VIDEO: Rafael Nadal already practising on clay after Australian Open exit

After a shock first-round exit in Melbourne, Rafael Nadal came back to Mallorca where he started his clay court practice sessions.

Next month, Rafa will go to Latin America where he is going to play at the Rio Open in Brazil.

Our champ has yet to decide whether he will play at the Argentina Open, which runs February 8-14 in Buenos Aires.

Video: IB3


    Why does anyone think what’s best for Rafa?
    The only thing I know is that’s he’s the online sportman for me who gave me so much pleasure and fun for such a long time. And still enjoy watching him playing and beiing such a great personality.
    I really wanna thank him for that and hope all the very best for him, now and in the future whatever it takes.

  2. Uncle Toni did NOT coach Rafa to 14 slams. Rafa said so himself last May: “And remember, my coach is more my uncle than my coach.” Just like Serena Williams’ coach was more her mother than her coach. Serena finally wised up and hired a REAL coach in 2012. Rafa … not so much.

  3. And how Raonic turned into a very different player in Australian Open 2016. Mental toughness!!!
    He could have beaten Andy Murray if his knee hadn’t had problems in set 4. Just look at how Moya has done to Raonic. It’s a pity that Rafa didn’t invite him to be an assistant coach along Toni. Moya and Rafa knows each other very well. Moya can help Rafa find his rhythm back.

  4. Novak is playing excellent tennis no doubt and at the moment his A game but I don’t think the others even the top players are in such form. So Novak has a big advantage. Also, mentally Novak is by far the best even in self confidence. This also helps him to play well even under pressure. It’s not so much his tennis only.
    I’ve noticed in finals Andy has not Ben playing his best for some time. He has to get his first serves in and good ones. Raonic too is just getting up to a good level and has to be confident and consistent. Unfortunately I can see Novak winning this and probably all four this year. Hope not!!!!!!!
    As for Novak beating Rafa – no big deal – Rafa is and has been an underdog for a long time now and I can’t remember when he has really played his A game even when he has won.
    Wish and hope Rafa finds himself in every way soon and is back winning.

  5. Rafa my boy please be careful in Rio. The Mosquito Virus can be deadly n once in your bloodstream can ruin the rest of your sporting life. I am 80 yrs old n have seen the effects of Malaria overseas. Drink n wash your mouth with bottled water. Only Dine in 6 Star plus Restaurants. I wish you were not going there at the moment. God Bless n take care of you. Vamos Rafa. Love your Aussie Abuela. 😀😊😇🎈🎈

  6. Come Rain come sunshine, no matter what, I will always be a true Rafa fan.
    How can you guys say you are true fans, when you have no confidence in your idol.
    What he has achieved , and what a young age, djoker can’t do.
    Please stop dropping his confidence, by talking negatively.
    He has given us so much, some of the best.🌷 matches. He has always entertained us.

    What happened to Roger Federer yesterday, when he played that djokovic, it seemed that he was lost, he couldn’t find his game.

    Everybody has a chance in life. Tomorrow will be another day when there will be another boy who will beat Djokovic, then will his fans say that he has to change his game n coach.

    We as fans have to remember that it was tony uncle who coached Rafa all through those 14 grand slams.

    Yes guys, I also was heart broken when rafa lost, but I believe he will be back, from no 10 to no 5 in the world in just about 3 to 5 months.

    Give the guy a break. Love him for the good human being he is.
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Rafa.💖.

    • Hello Niketa, I agree with you, can everyone please ‘get off his back’ he is the tennis player and the owner of 14 GS and numerous 1000 and other tournaments so I think he and Toni have done something right , so leave he and his team to figure out the best way forward to continued success. I used to play tennis (badly) but have loved the one to one competition aspect of the game for many, many years and for the last 11 years greatly admired Rafa and have been one his side ever since and, rightly or wrongly, don’t think I have seen a better player both in attitude and passion to better him and so will always support him win or lose, he is just great!!!!!! Thanks to all his real fans, please keep the support as he greatly appreciates it and will help him.

      • Connie, the team of Toni and Rafa have never ever dealt with a long term form crisis. In fact, they have been dealing without any success, with a form crisis for two years now. So no, this is a situation they don’t know how to handle. And they will keep mishandling it till Rafa quits.

  7. IF I was RAFA, I would just play on Clay until the French open. Skip the masters 1000 and just focus on being 100 percent ready for the clay-court swing. Start of by winning the 2-3 titles in South America now and then practice for Monte Carlo etc. Is there any Clay court tournaments he can play expect Buenos Aires, Rio, São Paulo before Monte Carlo?

  8. Sosa if I remember in the past you have said you are a well educated lady , your comments are not showing this, I would go and ask for a refund

  9. Rafa won’t win any GS and master if he doesn’t revamp his game which is required hiring a new coach and having sport psychological consultation. the first step is distancing himself from toxic Uncle Toni’s influence. Toni Nadal should leave Rafa alone.

  10. Good luck Rafa In Rio I am sure things will improve for you just keep believing you can win and it will happen there is nothing wrong with your game you are still the brilliant player you have always been !!!

    • I’m one of his big fans, and you can’t imagine how opptimiste I’ve have been during last year, always keep telling myself:” It’s just a matter of time, he’s gonna come back sooner or later, maybe he needs more time to find what’s the missing puzzle……”, but honestly, I have been doubting after DOHA, and AUSOPEN. I don’t know what is he suffering from? I don’t know if it was a confidence problem, a technical one, or is he trully in need of a new coach….. WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM FOR GOD’S SAKE? CAN ANYONE GIVE ME AN EXPLANATION.
      The djoker is getting closer and closer from all his numbers, he’s one step from australian open, and guess what? he will reach the 11th grand slam, three titles away you RAFA.

      • Hi there Mr. True Rafael Nadal fan, I’ve got news for ya.

        Believe it or not, Rafa does not care a hoot about Novak matching and even surpassing his 14 grand slam records!!! He’s a lazy player who’s scared stiff of changes..

        But how can you get a different result when you continue to do the same thing year in, year out???

      • Hello back Mr “Deep Thinker”,
        I got a question for ya: where did you get the news from. Oh! I forgot, you’re a deep thinker,aren’t you?But you gotta be a deep listner as well: We can all agree that he needs to change the way he plays, maybe change his coach,add anew one,….or whatever. BUT NOWAY IN HELL, SOMEONE IS ALLOWED TO DESCRIBE HIM AS A LAZY OR SCARED, do you understand? THAT’S NOT ONLY A HARSH COMMENT, BUT A RUDE ONE AS WELL. And of course, I’m assuming that you’re a rafan, even if you don’t look like one of them.
        You have the right to criticise and tell what you see wrong about his game, BUT YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO BE IMPOLITE.

  11. I also watched the Novak Roger match,and it seems no one can get close to Novak it’s not just Rafa. I think the only one who could beat him at the moment would be Stan when he,s playing his A game but that dosent happen very often . But the crowd today were certainly behind Roger win or lose.Good luck to both the Murray brothers tomorrow

  12. As always Rafa wishing you all the very best for the rest of the season, watched the Nole/Roger semi today and the first 2 seta were very similar to the ones at Doha when you played very well but Nole had his A game head on then as he did today and even one of the commentators said as much. Nole also attributed his success both to you and Roger. Keep on improving. Vamos

    • I think tat Novak is UNBEATABLE, at the mom ent I would love to see Rafa come back and burst his bubble Sadly though I dont think that is going to happen mind you Gilles Simone gave him a fright the other day. Sham roger couldn,t do the same thing last night, as far as the open goes i hope Raonic wins but that,s a Tall order too

  13. bonlour rafa , ça va ? tu te prépare pour RG , pourquoi essais tu pas le revers une main avec la force que tu as ,tu va faire un malheur …. 🙂 VAMOS

    VERDASCO zero il est contant de te battre mais derrière plus personne …

    donc tu es le meilleur ….. VAMOS

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