PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Fabio Fognini in Third Round at Barcelona Open

Eight-time champion Rafael Nadal has been knocked out of the Barcelona Open in the third round by Fabio Fognini.

Fabio’s 6-4, 7-6 (6) victory was his second consecutive win on clay over our champ, following his three sets victory in the semi-finals in Rio de Janeiro in February.

Win or lose, ALWAYS with RAFA!


  1. John MC is not a good example or a player to look up to….. Nadal has a solid, nurturing team behind him, plus, he himself has developed over the years so much openness regarding his game and the knowing what solutions to find as needed…. so please forgive my disagreement but John MC is a funny suggestion….it seems to me MC is 20% of Nadal’s wisdom & tennis know how…. MC has demonstrated childish and disrespectful manner on the court, he is a light weight in terms of depth and perseverance …so no he is not the person to look up to, or elicit advice from….he is a talker…and often goes by the wind of ATP politics during his match coverage … .where as Nadal is governed by concrete action & hard work…… Rafa and his team has admirable longevity & remarkable success…I wish them best as they move forward with continued inspiration & good time. I gather that many progressive Athletic mentors are kin on introducing Yoga, Meditation & lots of stretching…. all fruitful practices for every person. Vamos Rafa and all best wishes!!!: )

  2. Rafa …at this time… We all think you need a new coach, person in your team..
    John Mc would tell you exactly what you need…honestly.. Besides your family..
    We hate to see you struggling… We all know you can do better..

  3. Taiwo Samuel Very good analysis Taiwo Samuel. I agree with almost all of it; including that Novak’s game is very exceptional. As I said I AGREE with all of it, and I too think that Rafa needs new coaching perspective and many other things. But, I know that he will win. Thanks for your response to my post. Marylynn

  4. Tennis experts have analysed Novak Djokovic’s current game and have all unanimously confirmed it as perfect, one without any weakness in any form.

    Rafa Nadal will surely have his hands full at the FO this time around!

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