Rafa Roundup: Carlos Moya believes Rafa can win another Grand Slam

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In addition, Nadal also spoke of the importance of mental strength when playing, and feels he has improved in that regard since last year. “Of course you can lose matches with your head. You can also win matches that way, obviously. But you can’t win 14 Grand Slams with your head. The only way to win them is having the shots that allow you to do so. When you find yourself up against a player at his highest level, and you are at your limit, your head has an impact. When you’re poor mentally, you lose matches. Last year I showed that.”

Q. We’ve been hearing a constant rumour for the last two years about a Moya-Nadal team-up …

“That’s come from the media and John McEnroe. But we’ve never spoken even once about that possibility. I’m convinced Rafa will end his career with Toni and with the same team that’s been around him for years. I know Rafa well and I think he’d think it unfair to separate himself from Toni because things aren’t going so well. I’ve never looked to be a part of his team. We’re good friends, we often eat together, and we trained together at Christmas. That’s all.”

Q. Do you think he’ll win another Slam?

“Of course I believe that. He’s not yet thirty. He needs to improve in certain areas and he knows that. He works. It’s a normal process: first of all, you try the new things in practice, and then you apply them in a match, under pressure, and then you don’t think about them any more. It worked at the end of last season, but not here. You can see he wants to play more inside the baseline. Against Verdasco, he was a metre inside the baseline, but he wasn’t doing any damage. Positioning isn’t everything. Being a metre inside the baseline and pushing the ball, that’s not the answer. Right now, Rafa is a bit confused when he plays under pressure. He should develop this game without thinking. Right now, we see him thinking.”

Brad Gilbert: Because he had so much confidence coming in, I would probably say Rafa. He said he had his best offseason, so I was kind of thinking he might make a deep run here. Seeing him go out in the first round is most disappointing.

Pam Shriver: I was disappointed that Rafa went from up two sets to one and 2-0 in the fifth, to losing. It’s not because he didn’t try. It’s just, right now, he doesn’t have the belief and weapons he had two or three years ago.


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  1. To Move In Rafa or Move On: Your words “Your dreaming” after my comment about Rafa winning Roland Garros were totally negative and I hope you swallow your tongue after Rafa DOES WIN ROLAND GARROS THIS SUMMER. Marylynn

  2. To all credits to simon If that level of play novak played against fed or andy or stan he would have lost in 3 sets

    Rafa and roger can hurt novak by winning gold in olympics
    They should focus on that
    That can cause a dent in novak confidence

  3. Gilles Simon won 2 sets against Novak, while Rafa can barely win 2 games against him. That’s “progress” for our favorite player? NOT!

  4. I am in agreement with Carlos Moya. In fact, I will say it today, here and at this time. Rafael Nadal is going to – and will win the 2016 French Open Grand Slam Tournament. Yes, we will watch him bite the trophy this summer after the French Open Final. Maybe and probably agains Novak Djokovic. I know it. I am positive of it. And remember I said it. God bless you Rafa and please remain healthy. Love, Marylynn

  5. I will not suggest anything regarding coach to rafa since rafa is to good to know what to do just now v saw roger game with new coach which havent bring anything new to beat novak but v seen wonders happening with raonic with new coach for all who said novak not played great in doha and criticising rafa novak actually played best uptil now in that match and rafa was of the same view i again repeat what rafa said that it is hard for novak to maintain that level and it is rafa and stan only who can beat novak in grandslams the hard work will pay off to rafa

  6. Everyone knows that Rafa can hire another coach and still keep Uncle Toni on his team. So all this nonsense about Rafa being “loyal” and “fair” to his uncle is a nonissue. Taking a backseat to a real coach is not too much to ask of Toni. At this point in Rafa’s career, it’s the least he can do. He should be counting his lucky stars that Rafa kept him around as long as he has. It’s long past due that Toni returned the favor by stepping aside or, at a minimum, by stepping back.

    The real issue with Rafa is why is he so reluctant to make a change. To try something new. What has he got to lose?!?!? Another beat down from Novak. Another early round exit at a slam. Another embarrassing loss to a much lower ranked player. Another year where he hovers between 5-10 (or worse) in the rankings with no big trophies added to his collection. Another year of wasted opportunity, with very few years remaining.

    It makes no sense to stick with a losing strategy. A losing plan. A losing team. It may have worked for a period of time – in spite of Uncle Toni, not because of him, IMHO – but it clearly doesn’t work anymore. If a new coach doesn’t work out, try someone else. And keep trying someone else until you find the right person or persons. If none of them work out, go back to Uncle Toni as your main guy, or better yet, retire.

  7. The sheer sadness of it all. This pic of rafa and moya, rafa’s new fb post, training on clay while at the other end of the world the real tennis takes place. And they keep ignoring the elephant on the court!

    • Rafa’s toughest opponent is himself. His pathological fear of change. His neophobia. That’s the elephant in the room.

  8. Moya is only saying these things as an excuse of accepting coaching Raonic and feel guilty as he is a TRAITOR! THATS ALL BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER IT GOES TO SHOW THAT HE NEEDS $$$$ YO MAINTAIN HAS LIVELIHOOD! ENUFF SAID NO EXCUSES!

  9. Rafa needs a new coach as simple as that he’s such an amazing player and it hurts so much to look at the way he has to be vulnerable on court being such a champion.Verdasco played such a massive powerful game that Rafa was stunned because Verdasco practice with Rafa and knows all his weakness. Rafa needs a hitting partner also a new coach then he can win a slam or masters again. Raonic will be able to beat Rafa now he has improved so much. Listen Rafa and make the changes now add a new coach like John McEnroe part/time keep Toni

    • Rafa’s way to deal with his fear of thunder? Hoping it does not happen. Rafa’s way of dealing with his bad driving skills? Let someone drive him. Rafa’s way dealing with Djoko slapping him around? Hoping he will stop doing it.

  10. Moya really nailed Rafa’s problem. It’s silly that Nadal didn’t invite him to be an assistant coach. Rafa could have more game plans against Djokovic.

    I’m sorry but i don’t think Rafa could win another grandslam. He is just too confused, he tries to changed the racquet, play inside the baseline but lack of a professinal to guide him on the right track. The result proves that well.

  11. He needs a new coach. He needs to learn new tactics because his spin only works when his game is on and even then Novack can handle it.

  12. Of course Moya, a close friend from Rafa, is positive and of course he will always refrain from criticism. The views of the likes of Gilbert, McEnroe, Shriver and Fernandez are not biased and realistic. In 2018 (when Rafa will have retired for sure), it will finally land within camp Nadal that the ‘stick your head in the sand’ approach during 2014-2017 was a four year waste.

  13. Yes he can more than one,he can do it ,he have a great talent. He is the best tennis player. VAMOSSSSSSSSSSS Rafa you can Do it.🎾❤️🇺🇸🎾🇺🇸❤️🎾🇺🇸❤️

    • I am the biggest fan of Rafael.. hope and waiting he will get better, hope his serve gets better and have another voice in his team. I miss ,watching his play. everyone gets better as year goes, so his team knows that ..new days ,new generation of Tennis..

  14. It is tough sport. There is just you. Ups down. I a am a very true fan since I started watching you at17. Sometimes I wish you would come into the next more. Be a little more aggressive. But what do I know and you know much more.
    Keep on trucken and I will keep on watching. Best of luck. Just love to watch you play. I will never in my lifetime see you in real. Just don’t have that kind of income. But great that there is tv.fan for ever.

  15. Why don’t we think about a few masters. Why do we have to worry about 4 majors this year after he went through such a painful 2015. Do I think he will win again YES. Does he need his fans? Yes more than ever and he would know if the love he feels world wide should lessen.
    Go forward with confidence your fans will back you up.

  16. I think Carlos Moya is right Rafa can be back at the top if he changes some aspects of his game and maybe add an additional coach to work with uncle Toni. Rafa is right by not getting rid of his uncle you don’t just discard someone when the going gets tough. He may never have been a top player if it wasnt for his uncle .Rafa may have another 4 years in tennis who knows but his uncle is their for a lifetime why would you ruin that.Rafa is a rare breed that is why he is so loved , it is not about the fame or celebrity life style for him or walking over whoever gets in the way to get to or stay at the top.That is why unlike many others he still lives in his home town and hasn’t moved to Monte Carlo or Switzerland. Just watched the match between simon and Djokovic very strange how bad Novak was playing yet in the fifth set it was completely different and yet throughout the match he didn’t lose his cool yet other times when he has lost a point he will smash his racket.wondering about the rumours of him being one in the match fixing could be true who Knows

    • Rafa needs to grow up and break his unhealthy relationship with Uncle Toni and his family. The fact that he’s still living with his mother speaks loudly about his unhealthy dependency to his family. You can have all the love and respect for your family and be independent. nothing good comes out of mixing business and family affairs. I do believe that uncle Toni did more harm than good for Rafa with implementing his strange and outdated ideas about morality, honesty and life. We humans praise and are attracted to athletes or someone we consider as idols and heroes because of their qualities like courage, bravery, fearlessness and dare to take risks that we ordinary people lack and when that qualities disappear, so does the idole.
      To be competitive, you need to be fearless that includes not to be afraid of change.
      Rafa needs to be get out of his comfort zone and accept that everyone has moved on but him.
      it’s his call. but if he is happy with 14 GSs and getting beat down by other players over and over again, so mote it be and Adios to him.

      • Sosa, what is ever outdated about honest and morality? I cannot understand how you say the relationship is unhealthy between Rafael and his uncle and that living with his parents is too dependent.
        As for “we humans” idolising sportspeople , that is not true of everyone . Much too extreme and narrow a view. I for one admire Rafael Nadal as a sports person but just as much because he is a good person who has standards and values that never go out of fashion.

        I have met him and he is an impressive person and while he comes from a close family he has a life of his own, a much richer life than many of the other players who are almost programmed only to tennis.

        Let each of us respect others and not make outrageous judgements about things we know little about. Look into your own heart and take a broader view.

      • One has to feel sorry for Sosa who honestly thinks that he is ‘human’ considering the ‘values’ that his parents taught him. One who thinks that love of family is unhealthy obviously had a deprived childhood, deprived of parental and family love and affection. One who considers morality, honesty and life as negative forces has serious emotional, spiritual and rational-thinking issues. Sosa’s writing is far more an indictment of his depraved childhood and emotional and spiritual bankruptcy than it is a comment on Rafa. Rafa is the embodiment of what is good and pure about being a human being, and being an amazing inspiration to others. Toni has been an incredible influence that enabled Rafa’s amazing success to date. Having said that, it is probably highly necessary now for Rafa and Toni to add an additional coaching resource to the team, because Rafa can without a doubt still catch Federer’s 17, but only with some major play-style changes. I think the best analogy would be to Agassi and the amazing turnaround after he made some changes to his team. I hope that Rafa and Toni will mutually conclude this as well, and mutually agree on the necessary change. On a final note, Rafa’s respect and devotion to his uncle and his family deserves nothing but praise and admiration, and serves as an inspiration for all decent, respectful human beings. Thanks for being you, Rafa!

  17. I firmly believe Rafa will win another GS as he certainly has improved lately, he just needs to make the adjustments depending on his opponent, meaning he needs to change things a bit and don’t be predictable.

  18. I dont think Toni should be replaced, after all its worked well for a long time, Rafa needs a new approach with an additional coach’s…..before its too late……other top players have vastly improved with additional coaching why not Rafa ?

  19. Yes why not rafa will many more grandslams on any surface if rafa find the right solutions to his game
    Just dont need to get messed up trying to do so many things

    Just do what u do best
    I.e improve on ur defence and find the essential depth

    Vamos rafa

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