Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beats Rafael Nadal in Shanghai Masters [PHOTOS]

An inspired Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beat Rafael Nadal 6-4, 0-6, 7-5 to reach the Shanghai Masters final. He will face next the winner of the match between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

After the match, Rafa said:

I lost against a player who played very well. I congratulate him. He was a little bit better than me and that’s why he is in the final.

In general, it has been a very positive two tournaments, reaching the final and semi-finals in tournaments that are not easy for me.

Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Well said Midgie you better watch out though or you might get added to there list along with rafa’s normal fans .I mean are these people for real if they are true fans God help rafa .I think deep thinker and his followers should keep their DEEP thoughts to themselves ,and not think for one moment that Rafa would lose a match on purpose I think they are basin this on how they act thankfully Rafa is the polar opposite of them

    • Thanks, Maria. I missed that point that they accused Rafa of losing on purpose, and you are right. If they are the true fans they claim to be they would know how insulting that would be to Rafa, and truly is more telling of their character than it is of anything else, as you say. .

  2. “Our kudos go out to J Beer and Lucky Star – these are the real, true fans of Rafa who can look Rafa eye-to-eye and tell him the ”bitter truth” (as Deep Thinker would say).”

    This is rich, isn’t it? I can see it now. Rafa’s practicing with Toni and Roig, and
    the 3 stooges “Deep Thinker” (that HAS to always be in quotes), J. Beer, and Luckystar, approach to give Rafa the “bitter truth,” and Rafa listens earnestly, then tells his uncle and assistant coach, who have been with him these many years, “Eureka! These 3 tennis sages, who come by their vast knowledge via watching tennis and imparting their expertise on web sites, have opened my eyes to all my deficiencies and how to improve them, so I will say adios, Tio Toni and amigo. I must listen to my true fans.”

    Seriously, how hysterical (not to mention self-important and delusional)!

    • And since when ‘deep thinker’ is my rep and speaks on my behalf?

      Perhaps I’ve come to the wrong place, this is a worshipping fan site, I now see the light. Thanks for showing me this, I shall take my leave from this place.

  3. Onward and upward my beloved Rafa. I know the best is yet to come.

    Life is filled with hills and valleys; you’re on your way back to the TOP.

    I’m with you spiritually; always cheering for my BELOVED RAFA.

  4. Great Thinker has taken time to read all the comments here, Our kudos go out to J Beer and Lucky Star – these are the real, true fans of Rafa who can look Rafa eye-to-eye and tell him the ”bitter truth” (as Deep Thinker would say).
    Our analysis of the match is that Rafa deliberately and ‘tactfully’ did not win the match to protect the Head to Head of 23-22 in his favour against Djokovic.

    People seem to forget that Nadal is (street) wise, diplomatic and very shrewd! Had he allowed himself to win against Tsonga, he would have had to face Novak, and of course, everybody already knows what the result would be. And worse still, the Head to Head would then be even at 23:23! Let us also remember that Djokovic is already even with Roger Federer at 22:22!

    Although Nadal pretends that he does not care about the GOAT title, but he knows all too well that a favourable Head to Head against his two closest rivals will definitely put him in good stead for this title. Hence, the sheepish play in the 3rd set against Tsonga.But not many people (e.g Fan Love, Elizabeth Howard etc) are gifted to see beyond the ordinary.

    As a No 1 Rafa fan, we congratulate him for this extremely wise decision. Rafa wants to meet Novak on his (Rafa’s) terms and it is only then that he can beat Novak.

    Therefore for the Thinker Family, the only ‘positive’ that we can take from this ‘loss’ (if you can call it that) is that Rafa’s 23-22 continues to live on and on and on and on………

    Vamosssss Rafaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry for reading your comment late as I don’t often come here but I don’t think Rafa tanked the match. I could see him putting in the best effort but that’s not enough to win this time.

  5. Terrific two weeks for Rafa on hard courts. First in Beiijing and then Shanghai!
    So pleased he defeated a top 10 player in Milos and then a top 5 player in Stan
    back to back. No easy task! Rafa’s confidence has been at an all time high. So love his passion and enthusiasm.

    Thrilling match today against Jo-Willy. Just a few points made the difference.
    Congrats to Jo-Willy and his fire-power.

    Rafa has been competing brilliantly and he has a final and semi-final to show for it
    and on hard courts. Wonderful results for Rafa. Look forward to his next tournament!

  6. Congratulations on a great two weeks Rafa. I did not watch semifinal against Tsonga. And sorry that he lost, but I know that Rafa will take positives from the match and build on improving from them. He has come a long way in the last month, and I think that we will see alot more improvement from him. And I know that he will win another major (or 2) in 2016. In fact, I have no doubt about it. Stay healthy Rafa, that is the main thing for you to do. God bless you. Love, Marylynn

  7. After watching 2 nd semifinal it only shows in this form of novak and of rafa , rafa gave him more competition than what a 2nd best plyer of this year was able to give
    I still say rafa and stan got that quality to give novak a competition in this form and even can win against him

    Roger gives tough competition but why i dont know not able to win against

    Rafa needs a little refinement in terms of tactics when facing a particular player
    Vamos rafa
    Stay healthy and enjoy

  8. Incredible match. It was nail biting stuff in the last set but unfortunately for Rafa Jo prevailed and that’s the nature of the sport. Rafa played some amazing tennis again and it is very evident that he is returning to form. Although Rafa will be bitterly disappointed with the loss today there are so many positives to take away from the last 2 weeks. You are definitely on the right track Rafa. Vamos Rafa!

  9. Rafa is on his way back up and maybe he never will be right at the top of the game again but if you are a fan of his you will love him win or lose .well said Elizabeth Howard and there is only one dumbass on this site J Beer and that’s YOU ! Who think they no better than top players and coaches .Don’t recall your name in the tennis world

    • I’m usually pessimistic by nature but let’s look at the positives. Rafa in 2013 (arguably his best HC year) he lost in Beijing and Shanghai despite facing easier opponents because of highest ranking. Comparing this years Asian Swing with 2013 and there are a lot of positives.

      Let’s hope Rafa’s rise keeps on getting better and better. Let’s hope it’s not a 2 week moment.

  10. Great match RAFA, yes he lost but it was close and competitive. I am still inspired by him and will continue to stand by him. Great last 2 weeks of upward momentum.
    Tsonga competed fiercely as well, it’s never a one sided affair. RAFA, will as usual always see the positives from any situation and build on that. This is often times a lonely stance to take when others and haters only watch the bottom line.
    RAFA, we love you and will always continue to support you.

    RAFA fan forever.

  11. Amazing tennis from both players. Small margins in the third set but that is sport. Congrats to JW but so proud of our great champion.

  12. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) You bageled him …..and it was a close 3rd….. you competed well & some of your brilliant Returns did not make the lines….. you played excellent and with the right force….. for sure you looked great playing & serving & you can take lots of great energy on words!!!! God bless you sweetheart & VAMOS……the good news there will be other opportunities. …… that’s for sure!!!! : )
    Have a nice day & enjoy your success with your loyal team & keep your head up ! We all have moments where we could do better and that’s what makes us try again & do better next time. Simple as that! It was a wonderful China run & a great joy to see you compete!!!! : ) : )
    VAMOS & God bless you!!!!! : )

    • Fan Love Lovely comments from a true supporter not like those who think they know tennis better than Rafael /

      • Easy to support such a kind incredible player!!!! Rafa is such a joy to watch!!!! Naturally imagine he is disappointed w this very close match….. Thankfully though, the match ended w such small margin…..& he can take pride as he only missed very few shots…. He is clearly a high level TOP TOP TOP passionate competitor!!!!! : ) I trust his inner resources & determination moving forward………
        ****** VAMOS DEAR RAFA & GOD BLESS YOU SWEETHEART !!!!!!!!! : )

  13. Why is Rafa always hitting his BH into the net when its a crucial point?? Hes still too defensive for my liking and i think his shots still lack power though the precision has returned. He has ran way more than Tsonga, not helped when Tsonga could serve so big with so many aces. Its Toni’s fault for not developing Rafa’s serves from young resulting in Rafa having to work so hard just to hold serve. His serve is always vulnerable at crucial moments and his second serve is so attackable.

    Hes still not back to his past high level yet obviously, for hes not being able to change things up when his pattern of play is being sized up by his opponent. By the third set, Tsonga was already expecting Rafa’s passing shots and dealt with them well ; Rafa should have changed things up by either lobbing him or going CC instead once he saw Tsonga moving up the court. Rafa’s game is too predictable now, time to add in some new elements if not he’ll be losing to the top guys and the big hitters. Hes hitting his I/O CC FH too often and Tsonga was anticipating that and hence Tsonga was able to deal with it.

    Im disappointed with this loss but OTOH, maybe this save Rafa from the hammering he may get from Murray or Novak in the final.

    Rafa still has lots of work to do….

    • Luckystar, let us be positive if we are real supporters not just having cheap shots! Frankly he may not beat either but would nor be ” hammered”. Rafael can take a lot of positives from this week and is on the road to his best.

      • Thats not taking cheap shots at Rafa, thats being realistic. You look at how Novak is dismantling the no.2 player now and you would know what i mean. Good luck to Tsonga.

        Being supportive doesnt mean one has to be blind to what flaws or shortcomings that one sees in his game. Hes improving no doubt but hes still far from his best. Still has a long way to go….

    • Have u missed game in 3rd set when rafa was 0-40 down and come back to win that game ….
      V should not be so critical as a fan
      Yes a lot can happen in last game but not happened so accept that gives rafa chance to develop his game more
      So relax and enjoy

      • Im speaking the truth. Rafa would sure regret not being able to hold his nerve and hit some first serve in the service game where he lost his serve. In another point, Tsonga was standing at his FH corner anticipating Rafa’s I/O CC FH and Rafa still insist on hitting that shot and so he lost that point.

        I feel Rafa played better in that Beijing final when he came out all guns blazing, not holding back anything and played instinctively, because theres no expectations and no pressure. In this SF match, I feel Rafa was beginning to have expectations, was eager to reach a HCMasters final and so he was tense from the get go. I hope he can play instinctively more frequently, for its when he’s not thinking too much that he could play more freely; moves more quickly too (his own words).

    • Rafa was tense

      Hve u missed scoreline of 2nd set
      Rafa level was a little down today than his earlier 2 matches
      And u should give credit to jo, last game he produced amazing reflexes to win that point .. else 9 out of 10 times rafa wud have won that point against any player
      And if he hve won it would be another story

      But ifs and buts r not possible in reality

      Rafa is working hard ..he lost he will take down positives from it

  14. Never mind rafa….joe played well … a close match….however ur level was a bit low today

    Anyway continue on same line ….and please push the balls 1 feet outside that service box area consitently

    Take a rest have fun this was a good 2 weeks Bst luck for up coming tournaments
    Ur so entertaining to watch
    Vamos rafa

  15. The title says tsonga beats tsonga lol. This was a tough loss. Nadal did not play bad, tsonga played well in the final set. Nadal lost his cool at three key points which cost him the match. But his level is higher than it has been since RG 14.

    • J beer. you went missing while Rafael was winning!! LOL. As for losing his cool not correct JW played incredibly well. Small margins but he is on the right road Asking what you doing on this site as you are not an Nadal supporter but a rather negative minded person.

      • no dumbass i did not go missing when rafa was winning. do your homework for once.

    • Jbeer you always post when Rafa loses. At least your post wasn’t as harsh as some of your previous ones i’ll give you that.

      We all want Rafa back where he belongs.
      It might never happen so let’s enjoy what little time we have left or leave him alone if you’re a bandwagon fan and go support the flavor of the moment. In 10 years time even you will start to miss Rafa’s worst tennis.

    • j beer….., you again? come on, you are so repetitive!!!! but wait, how is doing your fav? taking care for a while the kids at home? LOL

  16. So sad:(:(:( Rafa played a good match and had so many chances for the win.

    Rafa lost today but he is on a good way to his best again.

    Always with you. Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

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