PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Vacations In Spain

After losing in the Wimbledon second round, Rafael Nadal came back to Spain where he is having a good time while doing all kinds of fun things on vacation.

Have fun, Rafa! 🙂


  1. I have received so much pleasure from following your tennis. Being selfish I do not want it to end. Put Johnny Mac in your box and for God sack do not leave Toni who knows and loves you. Good luck and very best wishes.


  3. Just because Rafa enjoy some freetime and vacation, doesn’t mean he’s not working hard and practice the rest of the time. – Have a nice vacation, sweet Rafa and get a lot of rest and energi to get all your power back on court 🎾 Do what you fell right. VAMOS RAFA! 😊 ❤️U 😘 Your fan always

  4. Debby I am not silly and I will not take your comment as a personal attack. Of course I know Rafa doesn’t read these comments! I am just a true Rafa fan for many many years just as everyone on this fansite is. I speak as an individual who is feeling frustrated right now knowing that Rafa has all the talent in the world but needs that extra coaching to bring his level back to it’s best again and build on his confidence. So please don’t dismiss my comment as frivulent.

    • Rafa is an awesome top player…. gifted & strong!!!! His game has improved tremendously since he returned from injuries…. many genuine fans simply enjoy watching him & focus on his gifts!!!! : ) Nadal was SO GREATLY missed in Wimbledon finals ….. it was boring & uneventful to watch today & know Rafa has what it takes to take both Novak & Fed….. so yes it is what it is….no player can not win * win * win without loosing sometimes….”that’s sports” as Rafa wisely says……& so it is a blessing he is out there now enjoying w his beloved friends, and recharging his energy moving forward. US OPEN is soon approaching ….. hard courts have been successful for Rafa’s game…. knowing he does so much right and his passion so special…. his work ethic is beyond rare…and his playing is incredibly creative….all of us fans truly looking forward to seeing him play soon!!!! : )
      Irrelevant, former players do not have much wisdom to offer Nadal – he is current, he is blessed. His intelligence, his tennis know how, longevity & his intelligent team are all well equipped moving forward. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) .

      • Dear Fan Love,

        I deeply regret to say you are more of a FANATIC than a FAN!
        Your effusive comments above are just the ‘poison’ that will kill Rafa. For you and your likes, ALL IS WELL WITH RAFA!!

        Well, let’s wait and see as events begin to unfold……………………… Djokovic destroys all of Nadal’s legacies one by one.

        I ‘ve said enough.

  5. I stand by my statements, sorry to disappoint you. The point is, do you think Rafa is reading your comments? And does anyone have the right to tell me how much I like Rafa? So silly. And why do any of you think you should be able to decide for Rafa how hard and when he should be practicing? And when he doesn’t listen, you will throw sarcasm and whine about what it’s doing TO YOU?
    He’ obviously a winner. And enjoys being a winner. You are misinterpreting him if you think he doesn’t want to win more slams.
    I am not naive, and I am not a denier. But I am not silly enough to think that I can decide what it right for him or that he should be working harder, and not taking a few days off, to make YOU feel better.
    He will have to figure out a way to win on the court if he is to continue in his career. I trust him to figure it out.

    • Good points Debby!!!! : ) Rafa & his amazing team are beyond talented and together know what they are doing moving forward!!!! God bless them & all best wishes. It is great to see Rafa enjoying his time off….hiking & boating….VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  6. We, your loyal fans are dying out here Rafa! We want our Champ back hungry for titles again. In the words of John McEnroe “get a new damn coach”

  7. Rafa, I am so happy to see you relaxing n having fun with family n friends. However, I am sure you n Uncle Tony are having discussions about your future in Tennis n I know the right decisions will be made. We miss seeing you play so much Rafa. God bless you. Love your Aussie Abuela. 😊😊

  8. As a massive Rafa fan (for the past 11 years), I also respect other great tennis players and have just watched Federer at 33 years soon to be 34, beat Murray, great match and gives me immense hope that Rafa will come back stronger and has more years to get back to be the great competitor he once was as I, and all of his fans know he can and will do, meantime enjoy your vacation. Thank you Fan love for liking my comments.

  9. Once again wondering why nasty people are here commenting. I know I should ignore them, I’d rather ask, once again, why they don’t spend their time on sites that enjoy bashing Rafa, like they seem to.
    Reminding the morons, once again, that Rafa is not doing what he is doing so YOU can sleep well. None of this is ABOUT YOU.
    Feel free to route for Djoker, or is he not good enough, either, since he lost at RG. Sport takes place every day – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Go play a video game.

    • “Rafa isn’t doing it for you. None of this is about you.”

      So according to you Debby, Rafa couldn’t care less about his fans. They’re totally irrelevant to him. If that’s the case, then he and his uncle shouldn’t complain – as they’ve done in the past – when the vast majority of spectators at Roland Garros, Wimbledon and other tournaments are cheering for his opponent, not him.

      Nobody’s “bashing” Rafa. We’re just observing what he’s doing or not doing and talking about it, with a little bit of humor thrown in. If you consider that “bashing” him, that says a lot more about you – and Rafa – than it says about us.

      And BTW, I don’t play video games. But I’m pretty damn sure Rafa does. Anything but tennis and regaining his old form. That seems to be his modus operandi of late. I hate to say it. But it is what it is. Sorry if the truth hurts. Deal with it.


    • Hey, Debby take it easy there now! Don’t get worked up for nothing….

      Albert Einstein was once called a moron in school, but today he is revered as one of the greatest human beings that ever lived.
      See, more than you do, we wish Rafa well, but it’s really annoying that he’s not taking the right steps to return to his best form. A champion who wants to continue dominating the sports MUST always do a competitor-analysis. A competitor-analysis would thoroughly analyse the S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) posed by competitors and thus reposition for success at all times.

      But, clearly, Rafa is not doing that. By his own admission, he has achieved ”all I ever wanted, no” Serena, at 33 is able to continue to dominate because she says ” Oh yes, I still want more slams” Instead Rafa says, ”I don’t want to win 12 Roland Garros” Can you see the difference in the beliefs of the two champions, Debbie?

      By continuously analysing Nadal and Federer’s game, and changing coaches, Djokjer has become the Perfect Machine that he is today. Ditto Murray and Roger. Without being hyprocritical Debbie, even you will agree with me that you cannot get a different result by doing the same thing the same way! Therefore, what we are saying is that Rafa should show good, old Uncle Tony the door now, otherwise, the way up for Nadal will continue to be down, down and down.

      The truth is we love Nadal far more than you do, and that is why we are able to tell him the truth, so that he can wake up and do the right thing before it is too late. Yes, we may sound a bit harsh, but the TRUTH is always a BITTER PILL to swallow. I remember I was crying in the Barcelona and Rome matches of Nadal versus Ferdasco and Stan Wawrinka! It was really humiliating see how Nadal was thoroughly manhandled and messed up by these ”lesser stars” At one stage, Nadal even had to (shamefully) duch his head from being hit by a ferocious strike from Stan!! Are those the things that you’d like to see again and again, Debbie? Or, look at the easy way Dustin Brown, a mere qualifier and without a coach, literally threw Nadal out of Wimby, and thus winning against Nadal a second time in a row!!! DEBBIE, ARE THOSE THE THINGS YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SEEING??? Then obviously, you don’t love Nadal at all.

      As it is, Nadal should be back home practising HARD and strategising for the hard court season, but he is instead vacationing! I expect him to have announced the sack fo Uncle Toni and gotten another coach, preferrably a former champion who has gone through the pains and joys of winning GS tournaments. But rather than do this, he is busy playing away with friends in the sea. Oh dear, how worse can this get? It is only those that win matches who deserve vacations!

      Like I said before, how can we believe in Nadal, when he clearly does not believe in himself any more. Nadal urgently needs HELP!!! If you truly love Nadal as much as I do, you should join us in shouting to the whole world for Nadal to immediately get a new damn coach NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

      • WOW!!! That was great stuff Deep Thinker. Well done. I couldn’t have said it any better myself. The TRUTH is indeed – “a bitter pill to swallow”. Debby and her fellow Rafa apologists/sycophants just can’t handle it. VAMOS!!!

  10. Did anyone ever tell you (Move in or move on) that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? Rafa is entitled to his vacation as everybody else is, so back off and move on from his Fan page,

    • Well put Connie Lamont, thanks for your sentiments & words regarding unkind comments here. The good news is nearly 100% of comments here are positive. By now, especially since Rafa is so blessed coming back strongly and is competitive, folks reading this great Nadal Fans site… all our dear Rafa’s fans realize best way to deal w such obnoxious commentaries is to simply over look them and simply keep putting forward inspiring, kind & encouraging messages. Nadal is such a gift to the tennis world….and he is moving forward and staying relevant and strong! He is improving his game & he is loving tennis and life…. what an inspiration!!!!! So happy he is back playing!!!!! : ) I enjoy reading fans comments so much…thanks to all & God bless!!!!!

    • Did anyone ever tell you – Connie Lamont – the difference between sarcasm and satire?

      Apparently not.


  11. Fuerza, Rafa!! Te envío mi energía! Descansá y luego volvés con todo!! Soy médica en Argentina y una super fan tuya! Meli

  12. I’m so happy to see that Rafa is on the practice court working hard on his game, especially his forehand problem. Now I can sleep easy at night, knowing that he’s doing everything possible to regain his old form. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. VAMOS!!!

      • I don’t think so. Not even for sleep. He’s an absolute workaholic. Work, work, work – and then work some more. He’s obsessed!!! Please Rafa, take a break now and then. You’re killing yourself!!!

  13. Enjoy your vacation Rafa! After that, I am waiting for your come back in the tennis courts…Go go go for Grand Slams again…We love seeing you in any of the grand slams finals & be the Champion…God bless us all!

  14. Beautiful photos ……thanks for posting….. lovely to see Nadal relaxing & enjoying w all his great friends…..the water look SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

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