Rafa Roundup: ‘I lost, but I am not very disappointed,’ says Nadal

Rafael Nadal leaves the court after losing his semi-final match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Shanghai Masters on October 17, 2015 (AFP Photo/Greg Baker)
Rafael Nadal leaves the court after losing his semi-final match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Shanghai Masters on October 17, 2015 (AFP Photo/Greg Baker)


Nadal, meanwhile, further solidified his place among the elite eight in his quest to qualify for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals for an eighth time, following a run to the final last week in Beijing with a semi-final finish in Shanghai. He passed Tomas Berdych for fifth in the Emirates ATP Race To London.

“I lost against a player who played very well,” said Nadal. “I congratulate him. He was a little bit better than me and that’s why he is in the final.

“In general, it has been a very positive two tournaments, [reaching the] final and semi-finals in tournaments that are not easy for me. I was able to win a lot of matches, but not only win matches, but play at a very good level again. I think it has been one of the most positive two tournaments in a row on hard court of the year without a doubt. The feelings are that I am getting better and better.”

Nadal said: I think these have been one of the most positive two tournaments in a row on hard court of the year without a doubt, especially for the feelings. The feelings are that I am getting better and better.

‘I am enjoying on court. I lost, but I am not very disappointed because I was able to enjoy every match and play with the energy that I want to play and do the things that I want to do.

‘I am really satisfied the way that I finished that two tournaments, and I think was a very good warm-up for the beginning of next year.’

After Nadal easily won the second, Tsonga broke him again to go up 6-5 in the third and then got to match point with a diving volley that clipped the baseline. He closed it out when Nadal dumped a backhand into the net.

“I was there until the end. Was not the day to win,” Nadal said.

Nadal, rightly, still focused on the positives in his own play, and in the results he’s seen this week. He knows that you need a little luck—you need to make your own, and you need to take what your opponent gives you. Yes, confidence is about believing that you can take your forehand early and hit it past your opponent. But it’s also about believing in the more nebulous concept of “destiny.” You control what you can control—the emotions, the nerves, the points—and trust that the things you can’t control won’t go against you in the end. As I said, for many champions, this bedrock confidence comes naturally, but that’s not always the case with the ever-realistic Rafa. He needs proof. At this stage in his career, the only moral victory is winning.

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  1. Another master 1000 win for Djokovic. I used to call him Djoker but he gets my respect for being so consistent in being # 1 and winning GS after GS and other majors.
    His success didn’t come overnight. he was open to change the coach, his physio team and adding yoga to his routine. being smart and playing smart is paying him off now.
    And our RAFA is just pleased to reach final and semi final. keep that mind set and you never win anything.

  2. Rafa loves Djokovic and takes to his heart his advice to stick to uncle TONI. Novak is very smart, he knows very well as long as uncle Toni coaches Rafa, there won’t be any chance for RAFA to win any major. The era of heavy topspin is in the past. players have figured out how to defeat Rafa.
    Adiós to Rafa and winning a major.

  3. Well done rafa. keep faith and you shall be on the top soon. Focus on serving Aces at critical moments.like some of the hard hitters are doing. Your fans prayersare with you.Best of luck in the coming matches.

  4. Keep focusing on the positives Rafa. You were able to get 16 games off Tsonga whereas Djokovic lost to him in their last match last year and was only able to win 4 games. You are on the positive curve to reigning supreme in tennis once again. Good luck in the remaining tournaments for this year. Keep on trucking! Vamos!

  5. So bad year and so many talks and even then also rafa finds himself at 5th place in race to london

    Amazing …….
    Vamos rafa vamos

  6. God knows I’m happy Rafa is healthy and playing tennis but when his face looks like this it breaks my heart to look at him looking like this. Congrats Rafa I’m so sorry you lost to JO but Jo is also a good player you are getting better and better everyday. Keep positive thoughts and you will get positive results. Love from Toronto

  7. As always, you demonstrated your wonderful abilities on the tennis court. You are getting stronger and stronger…such a joy to always watch you compete. You are on your way back to the top!!

  8. VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Very happy to read your wise positive post Semi interview……God bless you & all best wishes moving forward !!!!! As usual, you are right spot on with your common sense wisdom & great forward thinking!!!!!! : ) : ) VAMOS sweetheart & thanks again for all your amazing incredible matches!!!!!!!!!! : )

    I think like many fans, some of us here got carried away with putting forth unnecessary heavy pressure on outcome & wining with our comments…….. instead of taking each match with its own beautiful result & focusing on the joy of simply watching you out there playing incredibly!!!!! If that is indeed the case, please accept my sincere apology for any part or comment I made with an outcome type content….. it is so easy to get swept away with momentum – but for sure, in the future, my support will be free of any outcome related comments.
    Congratulations again DEAR RAFA on all your fabulous matches & have a great time enjoying EVERYTHING!!!!!! : ) : ) God bless you & lots of love & happiness !!!!!! : )

  9. Rafa is making progress and that is most important. He will always be nr. 1 because of his will to fight back.He is an example for everyone how to overcome obstacles .Fall down but come even stronger. Vamos!!!

  10. Vamos Rafa! You played a good tournament and you will come back to your best again! We are all with you. For always <3 <3 <3

  11. Our hearts are with you all the way. Fantastic to see you so confident and back on a winning streak. You played like a star today irrespective of the outcome you are still the world’s favourite! Hang In there you have the support of millions of fans. Cape Town salutes you!

  12. When I got up this morning I saw you had not won the match and I was so disappointed. Then they showed the match. Regardless what the score said you accomplished your goal of excellent progress. I am so excited you are back to being yourself. BRAVO!

  13. Way to go and improve Rafa! Your game, groove and confidence are coming back!
    Best of luck in London and here is to a stellar 2016 season! 🙂

  14. Vamos Rafa! You are getting “better and better”! Congratulations on reaching the ATP tour finals in the O2! You have worked so hard and rightfully deserve your place there!

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