PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses in first round at Queen’s to Alexandr Dolgopolov

Rafael Nadal’s first match in four years at Queen’s does not go to planned. He’s lost to the world No79, Alexandr Dolgopolov, who was excellent, and his preparations for Wimbledon have been disrupted. There were flashes of class from Nadal and his fighting spirit remains intact, but he’s still not entirely comfortable on this surface. (via The Guardian Live Blog)


  1. “Rafa is not reading your comments. He’s not looking for your tips, suggestions & advice.” ~ Debby(paraphrased)


    Is he reading your comments Debby? Is he looking for your consolation, sympathy & coddling?

    I doubt it.

    But I’m pretty sure that there are some readers of this website who appreciate my comments, and even some who might appreciate yours.

    Like I said earlier, nobody is forcing you to read comments/commenters whom you disagree with. If you don’t like those viewpoints, don’t read them. Calling them “silly”, “disgraceful”, “ridiculous”, etc… is not a mature or civil response, and reflects very poorly on the person spewing those pejoratives.


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