Rafael Nadal Beats Ivo Karlovic In Shanghai Opener [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal, who had a bye for the first round in Shanghai, beat 6ft 11in Ivo Karlovic 7-5, 6-7(4), 7-6(4) to set up a meeting with Milos Raonic, joining Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the last 16.


  1. I was so THRILLED that Rafa had a fabulous opening round against Ivo. It seemed like everything was going his way.

    What a way to open this tournament. Looking forward to your match against Milos. Keep believing in yourself and good things will keep happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well played gorgeous ..great to see you fighting back …starting to believe in you r self again …always with you Rafa as are all you real fans …onwards and upwards …Vamos champ

  3. Congratulations Rafa for a fantastic win 😘 You’re play is improving. Just keep believing in yourself. VAMOS Mr. Gorgeous 😃❤️ And good luck for tomorrow. You can do it champ 🍀🎾💪

  4. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) WELCOME to Shanghai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ci….ci….. : ) : ) MASSIVE Congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL , SOLID match!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Sweetest victory ever!!!!! Well done sweetheart!!!! Your serve & shots are magnificent!!!!!!!!!! Loved your commanding presence and your powerful strong Returns!!!!!! You played brilliantly!!!!! ……. Your answering Returns & fantastic shots were such A Delight & a worthy Tennis exhibition to all Tennis fans!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS & KUDOS & VAMOS again DEAR RAFA………!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )
    Best of all…..Congratulations on opening your match and your first opening Serve point with a smashing ACE…… ci…..ci….ci…. a great aimed classy ACE!!!!! Good for you!!!!! : ) Umpire miscalled but YOU DID IT…. and you sweetheart got the WIN & you got it beautifully!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
    The opponent had 24 aces and you WON !!!!! God bless you!!!!! You are so TOP TOP RELEVANT & a brilliant COMPETITOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how You effectively adopted your game to the big one point servers…..KUDOS ….. what PASSION & DETERMINATION…….so special !!!!!!!!! : ) Love watching your matches!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMPLY MAGICAL!!!!! : ) It is your creativity that is PRICELESS!!!!! Enjoy and celebrate your win dear Rafa!!!!!!! Your magnificent talent plus your speedy court coverage, swift & sharp serve…. &…. NET genius…. ci…ci….ci……….are all there….and I also love your ability to mix….& wait for the right opportunity…..VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!
    Have lots & lots of fun enjoying your sweet victory dear Rafa & celebrate w THE TEAM!!!!!!! : ) : ) Enjoy your great WELCOME to Shanghai and the lovable crowd …..their cheers are awesome !!!!! Moving forward enjoy EVERYTHING!!!!!!! : ) : ) Thank you for the great match…. VAMOS & God bless you!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) VAMOS…..VAMOS…..VAMOS…..

  5. Great job our champ loved your concentration and determination, never lose focus against the great Ivo with his aces. Got on and was ready for the battle . Is can see you’re getting back gradually. Wish you the best and May God continue to give u more strength. Vamos Rafa

  6. Great result and a fierce battle too. We fans are always behind you, best of luck in the next match against another big server

  7. Rafa: Congratulations on your great win against Ivo. So happy for you. Keep it up. Please stay healthy, confident, with high intensity, and never stop believing in yourself. God bless you Rafa. Love, Marylynn

  8. Vamos Rafa.💖. Great shots, great determination to win. Loved the confidence you showed.
    God bless you. Rafa.💖 💚 💛 💓 💔

    Will continue praying for you.

    You are on the right track darling.

  9. Great job to OUR champ RAFA. Great play all match, never once he became discouraged with all the aces Ivo was serving. He kept his confidence and belief in his game, which translated to great ROS and passing shots.

    RAFA fan forever.

  10. I am thrilled to see him win against the big serve of Ivo — first game of the set was a great accomplishment. Actually, as far as I could determine, Rafa had better service stats in this match!

    So happy to see his happiness and determination! Vamos!

  11. Vamos!!! Very important win against a dangerous player! Take rest and all the best for tomorrow!! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3


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