Australian Open 2016: Rafael Nadal Practices On Rod Laver Arena [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Earlier today Rafael Nadal was practicing on Rod Laver Arena in the scorching Melbourne heat with temperatures in the mid-30’s.

Video: Australian Open


8 thoughts on “Australian Open 2016: Rafael Nadal Practices On Rod Laver Arena [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

  1. niketa lobo (India)

    Good luck Rafa.πŸ’–. Your hard work, n determination, will definitely pay off.

    Ignore naysayers. Just keep playing the way you do, yes bring in some more variations in your game. But, remember you are the best judge, we as fans can only, keep putting our thoughts forward to you, for example change your coach, change your game. But, you know what’s good for you. Your fans know that you love n respect them a lot.

    It is very sad n depressing to see you win all throughout, n then lose in the final.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee as always Rafa πŸ’— πŸ’– πŸ’› πŸ’–.


  2. Move In Rafa Or Move On

    After Saturday’s embarrassing beat down from Novak, it’s pretty obvious that new strings are not the solution for Rafa’s deteriorating game. But a new coaching staff could be – if he selects the right people. A coaching tag team of Andre Agassi, Larry Stefanki and Oscar Borras would be perfect for our favorite player, IMHO. Uncle Toni could continue being his honorary coach, as long as he doesn’t try to interfere with the real coaches. Rafa better wake up, before it’s too late.


    1. DMTNA

      Absolutely correct! I can’t believe why uncle Toni keep focusing on racquet size. That’s not the root of the problem.
      Rafa in the past hit very deep and much more topspin than moment. He is very consistent and dangerous with his forehand down the line which is a key shot to destroy Djokovic in the past.
      The bigger the racquet the harder to control.
      Change of coach is necessary. Nadal is already 30 now, there isn’t much time.


  3. alain

    Tu as chaud rafa , allez rafa fait leurs voir c’est qui le boss …. VAMOS je te souhaite de faire un excellent tournoi et on se voit en final πŸ™‚


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