PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal enjoys time off from tennis with friends

Just 24 hours before Rafael Nadal went diving he was seen enjoying a casual boat trip in Formentera with his friends. Here are a few photos.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Whatever happened to the attitude that brought Rafa to a foggy hard court on an early Tuesday morning, right after winning Wimbledon and RG in 2008? What the heck happened to that perfectionist? How come a 14 time GS champ seems to almost poop in his pants when he faces breakpoints against the world no. 100? What the heck happened to this guy. Rafa acts like a lazy, spoiled, insecure bum.

    • Exactly. This is not the same Rafa The Warrior that we all came to know and love over the years. He seems like a different person now. Fat and happy. Resting on his laurels. “I don’t want to win 12 French Opens.” That pretty much says it all right there. He’s lost the hunger, the drive, the motivation necessary to compete successfully with his top rivals, and many lower ranked players as well(see his last 4 Wimbledon losses). He’s done. Finished. Stick a fork in him. VAMOS!!!

  2. Lovely to read Rafa’s ranking is projected to go up…..but as another fan commented, ranking means very little…..and Rafa is definitely top top favorable player . It will be exciting to see him play again soon at the US OPEN!!!!!!!!! : )

  3. Good to see him enjoying life. Was hoping he would play Davis Cup. Always energises him. It is interesting he is playing John McEnroe in New York for John’s Foundation. Is it an indication of anything else? John would be a great advisor for Rafael. We all need a new voice at times. This is not a reflection on Toni Nadal but bringing in a new voice would show that Rafael is the most important person in the Nadal Team. It has worked for others so time to think outside the box. Our great champion is the priority.

  4. FTAO Rafa fans who want solutions not excuses: “Rafa should get a new coach. It’s a no-brainer.” ~ John McEnroe

  5. Have fun Rafa! You will come back to your best. It needs some time but you will do it! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

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