Watch the Rafael Nadal mini movie – BNP Paribas Open 2015

Three-time BNP Paribas Open champion Rafael Nadal is back and completely healthy in Indian Wells, a tournament he says he loves coming back to each year.

Video: BNP Paribas Open


  1. Rafa
    Would like to give you my own summary of how you could improve your game
    Too often I believe you serve to the second court wide to your opponents back hand
    Did it see today’s match but have a. Son who is a lefty and I believe you need to serve more at the body getting your swing into the body
    In the 50 years I have played this is the hardest serve to return
    I believe when you lost to Kyrios you lost the first serve of the two tiebreaks and he picked your serve out wide and hit s winner across court
    If you served a this body he would be lucky to return the ball
    Someone who once played with me said the best strategy was to never give someone the same shit twice in s ro
    I believe there is merit to this unless playing the same shot is winning the point
    I recall that bad Gilbert saying to Andre Agassi you didn’t have to play good tennis to win a match esp if playing ugly wins you a match

    Best of luck at the French and the rest of the year
    You are a perfect role model to all sports fans
    Best of luck

    Paul cross

    PS If you are ever in Brisbane Aus would love to meet y

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