VIDEO: Rafael Nadal’s unbelievable returns against Ivo Karlovic in Shanghai

Check out these three unbelievable returns by Rafael Nadal to break the giant serve of Ivo Karlovic during their second round clash in Shanghai.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Arturo: why dont YOU coach Rafa? You seem to know it all?? On 2nd thoughts, rather not .
    A coach believes in his pupil and you dont give sny credit to Rafa. You sound like you are talking about a player of no ranking. Perhaps you are in for some surprises. Why not look for another fan page, you dont fit in here, so…. Hoppo.

  2. Rafa I think I am one of your biggest Fan, a person from india. I made a bet in 2006 with some of my cousins that you will definitely defeat Federer on Grass…i.e at Wimbledon…..
    Every one was laughing at me that time but you did it…….
    Since than i am closely watching you….& you have done so much so far………
    I would love if you defeat DJOKO once again………….

  3. Rafa is my favourite player. Keep going Rafa.You are improving I watched your second round match with Ivo Karlivic. Not superb but your game was a big improvement. Be mentally tough. You can do it. Take a hair cut and have a short hair which will suit your face(psychologically) in this sort of a time of change in your game. Well done.

  4. Great match, glad it went our way!! Fun to watch those magnificent passing shots. I figured 1st set was gone after the 1st game, I should have known better.

    The call for another coach is getting monotonous, already. He’s going to do it his way, as he keeps telling us.

    • Debby: No , hiring a new coach and mental support shrink are still must. For god sake Ivo Karlovic is a 34 years old with only 6 carrier titles. His only weapon is his serves. Why do you have such a low expectation of Rafa? Did you and other love -gangs forget who Rafa is and capable of ?. We should expect him to beat the heck of all top 5s up. I am happy for him but I am not carried away with wins over Karlovic likes.

  5. VAMOS GOAT RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You are THE GOAT …. well earned one point at a time….. Thanks for such a beautiful fun match!!!!!!!! : ) Vamos , God bless you & Best wishes always!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) YOU are such a blessed genius player!!!!! Great photos !!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS and high regard to your magnificent loyal team!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Lots of love & happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  6. Confidence-boosting shots! You can feel the energy surging. Keep the momentum going, building a positive mentality. Congrats, Rafael!

  7. RAFA TO SUFFER AGAIN VS RAONIC!!! he will face another super server in milos and it will be another big struggle for rafa. if he wins, he will go all the way to the semis. not sure if his tennis is already good enough to go the final of a masters 1000. in case he does go the final, he has nothing to do against nole or andy. he is in big need of hiring roddick or sampras as his assistant coaches. either one will teach him how to serve better, and why not, to also play with the right hand. keep in mind that rafa is naturally right handed. if he learns how to serve and play with the right hand, then he will be unbeatable again. what an advantage it will be over the rest

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