earned 7-5, 5-7, 6-0 victory over Gael Monfils.

It is the 68th singles title of Rafa’s career and his 48th clay-court title. Our champ now holds an impressive 353-33 record on clay (26-6 in 2015, 9-2 in 2016).

Rafa sank to his knees after sealing victory with a brilliant forehand winner. It took him 2 hours, 46 minutes to finally see off Monfils, who had never won a set against our champ on clay and lost 11 of their 13 previous matches.

Rafa dropped his serve five times against the 13th-seeded Monfils in a topsy-turvy encounter in which they conceded 34 break-point chances between them.

This has been one of the most special places in my career. It’s just a pleasure to be back here in a final playing in front of you at this amazing club.

It has been a very special week for me, winning here in Monte Carlo. What really makes it even more special is the fantastic crowd. Many thanks to everybody here.


  1. Nadal CONGRATULATINS!!!! This was nail biting and tense but the best ever result after a gruelling match. You did it and your strength, knowledge and mental ability is unequalled around the world of tennis players. Let no one ever say you are mentally week because it takes a lot of courage strength and power to do what you have done!!! You are The Champion and deserve this victory!!! It was amazing to watch and felt like I played it with you I was so captured by it all THANK YOU Nadal !!!

  2. RAFA CONGRATULATIONS to you you played soooooooooooooo well and your techniques and different play were GREAT..
    Lovely to see Maria CONGRATULATING YOU too,
    and I would love you to bring her to Sydney Australia.
    Love and God bless,


  4. I knew you’d win the title. You got your groove & swag back and I’m glad. Congratulations Rafa, you’re the most classiest tennis player in the world. Now go get back the rest of your swag. Aloha, from Honolulu, Hawaii. . . . .

  5. O my o new you can do it Rafa congrats .naw get ready for the French Open.vamossssssssssssssssssss your fans for ever.🎾🇺🇸👍🎾🇺🇸👍🎾🇺🇸👍❤️

  6. YES! Congratulations on your great win Champ. What a amazing match. Very happy for you. You deserve it so much. – Looove the pictures, you look so happy and relieved. – You sweet, handsome, beautiful man. Enjoy your victory and all the very best forward. ❤️U 😘 VAMOS RAFA 😃🎾💪👑🏆😍

  7. Wow, what a glorious victory for Rafa! He climbed Mt Everest all week and reached
    the top today. First beating Bedene, Dominic, Stan, Andy, then Gael.

    Three totally nail-biting and mesmerizing sets to behold. Both Rafa and Gael were
    just magnificent! But Rafa physically annihilated Gael in the 3rd set. I loved Rafa’s
    deep angle forehand shots in all those rallies. He really took Gael off the court into another universe. Gael had nothing left in the tank while Rafa was fresh as a daisy.
    I am so happy for Rafa and his team. Enjoy your well-deserved celebration.

    Ninth title in Monte Carlo, how special is that!

  8. Fantastic but up and down made me very nervous! Great shots but need to go to the net more and practice your Aces!! Vamos for Barcelona next week.

  9. Finally I can smile after a tennis tournament!!! So so so happy for my Rafa. Congratulations!

    Please continue improving in every compartment and you’ll be the old Rafa. Can’t wait for you to beat djokovic!!!

  10. Congratulatins Rafa, I was so happy for you today. Please keep it up!! Always have faith in yourself. I know that you can will keep going during this clay court season and beyond. I hope and pray that you will find ways to combat your weaknesses in the days, weeks and months ahead. Please do this Rafa. You won against some of the best players on tour this week – so you can do it. And Rafa: you CAN take the ball earlier, hug the baseline and come to net more. Please do this and I know that you will bite the BIG trophy this summer. I love you Rafa, stay healthy and God bless you, Marylynn

  11. Yeeeeessss well played Rafa..champion again ..so pleased for you this will boost your confidence …VAMOOOOOS

  12. Well done Nadal! Always believe you can win another Master!!
    Tough opponent tough game but well fought back with confidence!!!
    Keep going…

  13. Mi Rei, cosa bello , te quiero mucho ! No sé rezar, orar mucho… soy judio ! Pero hoy, con todas mis ganas, prendi una candelita y pedi mucho a nuestro Dios, que te concieda la feliciudad de más una vitória. Y ahora estoy feliz, muy feliz… creo que devo orar más por otras cosas también… Pero por hoy basta, tu vitória es mi feliciudad ! Forgive my spanish.. Love you my King !

  14. Well even in a bad year like 2015 when rafa not in great form he was really close to beat novak in monte carlo

    We will see……

    I hope and sure this win will make rafa confidence to go high

    Just one thing to add this is 3 rd masters and still there is no 2 nd consistent player making even the finals

    i guess rafa can be a 2 nd consistent player

    we need this 2 nd consitent player to end novak wonder years

    • Nope, he hung with him for a few tough games last year. And then was ambushed. It happened in 2013 too, but then Rafa went on to win Rg nonetheless.

  15. An amazing comeback by an amazing CHAMPION! He is not quite ‘back’ yet, but on his way. The best thing he could do now is to add someone to his coaching staff to build on to his road to recovery.

    I repeat what I said last week in spite of getting shot down by The Haters here: Rafa is on a trajectory to beat Nole at their next meeting!

    To The Haters J Beer, Zikabrain Laforge, Shallow Thinker, MIROMO, I can only say: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT LOSERS, COZ RAFAEL NADAL IN A WINNNNNNNNNNNNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That all you could come up with this time ..still it’s an improvement on …hmm..pathetic

      • Deep Thinker, you are the embodiment of ignorance to make such comments. Learn a little, just a little grace. Copy Rafael.

      • Shame on you! What a low life. Write a few sentences by yourself with no help from others. I bet you will have tons of errors even if you were speaking English all your life. Rafa is a great tennis player and his mother tongue is Spanish. You are a jealous loser and probably an ignorant person.

    • Yeah, you horrid creature, it’s wins like this what WE have been aiming for with our comments. Wins like this, that could put things back into the right direction. You, and all them other empty c#nts, have contributed nothing, nada, zero in the last 22 months. This is not your win.

      • Oh really just what have you contributed other than criticism from everything from his hair to whatever else you wanted to find fault with..do you really think he ever reads yours or any of the sanctimonious arses words of wisdom that in your opinion will save him from himself…dream on ..Vamos Rafa

      • Okay, I am now convinced that J. Beer has crossed the line from being merely delusional to a diagnosable psychosis that includes delusional and narcissistic/God complex features. How else to explain that he truly believes he is due some credit for Rafa’s win today? I would find it humorous and just call him bat-shit crazy except that one should have compassion for the mentally ill, even ones that call those who disagree with him c*nts. I’ll overlook it because I’m supposing it fills some kind of need he has to feel superior. It all ever came down to health, confidence and execution coalescing at the same time, which happened today. Rafa knew that as did most of the fans here. The sane fans are just elated it happened, and don’t feel the need to take credit for anything. .

      • “This is not your win.” In case you haven’t noticed, no one else here is claiming it as their win, except you, which marks you as special in a peculiar, creepy sort of way.


  17. Congrats Rafa and your team, you make my day! I’am so happy for this win! Rafa played a fantastic match, so did Gael! I’am proud of my champ!

  18. You kept breaking my heart but I never deserted you. I am thrilled for you and your camp by your win. Keep going forward. Keep your eyes on the prize. Uncle Tony said, “Let’s wait and see what happens at RG.” So glad I didn’t have to wait that long. You are always a winner in my eyes because of your beautiful soul.

  19. What an exciting match! Monfils has so much heart, as does our worthy champion Rafa Nadal!

    This is the beginning of Rafa’s return, just a first step. We all know where the real challenge is, and what needs to be achieved for Rafa to be really and truly back.

    Well done to both Nadal and Monfils. Thanks for the entertainment. The highlights will make me dizzy.

    MMM Rafa you naughty boy… get a room!

    Good luck Rafa in Barcelona!!

  20. Congratulations Nadal!!!

    I sincerely hope this pulls up his confidence and he carries it on in the French Open!

    Good Luck Nadal!
    Way to go!!!:D

  21. Rafa,, do what’s right,, marry her, have some little Rafa’s or Rafa la’s,, you endured the onslaught from a game Frenchman, an finally wore him down,, do the right thing champ,,, make her proud,, don’t worry you;ll make a great Papa,,

  22. Yes rafa won the tournament but for me rafa won 4 great matches against great opponent with his great play

    Vamos rafa vamos

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