Roger Federer on his rivalry with Rafael Nadal

Julian Finney/Getty Images
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Roger Federer on his rivalry with Rafael Nadal: “In the beginning clearly I tried to fight it, to not accept that he was my rival, that I did have a rival, because I was playing so well in 2004 and then 2005. But very quickly I did realise of course when he beat me the first time in Miami that this wasn’t just a fluke. This was probably a legend in the making. He has been around forever. He has created things that are just mind-blowing. Monaco record, French Open record, and many others. I think it has actually been very cool playing against him over all these years, and I’m sure it has made me a better player throughout. I hope I did a little of the same against him.”

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  1. dar las gracias a estos dos tenistas por lo que nos brindan y brindaron es muy poco .nunca alguien debiò tanto a dos jugadores con esta manera de jugar y hacer sentir el tenis .sin ellos faltarà motivaciòn para disfrutar de antemano el espectàculo,.con su sola presencia està asegurado .gracias por su tenis ,por el mutuo respeto con que enseñan como se debe ser oponente en el juego respetando y admirando al adversario.gracias por dignificar el deporte y ser dos caballeros .

  2. Rafa, You both are Great and amazing at the same time, despite I´d say: ¡¡Vamos Rafa!! From The Canaries wishing you the best about your unique stylish Playway. C. Javier

  3. Roger and Rafa is the best rival of all time!
    They compliment each other’s came.they both
    respect each other.alway looking forward to watch
    them play.💖💖💖💖

  4. Gracious and true comment by Roger, two amazing ambassadors for the sport . They brought millions to tennis. Great respect and both have dignity .

  5. Thanks, Roger, for those positive, candid comments. I’ve always appreciated your very special encounters on the tennis courts, and I look forward to seeing more of them!!! KUDOS for playing as well as you have, proving how wrong the naysayers were hurling negative salvos at you!!! That said, my No. 1 will always be Rafa, but I will always appreciate your unique style of tennis!

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