Rafael Nadal is not thinking about retirement

(dpa) Rafael Nadal is pleased to again feel in flowing form as he returns to the scene of the first hardcourt victory of his career in 2005 at the Montreal Masters.

Coupe Rogers présentée par Banque Nationale
Coupe Rogers présentée par Banque Nationale

Rafa is satisfied with his career so far:

“I feel lucky for all the things that have happened over these past 10 years. I’ve enjoyed a lot of great moments and some small bad moments. It’s been a fantastic 10 years for me. It’s great to be back at the first event I won on cement in my career. I have positive feelings that stay in my memory.”

And he is not thinking about retirement:

“For sure there is more behind than in front (of my career). I’m sure of that. But I don’t think about that. Day by day is my way to work. In 2005 I was aged 19, and I’m sure that I won’t be playing tennis until 39. That is part of the career and life. I have motivation to keep going so it’s difficult to think about not playing. But when it comes, I will know. When I wake up without motivation to improve that will be the end. But until that day arrives I’m here and enjoying it.”

Rafa on his current fitness and mental game:

“In 2015 I’ve been very healthy, 2014 was a tough year, especially the second half. I’ve had some important injuries and had to stop playing for several periods. I’ve lost some matches that I should have won this year, but I still have positive feelings.”

Source: dpa news


  1. On another note: Feli just defeated Raonic in straight sets at the US Open — seems married life is good for his tennis game … just as it has been for Andy Murray. Just sayin’

  2. Why would he even think about retiring, no doubt some interviewer asked the question!! Lack of cop on. I cannot imagine tennis without this great player who brings such joy to millions. Apart from his presence on court, his determination, his focus and his love of the sport he is such a grounded and charming man. No one compares to our champion.

  3. Good Morning Rafa — Love your play — For me you R the Greatest . All the best for 2016 & on xxx

  4. Well said Darling boymwe don.t want to see you retire just yet, it will be a sad day when you do. your presence on court and indeed of it is one of Respect Humility and Graciousness, not found in a lot of other players, I wish you all the Best for Montreal and the rest of the American circuit Vamos Dear Rafa

  5. Rafa answers to these questions just show what a true champion he is and understands life and what it brings you. He will always have loyal fans who love to watch his matches and will understand when he says the time has come to retire.

  6. Vamps Rafa
    Takes time to heal. Going slow is good so you don’t relapse
    You bring such joy to watching tennis, always a winner in my eyes

  7. That is such great news! Rafa still has so much left in the tank. Besides so many
    players are getting hot in their early and mid thirties! So there are dips and injuries now
    and then that comes with the territory and sports in general!

    I’d be satisfied with my career too if I was Rafa. Look forward to what’s in store for
    all Rafa’s devoted fans! Always with Rafa!

  8. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) & Thank you for all the fun you bring w your beautiful tennis!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) …. nice interview….as you mentioned, working day by day is the THE gifted, sensible approach to everything ……..God bless you sweetheart & enjoy many joys & many fruitful moments moving forward!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) You have a brilliant complete game ……very happy for you……congratulations on being where you are with your solid, creative craft & your impressive gifted way of playing tennis!!!!! : ) : ) : )
    As for Doubles….. I think you & Verdasco will sure raise some serious rattle…..oh yeh….& lots of handsome court mischief……ci….ci…. & ci……… : ) I can see w your talent & great enthusiasm your opponents will be pleased having their sit down break…..: ) : ) : ) ……..VAMOS & have lots of fun playing each point !!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Go raise the roof (if there is one) with calm & knowing all is well …point by point moving forward…… : ) : ) : ) Please get at least one hour extra sleep…..as you know well it comes especially handy….enjoy good food & enjoy everything!!!!!: ) VAMOS & God bless you!!!!! : ) : ) : )

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