Rafael Nadal’s Nine Best Instagram Pics of 2015

A new site called 2015bestnine reveals which nine of your Instagram posts gathered the most likes in 2015, and gathers the total amount of “likes” for your account as well.

In 2015, Rafael Nadal received 3,474,069 likes for his 82 Instagram photos.

Rafael Nadal 9 Best Instagram Photos of 2015

Which one of Rafa’s 2015 Instagram pics (from the top nine or otherwise) was your favorite?

P.S. Here’s how to see your own.

  1. Head to 2015bestnine.com.
  2. Enter your Instagram username in the required field. You can altso enter any other handle to see another Instagram user’s best nine photos.
  3. Tap the “Get” button. It may take a few minutes to load your results.
  4. Your collage should now appear on screen. Under the image compilation, you’ll notice the website also tells you your total number of likes for the year and how many posts you’ve made in 2015.

Rafael Nadal Fans Best Nine Instagram Photos

Source: Time.com


  1. The injuries and therefore the loss of confidence haven’t allow him to keep the #1 but nothing is forever and he is now on the right way, healthy and with confidence
    All the best for him in 2016!

  2. Here’s Wishing all Rafa.💖 Fans a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Rafa.💖 I wish good luck and health for you in 2016.
    We love you Rafa .

  3. Dear Fans Mona & Gen………hi & happy new year!!!! : ) I have not yet been able to view the interview you are both referring to from yesterday ……. from previous interviews though, it seems the TENNIS media is delighted & excited about Rafa’s great end of season, and are looking forward to his continued competitiveness in 2016! The media is well aware Rafa attracts crowds everywhere he goes & has fans globally, thus their media coverage is being read by many & becomes that much more front line. I agree in general some media questions make zero sense , not necessary and serve only as fillers…. but my take is that Rafa’s success is pleasing to the media & keeps them in business!: )

    VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) & A HAPPY & BEAUTIFUL NEW YEAR to all RAFA’s fans !!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  4. Same here, all photos of RAFA are the best. Yes, it is really sickening about the constant questions about his 2015 season, I could well imagine how RAFA feels about it.

    Time for the media to just let the boy play and enjoy his tennis. Go follow Nole!

    RAFA fan forever.

  5. Reporters are so disrespectful to Rafa. He is a great ambassador for tennis and when Rafa isn’t playing the tennis world misses him. Will he make a comeback, no, cos he never went away!!! Good luck for 2016 Rafa and I look forward to seeing more lovely photos.

  6. I enjoy all photos of Rafa. And I wish they would stop harassing him about ‘ coming back’. As he said, he’s #5, not #50. He does his best. No player can be on top forever, especially playing as hard as Rafa does
    Happy New Year, Rafa.

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