Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Alexandr Dolgopolov – Queen’s 2015

Rafael Nadal began the second set against Alexandr Dolgopolov with this incredible forehand winner in the first round at Queen’s Club. Watch:

Video: British Tennis


  1. Except for last year’s French Open, same old same old for the last 18 months: at winning time – on big points or when he has a lead and thinks his opponent will roll over and play dead – Rafa plays timidly, cautiously, tentatively. Instead of going for his shots, he tries to guide the ball, block the ball, bunt the ball or over-spin the ball. He hits off his heels, hits the ball late and doesn’t hit through the ball. All because he’s terrified of hitting big shots, terrified of taking chances, terrified of missing, terrified of losing. And guess what folks, when you’re terrified of losing, you start losing to opponents whom you should never lose to.

    Look at Rafa’s face after his loss to Dolgopolov or any of his other losses in 2014-15. He looks like he’s at his best friend’s funeral. He’s crushed. He’s devastated. That’s not right. That’s putting waaaaaaaaaay too much pressure on himself. Instead of just taking the court, giving it his best shot, having fun, and living with the results, good or bad. It’s not nirvana if you win. It’s not the end of the world if you lose. It’s just a tennis match. Right Rafa? That’s what you always say. Well then, start playing and acting that way. VAMOS!!!

  2. Please also give us news about Nadal in doubles. You can’t run a Nadal fan page without posting about all his matches. He won today btw

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