Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, Gael Monfils & Co. enjoy the Fast4 Tennis in Sydney [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal, Gael Monfils, Lleyton Hewitt, Nick Kyrgios, Mats Wilander and Pat Cash had lot of fun during the Fast4 Tennis exhibition in Sydney on Moday. Here’s the proof!

Fast4 Tennis Highlights: Rafael Nadal vs Lleyton Hewitt

Rafa’s interview after the Fast4 Tennis match in Sydney


  • Gael Monfils def. Nick Kyrgios 4-1, 4-3
  • Lleyton Hewitt def. Rafael Nadal 4-2, 4-2
  • Gael Monfils and Rafael Nadal won doubles match 4-3, 4-3 giving the World team 2-1 victory over Lleyton Hewitt and Nick Kyrgios

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  1. All you young people bear in mind that Rafa is a “ONE OFF” n a Role Model. He became a Pro at a very young age n what he achieved in his teens n early twenties, most players are achieving later in life. Plus, can any of you name a past or present Top 10 Player who has portrayed a calm, non-abusive, sporting attitude (win or lose), always pleasant n smiling n a thorough gentleman at all times. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I am 80 yrs old, have been a Rafa Fan since he first became a Pro, n I also feel disappointed when he loses, but remember he has had bad knees from an early age, n unfortunate injuries n illnesses. He is human. I pray for him before, during n after a game. My grandson Chris bought me the book RAFA as soon as it hit the market in Melbourne some years ago, n I suggest for those who have not read it, please do – you will then admire this young man Rafael Nadal.

    Rafa, I intended going to the Tennis next Saturday in the hope I would see you play but, unfortunately, I have to return to Perth for eye treatment. I will be praying for you. God Bless You. Vamos Rafael. Your Aussie Abuela. xxx😀😊😇🎈🎈

  2. murray said that for him to win ao depends on nole day off

    Roger said that nole is very favourite to win ao 16
    So what did rafa say wrong , he actually played the match before ao 16

    I feel it is a well.known strategy to make nole more pressurised to win ao

    Remember winning gs is not a walk in a park for nole
    Rafa is very much in competition to win ao 16
    And im sure nole cant play the level he played in final in doha consitently


    • The point is Nole is not that good. Prasing him only makes Rafa feel inferior.
      Nole had so much trouble with Berdych, Federer, Wawrinka or even Kevin Anderson.
      But Rafa is his most favourite opponent. It’s all about his style and technique.

      Hope that things will get better in the future.

      • even u saying about doha then average groundstroke speed of shots for 8kmph quicker in finals
        in recent matches rafa is not having good start in the match against nole
        and 2015 was a bad year for rafa for so many reasons

        i m not saying nole is not beatable, but in doha final it was hard to match with him and for that match u have to credit him

        nole can be defeated in gs by stan or rafa and in masters by roger

  3. “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.” ~ Vince Lombardi

    Can anyone here imagine Michael Jordan or Tom Brady or Derek Jeter or Wayne Gretzky saying, after a brutal beat down by their top rival, “we played well, but our opponent played perfectly … there’s no way we can win when they play like that … we’ll just have to wait until they have an off day or a slump to have any chance of beating them … otherwise, they’re unbeatable.”

    Never in a million years would those legendary athletes, in the prime of their careers, have such defeatist attitudes, much less publicly admit to it on worldwide television. And yet, believe it or not, that’s exactly what Rafa did after his brutal beat down by Novak on Saturday. He told the whole world that Novak is a much better player than he is. That Novak is just too good for him. That his only hope, his only chance, is for Novak’s game to somehow fall apart. Then, if everything goes right, he might be able to steal a match from him.

    What a pathetic display of defeatism by our favorite player. Absolutely pathetic. Vince Lombardi is turning in his grave.

    • well-said. I am really embarrassed for Rafa. But we shouldn’t be surprised by such public submission to Djoker. After all it has been uncle Toni’s mantra that Rafa is not as good as Federer, Djokovic and even Murray. reverse psychology has paid off well. congrats to Uncle Toni.

  4. love the photo’s, especially the one of Gael and Rafa looking like naughty little school boys ,they should play doubles together more often . Rafa looks so relaxed and happy with the mischievous French man love it.

  5. Well said Debby also have been quoted as a member of the ladies team and proud to be so something they could never be .Was the match televised and if so what channel

  6. Oh, and if you’d actually watched the matches and understood what an exhibition is, perhaps you’d have understood that he just got off a plane, that he did it out of respect for Lleyton, who is retiring, that it was to provide fun and entertainment to the crowd, and not about his ego.
    During the doubles, when it came down to the end, he served very well, love games, and finished it off when he felt like it, with a bang.
    It’s not now or ever about your egos. He’ll do it his way, as he always has. If you don’t understand this, you only show you understand nothing about Rafa. And you also understand nothing about his fans.
    Lots of players to choose from, just sayin.

  7. These critics are really fun to read, thanks for the laughs! Glad to be included in the Ladies Team. Much ego??? If only Rafa would listen to you. Oh, wait. Only YOU can tell Rafa what he needs to do. Only you. Shall I work on getting you his cell number? Then you can reach him quicker to get him the advice he needs.
    “Nonetheless, we are happy that our often severe and deep criticism has started yielded fruits.” So, wait. You DID meet with him. Or maybe your singular insights magically floated through the internets from this site into his brain. That’s it!! THANK YOU for solving the problem he’s incapable of. All credit to the few of you spewing criticisms here.
    Thanks for the laughs, I’ve had a rought week.

  8. Carol by reading your comments I can see the trolls are still being their unpleasant self’s , don’t bother responding to them let them stroke each other’s ego which they constantly do , that is when they haven’t got their head stuck up their own backside. They talk aload of to be polite dog poo and do as you would with that and step over it rather than in it

    • Maria, the trolls are parasites hidden behind a computer, it doesn’t matter if we respond or not, anyway they like to spit venom and insult, it’s the way they enjoy, patethic, check how long he/they (I think is just one person) is posting so much crap, looooooong time ego

  9. It’s just an exhibition match but i see Nadal playing so inconsistently. I hope he could make a Double Career Grandslam ( or even Double Career Golden Slam) but now it is impossible.

    Come on Rafa, time to move on! Even Serena Williams who spent most of her time with Richard Williams changes coach. Change of coach doesn’t mean sacking uncle Toni.
    Now, your topspin isn’t the threat of any players with a good flat shot. Your FH and BH down the line is inconsistent. Uncle Toni is just thinking how big your next racquet could be to increase the depth and topspin.

    Is that the root of problem?

    I am really worried.

  10. What a shame this event wasn’t televised , it would have been nice to see the more relaxed and fun side of the players before the hard work begins

  11. Rafa seems happy as a clam despite another brutal beat down by Novak on Saturday. The fire in his belly is gone. And – by the looks of things – it ain’t coming back.

      • Carol: I really try not to be rude but the comments like yours doesn’t let me. You’re an idiot. Rafa should cry with that embarrassing defeat. His scores against Djoker was the worst among all the other players played against Djoker in Doha. Instead patty accusation of any fan critical of the coaching team of Raf for his his weak results against Novak come up with a logical discussion.

    • By the looks of things he’s enjoying the life he knows he’s fortunate to have. The millions of people who love him enjoy it along with him.
      As always, why are you here? You have no idea what you are talking about and no one is interested. I am responding to you because I think it’s fun.

    • You are damn right, Move in Rafa or Move on. You and I and a very few others (Sosa Laforge, J. Beer, Neruda) are the only ones on this site capable of telling Rafa the TRUTH AS IT IS. We are continuously abused, attacked, plundered, maligned but at the end of the day, we are always RIGHT! Whatever we dare to day dares to come true.

      While we only seek to provoke NADAL to rise to glory again, and not develop a sense of complacency which will make him want to sleep on his laurels of 14 GS however the likes of Maria, Elizabeth Howard, Debbie and the Jester that calls himself Fan Love seek to pamper Nadal and play to the gallery to make Rafa feel & think he’s still the best. Meanwhile, Rafa continues to be beated blue and black by Djokovic. We, the true fans, detest seeing Rafa in this condition and fervently pray for him to urgently do the right thing before it is too late (like Djokovic did when he was being beaten by Nadal).

      Nonetheless, we are happy that our often severe and deep criticism has started yielded fruits. Rafa’s game has improved, but there is still a hell of a lot to do. He urgently needs to develop a strategy to beat Novak at all times.
      But we fear that he’s competitive spirit is all gone. Hence he has become a sitting duck for Djokovic.

      Unless and until Rafa urgently and passionately overhauls his game, Novak, Nick Kyrgios, Dustin Brown and even Fabio Fognini will continue to trouble him. Consequently, we fear that he is unlikely to go beyond the QFs at the AO 2016. Also, we fear that Novak will win his first French Open title this year following from his very overwhelming victory over Nadal at Doha and last year straight sets victory over Nadal at 2015 FO.

      We pray and hope Nadal will prove us wrong.

      • At least he has lost against the #1 aka “the invincible” “the perfect player” and not like your idol (Roger) against someone who has not even a single GS so you should go to his webside fans to give him some of your “good” (lol) recommendations

      • The Deep Thinker is totally right. May I remind you that in two weeks we mourn the 1 year anniversary of the Aussie Open beatdown by Berdych? May I remind you that 1 year later, and many beatdowns since, ‘seeking form after injury’ is still brought up by the Poop Brigade aka the Ladies Full of Crap Team, consisting of Fan Love, Carol, Debby and who the heck those other birds may be – despite the fact that Nadal is now free of injuries for 15 months? There is one big injury remaining, it’s between the ears and it still listens to mr No Solution Toni Nadal.

      • And you JBeer are talking about a crap team? look at you in the mirror and you’ll see more than crap, a suffering soul full of rancor since 2004 and a bad loser like you idol besides to have a lack of tennis knowledge

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