Rafael Nadal faces question: Will he win another major?

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal cast doubt Thursday on whether he could win another Grand Slam after his long reign as French Open champion ended and he slid down the rankings during the worst year of his career.

Rafa said he was working hard to return to form and was happy with the way the year ended after a resurgence at the World Tour Finals in London last month.

But asked whether he could clinch another major title to add to the 14 Grand Slams he has already accumulated, Rafa was unconvinced: “I don’t know when that will happen and I don’t know if that’s going to happen. The only thing I know is I’m working very hard to try to get the opportunities.”

Rafa was speaking after hitting balls with youngsters during a coaching session in the Indian capital, where he plans to open an academy for talented players.

“This year has been not the best season. (But) In the last three months, I finished much better and I’m happy the way I’m playing now. I need to keep going the same way that I finished the 2015 season,” he added.

Source: Yahoo Sports


  1. I do not want to jinks Rafa. I belive he has another French open with his name waiting in the wings. I am just so happy to see him smiling and having a great time. Go at your own speed

  2. Rafa has a record few will EVER attain. He’s very comfortable with himself, and I do not see the need to speculate about whether he will win another major!!! Has everyone forgotten he’s won NINE FRENCH OPENS? Has everyone forgotten he’s the only man to win ALL the major tournaments in one calendar year? There are other firsts for Rafa, but this should suffice for now. AND yes, I do believe he’s going to win another major before he retires!!!

  3. I cannot foretell, neither RAFA nor any pundits, if he can/will win another slam.

    This goes for the main contenders like Nole, Roger etc. as well. The probability of these 2 players maybe higher just based on present condition and past accomplishments.
    Guess what…. sport is still uncertain and that is what we love about it. Absence, injury anything can happen to anyone.

    All I want to say is, RAFA continue working hard to create opportunities for you to win anything your heart desires. Regardless of the outcome, just watching you play injury free, passionately is all I need and if/when you win…..icing on the cake.

    I will miss seeing RAFA compete when he does retire.

    I love seeing RAFA in India so happy with wide smiles.

    RAFA fan forever.

  4. Rafael really has nothing to prove to anyone. Many good players have never won
    even one Slam; enjoy his prowess while we can. The same applies to Roger.
    Fight on!

  5. I think he can win more mayors, but he needs not only to work hard, but he has to change his strategy, use more variation in his tennis and serve more effectively. Rafa is very intelligent, but he needs someone beside uncle Toni to give him some advise about new strategies and how he can serve more effectively. As a fan I believe in Rafa and I know he can win more mayors, but there is missing something!

  6. We, your fans, always believe in you, Rafa!!!! We are with you and we believe you will win not one but many many many Grand Slams!!!! You deserve it, you are the one, Rafa!!!! You inspire us all with your “never give up” attitude and style!!! Thank you!!!!
    Hello from Kazakhstan 🙂 Kazakh fans love you very much, Rafa!!!!! VAMOS CHAMPION!!!!!

  7. He will and probably the first one will be the AO to shake off the one of 2014 when he got the back injury a little before to start the final which he should have won and affected him so badly for more than one year. Vamos!!!!!!!!

  8. VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) 🙂 Congratulations on your fantastic Tennis & the lovely lead you & your great team INDIAN ACES have earned !!!!!! : ) Great fun watching your magic on the court & your strong powerful shots, serve, movement & Tennis know how……. all so incredible & well played!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS sweetheart …… very happy for you !!!!!!!!!! Have a great evening & enjoy everything!!!!!!!! God bless you and enjoy with pride all your fantastic accomplishments!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : )

  9. My god, two years ago the looming question was: can Rafa win the calendar slam, and McEnroe and Agassi said “He is the only one who could do it”. Now the question is: “Can he win one more major”. How the mighty have fallen and how the mighty refuses to get his act together and stand up!

    • And before long, the question will be “Can Rafa qualify for the main draw?”, while Novak & Roger continue to dominate the Tour.

  10. Dear rafa
    U r in my country , that too our capital Delhi . But sorry to say I am unable to watch yr match with Federer since I have been operated for cataract
    Pl tell me how I meet u & where? Seventy year old writing to u . I am a great admirer of yours. All the best .

  11. If they are asking Nadal to win another grand slam, we Nadal fans would answer… OF COURSE HE WILL WIN NOT ONLY ONE MORE GRAND SLAM, BUT MORE, MORE & MORE… We are hunger to see him bite more grand slam trophies. SO, for our idol Rafa, just keep on believing you can do it… and from your uniform sponsor NIKE says “JUST DO IT”, for sure you will. You will be back soon! VAMOS!

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