PHOTOS: Raonic knocks Rafa out of Indian Wells

Rafael Nadal’s BNP Paribas Open campaign is over after a 6-4, 6-7, 5-7 loss to Milos Raonic in the quater-finals.

Rafa: “I had more opportunities than him in the first, in the second, and in the third, too. That’s the real thing about what happened during the match. The real thing is I am happy the way I played. I am happy the way that I competed today. I am happy the way that I stayed in a level during the whole match. I am not happy that I lost. At the end of the day, sport is winning or losing, but today I lost against a great opponent who was fighting for every ball with a very positive attitude. Feeling that I was there fighting for the victory against a top player again on a good surface for him is a big improvement for me. I’m not happy about the final result, but I am happy because, as I said before the tournament, I am much closer than one month and a half of what I want to be. I had a lot of chances to win today. Maybe I should have won.” (via BNP Paribas Open)

The Miami Open presented by Itaú will be Rafa’s next tournament beginning on March 24th.



  1. Jugaste bien Rafa, lamentablemente es triste decir que los gigantones estan danando el verdadero tennis, suerte en Miami y sigue adelante, eres tu un champion

  2. Rafa, tu jugaste super bien. La suerte no estuvo contigo, pero para mi hoy y siempre tu eres el CAMPEON. Solo tuvo suerte la otra persona.

  3. A wonderful match with two great players. Sad that Rafa lost but he played very well, got a little tight in the 2nd & 3rd set but hey he is human. He threaded the needle so many times it made us all observe in wonderment. Lots of OMG moments! More entertaining than that one cannot ask. VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Agree with Rafa’s assessment of the match: He should have won; he missed a few opportunities at MP on 2nd serve and the one bad game you can’t have he had in the last game, unfortunately. Other than that, he did much better in almost every service game, not the big server.
    How boring is big bomb serving? It was obvious who was the better player on the court and the stats make it glaringly obvious.
    Rafa is back to playing very well, too bad he doesn’t get to test himself against the other Big 3.

  5. Disappointed. I thought Rafa missed several chances to clinch it. I also thought Raonic got lucky – he’s not as talented as Rafa, no way. Still a Rafa fan, of course!

  6. So disappointed. I agree with Maria (England) comment. Please bring a new addition to your team as you are nearly there but maybe with another coach on board with a new perspective is just what is needed. Vamos Rafa!

  7. Mostly positives to take from this match.We really do not need comments like those of ” Sad Rafa fan” . Those of us who support him, support and do not knock. Have faith in our gret champion.

  8. Started to see the Rafa we know back in his match but I believe now to keep in the top four Rafa needs to work on his serve and please please take on another coach like the others to work along side Uncle Tony .Just look how the top three players have improved by doing this.I feel you will be left behind if you don’t Loyalty to only Uncle Tony will shorten your tennis career I hope I am wrong

    • Actually I think Rafa served really well this match. He just wasn’t aggressive enough on some big points on the baseline rally, and missed a couple of crucial second serve returns. As a lot of fans here, I didn’t feel sad as I normally do when Rafa loses, because for the most of the match, I saw the old Rafa. He is on the way back, slowly but surely!

  9. A bit disappointing that Rafa had the match in his hands but blew it! In the past, a clutch Rafa would have taken those MPs and won in straight sets. He’s no longer in the habit of winning tournaments and so when the finishing line was near he started to get nervous and so made errors. Its disappointing that he served so well throughout the match yet faltered in his last service game. In the past he would serve aces to bail himself out of troubles, these days he could no longer do that and had to think too much before serving, ended up getting time violation warnings, or simply giving his opponents too much time to get ready to return his serves. Its still long way back for Rafa; after playing 18 matches so far this season, he’s still not there yet, unlike his 2013.

  10. Luve you Rafa win or lose ,that 2nd set tie break was so close at 8/7 if the next shot was a win for you the match would have been yours.I am not an admirer of tall big servers their game is all about aces.

  11. No problem Rafa. You played great.

    Better luck for Miami. Love you Rafa 💗, 💗💘💖💝💞💟

  12. No Rafa has been nursing serious injuries. Give him time….his team knows what level he show play at right now.

  13. Gee Rafa..I am sorry you lost today because you are my favorite. But, at the same time, I am Canadian, so I am happy that Milos won. Good luck in your next matches! You are the best!!!

  14. So sorry you lost today but you played very well. To me YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST. ANIMO RAFA.

  15. I agree, despite the loss, Rafa played terrifically and with more confidence. It’s only uphill
    from here. The match was very exciting! Milos was super hungry especially since he never
    defeated Rafa in their 5 previous meetings. It’s sport and it’s bound to happen. Why it
    took Tomas 17 attempts to finally beat Rafa. They are called rivalries and this is what makes
    the sport so fascinating! Remember when Seppi took out Fed at the AO and Fed beat him
    here. Rafa playing a challenging match like this against a big server will only benefit Rafa
    in the long run instead of a match where he bagels his opponent in 2 straight sets. This
    is the kind of match and test Rafa needs to move forward and rebuild his confidence,
    win or lose. I would hate to be Milos the next time they meet!

    Rafa had a very strong run in this tournament. With each round he played better than the
    one before. He always said he needs more match play to be super confident which he
    has achieved. Fans should not be disappointed, whatsoever! I feel, now Rafa will be much more ready for Miami. Can’t wait.

  16. Even Rafa lost I don’t feel sad because he is very close to be at his best!!! Vamoooooos it is going to be a great year for Rafa!!!

  17. This was a tight, tight match and an exciting one to watch. Unfortunately, our guy lost!!! He played some great tennis against an amazing ace server who has picked up his game dramatically in the past year. Except for too many net balls, I think Rafa played a terrific match.

  18. So sad:( Rafa played his best match of the year! He had the match under control in the first 2 Sets. He had so many BB and three MB…:( but Rafa is on the right way. Take rest and all the best for Miami. Always with you and behind you!! Big love from Germany!! Vamos Rafa!!


  20. Rafa you played well today…don’t feel bad it was a great match…not the outcome us fans wanted but never mind..look forward to Miami…Vamos Rafa

  21. Despite the loss, that was the best tennis from Rafa since the beginning of the year.
    So it is very encouraging and I’m sure he will take that positively.
    Great serve, mouvement but missfired with the backand a few times in crucial moments.
    Work in progress…
    Vamos Rafa!!

  22. We are soon in April, and Nadal has still not won a single match against a top 10 player. Also, he has lost every match that has gone to a 3rd set. All of the top 4 seeds makes the semis minus Nadal. He really need to step up his game! This is really bad stuff. Every player think they can beat Nadal when they play against him these. Really disepointed today!

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