PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Tomas Berdych in straight sets

Rafael Nadal is out of the Australian Open, beaten 6-2, 6-0, 7-6 (5) in the quarterfinals by seventh-seeded Tomas Berdych on Tuesday.


  1. 50 weeks after this earwashing and the latest status quo is “HORRID”. Please, find a new coach and see a phychologist!

  2. No matter what happened in the quarter finals, I know in my heart that you will be back and will play your game to the highest level again.. For the meantime, just relax, rest and prepare yourself for the next slam … Please continue playing, it is always nice to watch you on the court, it is not the same without you … See you at the ATP tours that are coming up !! Good Luck, ‘Ma boy, RAFA.. You will always be my number 1 tennis player …

  3. So sorry Rafa is out! But a triumph for Tomas for finally beating him on his 18th attempt
    since 2006. Now that Tomas finally got this win against Rafa out of his system, I truly look forward to the next time they face each other in another tournament. I’m sure fireworks will fly.

    Overall, I feel Rafa had a very good result here at AO since he was uncertain he would even
    make it thru to the 2nd week. It was a pleasure to experience Rafa’s passion and fire once
    again. He is certainly on his way to a positive and prosperous 2015 season. His comeback
    trail is only going to get hotter. This is just the beginning!

  4. Gutted Rafa is out.Hope to see him back at his best soon and make it number ten at the French Open but win or lose your always be the best

  5. I love Rafa but today was it a bad match. He wasn’t on the court in the sets 1+2. take rest Rafa and all the best for the season. We all love you<3

  6. Dignity and grace never go out of fashion. Rafael has both in spades. I hope that TB does well in the remainder of the AO

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