Photos: Rafael Nadal practicing in Cincinnati (Monday, August 17)

Here’s a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice in Cincinnati. Enjoy!



  1. “Superstar” tennis coaches have terrible track records when top players retain them, so I don’t think that’s the answer. Murray, Federer, Djokovic, Hewitt, Roddick…the list goes on – they’ve all tried it & it didn’t help, other than to garner some headlines. Being a tennis great & coaching a different tennis great who has completely different style in a completely different era doesn’t necessarily add up to success.

    Sure, Rafa could probably use some specific coaching in a few areas. If he’s still got the drive to improve, then he’ll find a way. He’s got limitless resources, so if he wants to, he will. But who’s to say he’s not doing that? We don’t see everything. It’s always possible he doesn’t have the same fire in his belly to win. No shame in that. His body has been through a lot.

    Tennis is just entertainment though – I don’t believe there’s any “best” way to be a fan – whether you’re an armchair coach like some, or a blind faith supporter.

  2. Those “fans” of Rafa who turn a blind eye to his mental/strategic/tactical decline aren’t doing him any favors. He may not read our comments himself, but people around him do, and relay some of that information to him. If he’s as humble as people say he is, then he’s open to any and all advice that makes sense, including that of his devoted fans. He owes us at least that much. To say that “he owes his fans nothing” is the epitome of arrogance – NOT humility.

    • I can almost guarantee that no one close to Rafa reads the comments on here – and they certainly wouldn’t pay attention to them if they did, accept maybe for a quick laugh or two.

      Rafa owes his fans nothing – that is a matter of fact, not opinion. He only plays tennis for himself – the same as any other player. He has given us COUNTLESS good memories over the years and asks for NOTHING in return – if anything, I’d say his fans owe him. To suggest that 14 Slams isn’t enough and that 67 titles isn’t enough is greedy and staggeringly selfish of certain “fans” like yourself. Yes, we all want Rafa to carry on winning for as long as feasibly possible. But to imply that he “has” to win, or else he’s some kind of failure, is just too stupid to comprehend.

      You are deluded, trollish, arrogant and consistently critical of Rafa to the point of utterly hilarity. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism, however your posts are bordering on the nonsensical. You claim to be some sort of “expert” as to what Rafa should do with his career, and you constantly patronise other posters on here who disagree with you, yet you are no different to any of the other armchair critics out there – all hot air and no actual substance.

      If you do genuinely think Rafa is deliberately not trying and no longer humble, and if you are constantly so embittered by Rafa’s losses, almost as if he is doing it deliberately to spite you, then why don’t you just stop following Rafa? No one is forced to be Rafa’s fan – which makes your statement that Rafa owes his fans all the more ludicrous.

      • yes indeed ….. thanks for your insightful reply……All of us Tennis lovers & fans enjoy watching Rafa’s extraordinary beautiful game for years!!!!!!!! : ) He is THE GOAT!!!!!!! & will be going down in history as THE tennis player of action, focus, passion & determination!!!!! That is his extraordinary tennis gift….and we all love him for that & enjoyably follow the exciting Tennis he produces on the court!!!! .
        & what’s more incredible is that his longevity & success are happening precisely due to the fact that he only pays attention to the essentials cultivating his craft: hard work, improving & winning… that is extremely admirable quality……& incredibly rewarding for him & his amazing team.

  3. What I always find so annoying with these Master tournaments is that it starts and then for the first half of the week there’s no top players and then finally on Wednesday there is the first match for Nadal. So that feels like a long wait. And then the next thing you know, you read the headlines “Nadal out early” which is like double annoying: first you wait a long time before he plays, and then they inform you that he went out “early”.

  4. Hello Connie Lamont & thanks…. our family always appreciates your kind, inspiring comments & great wishes for Rafa……he is such an incredible sportsman & an extraordinary tennis player….. : ) : )
    Wisest way to handle unkind comments will be for all of us fans to simply overlook them …..and my apologizes for being a bit careless responding late last night w a reactive comment….
    Thanks & best wishes! : )

  5. don’t dismiss Uncle Toni — but maybe an adviser like Agassi or Johnny Mac added to the team — at least temporilarliy

    • I sincerely think that all this unfounded empty talk about additional coach is written over & over again by the same 1 – 3 people ….thinking if they write it enough it may happen….. seems right out disrespectful to Rafa , his family and his tennis business . I often had this uneasy sense that a former old unpopular player is writing under different fan name….and not because of kind intention on their part, but to make fame & money out of Rafa’s career & occasional lose. The timing of such messages is right out useless & rather cruel. It is unkind to keep writing regarding a new coach right after a loss, and when Rafa wins matches & tournaments never offer credit to his fantastic tennis or fantastic team. One must appreciate Rafa’s over all career, his style, his longevity and his remarkable creative game. to all the genuine fans, perhaps best to ignore such new coach comments from now on….after all, we do trust 100% Rafa knows what and who he needs around him!!!!

      • Hi Fan love, my thoughts entirely, Rafa is smart enough to know what to do without all of these negative comments about his current game, he will get through this with his present coaching set up, so wish everyone would ‘get off his back’ Vamos

      • Yeah fan love, it’s me, Thomas Muster, and I’m writing under the name J Beer. I wil write a comment in your style to compensate: “Ah Rafa, we love your hard work, you deserve the rest, the peace, your holiday, Rafa you make us dream all day long, thank you for that. Don’t be discouraged, we believe in you, always, even when you are low of confidence, we have faith….yes!” PURE AND 100% garbage.

  6. Deep gratitude goes to Rafa’s amazing powerful strong game & his fantastic team!!!! : ) Rafa has a fabulous, effective team & as fans, we are all deeply grateful for their goodness & success. Vamos Rafa & enjoy a fantastic rest of the season !!!!!! : )

  7. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Rafa needs a new coach, a coach who will provide him with solution to his problem in his tennis. Hi Uncle Tony knows the problem but he does not have solution for them. How about Pete Sampras as the addition, Rafa?. Yu don’t need to kick your uncle out, You just need to add one more head. M very sure you can afford it.

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