VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Hits Amazing Lob In His Opening Match At ATP World Tour Finals

Rafael Nadal produced this unbelievable lob to save a break point during the early stages of the second set against Stan Wawrinka at the O2 Arena.

Video: TennisTV


  1. He won and of course I am happy but what I see is the same short balls from Rafa. A better player than Wawrinka would punish Rafa with those short balls landing at the middle of the court. what improvement? I didn’t see any.

  2. this lob tells a lot that producing such an amazing point under such pressure its all in a player mind and he is a lone player on court thinking tactically……a coach can tell u so many things but at the end of the day u have to execute the very thing on court lonely

  3. such amazing lobs and drop shots will be so useful against novak in grand slams next year…..
    so happy
    enjoy rafa

  4. You made me so happy today. You were great and happy. It was likeRafa was playing as his old self. I was on my feet cheering you on. tHank you Rafa!

  5. RAFA knows that hitting through STAN is difficult because he has powerful groundies, so he is strategic and crafty with his shots. Great thinking RAFA under pressure. (LOB)
    Next up Andy, as always good luck RAFA. Your loyal fans are behind you.

    RAFA fan forever.

  6. That lob shot was spectacular but so was Rafa’s reaction to it all. For me, he is by far
    the most exciting tennis player to watch. Can’t get enough. So glad he is on his way back!

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