French Open: Rafael Nadal Receives Messages Of Support After Loss

We hope these messages can lift even more Rafael Nadal’s spirits and help him to take on new challenges with the same motivation.

Have we missed any? Comment below or send us the link and we’ll update our list. 


  1. Rafa, you are inspiring in every way. A true gentleman I was reading all about your Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallacor and thinking how wonderful it is of you to set this up for future youth,to learn not only tennis, but the many facets of your upbringing,and they can be educated at the same time.You can be VERY proud of yourself for all your achievements in tennis and all aspects of,Alaine Sydney Australia(can’t wait to see you play at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

  2. Read all the comments and most have said what I wanted to say except that you will be back in the top 4 soon because of your attitude, fighting spirit and we all love you. Connie, and I sent you a get well card last year featuring the Eiffel tower and hope you received it. x

  3. Super Rafa!!!!’ Winning & losing is part of life . But you are a sensation !!
    You will co tinge to thrill us over several years !! Vamos Champ Rafa😄😄😃😃😄😃😃😄😃

  4. Have you any idea of how many people love and admire you. You give us so much pleasure watching you play. Your parents must be bursting with pride having raised such a great tennis player, great role model and great man. Long may you continue to share your talent with us all. We all look forward to seeing you winning many more trophies over the coming years.

  5. rafa come on…
    we r with u dear…
    come back strongly..
    last time when u lost in french open u won wimbeldon…
    so this year same will repeat dear…
    we are all with u dear…
    (jagattu kanda aparoopada aatagararalli neenu obba)

  6. So many wonderful words of support for Rafa and he deserves them all!
    He seems like such a lovely person!
    I love reading the positive and loving comments to Rafa!
    He will get his game back! <3 🙂

  7. I agree with Georgina Johnson……..everyone can win 1 o2 trophies but never win 9 like you RAFAEL NADAL, THE BEST SPANISH PLAYER I ever seen in the last 12 years. You have to improve your daily work and you could return to your normal level…..the great CHAMPION you are!!!!!! Best wishes from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America.

  8. Rafa,
    You are a great champion and modest soul. Watching you play tennis uplifts my spirits, especially now when I have limited mobility because of cancer.
    It takes at least a year or a year and a half to return to your best form after an injury. Take Murray, and Roger for example. You are still young.

    I admire you for keeping your team. You just need to add one person, a strong server. Tennis has changed. There are many tall power hitters who have a lot of short points. A strong server and volleyer could slow down the amount of running. Remember the long slump Novak had when he had too many double fsults. His serves used to be weak.

    Your top spin, warrior instincts, and running for every point revolutionized tennis. Without you, tournaments are boring.

    • Dear Doris,
      Your lovely words to Rafa made my heart smile!
      You are a true fan words to Rafa are spot on!
      I wish you better days ahead and good health with your battle with Cancer!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  9. I won’t say that Nadal’s record will NEVER be tied or beaten, because history has shown that all records are made and broken, eventually. It may be a few generations, from now, but eventually, there will be someone who will be just as great or even better than Nadal, in terms of his game.

    I would like to see Nadal’s serve 15-20 mph faster, his return game is good, but can be better, and against those whom he lost, perhaps he should consider changing his grip. Those who’ve played against him (Djokovic, mostly) have countered his amazing rotational strokes and have become accustomed to his groundstrokes. Nadal’s groundstrokes need to be deeper, rarely (5-10% max) should there be a groundstroke in the service area.

    Lastly, Nadal would benefit from a different coach, but I think that he would rather not let his Uncle not coach him. Perhaps, Nadal could have another coach along with Uncle Tony. It is interesting that the one person who is winning so much (against Nadal) is being coached by one of the greats: Boris Becker.

    • Greetings leepers, your opinion & phrasing sound just like former player McEnroe….
      Boris baker was never a tennis legend and not good enough for Nadal…Clearly Novak has accomplished success worked & developed prior to Bori’s arrival…. Nadal is different in that his entire package is like a wonderful greenhouse that is prospering & blossoming…. he is amazing at 29 and good for him & his wonderful family & team!!!

  10. Rafa desde Puerto Rico te amamos. Tomate un tiempo para descansar y centrarte y regresa con mas brios. tu eres un ejemplo de vida pq la vida es asi con altas y bajas. Vamos Rafa pa’lante como se dice aca

  11. I’ve left many a comment for Rafa. However, I’m happy to repeat what I’ve said before: Rafa will ALWAYS be our NO. 1 CHAMPION, because of his sterling character, his generosity towards the needy, his fealty to family, friends and fans, his work ethic and his total respect for everyone–including his opponents. I must say that I disagree with columnists who choose to describe Rafa’s loss to Djokovic as one which has dethroned him. This is totally ridiculous in that Rafa has WON NINE FRENCH OPEN TITLES. NO ONE has ever done this before, and it is quite likely that NO ONE EVER WILL! AND, when Rafa WINS HIS TENTH FRENCH OPEN, I’m SURE NO ONE will ever achieve it! AND, win it, HE WILL!!! Comparing ONE WIN to NINE WINS at the French Open IS NOT dethroning RAFAEL NADAL! SO, Rafa, ignore those who would have negative things to say; go forward, as you always do! VAMOS RAFA!!!

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