INTERVIEW: Rafael Nadal On CNN’s Open Court

American television station CNN broadcasted a report about Rafael Nadal. The report was made while CNN team was in Mallorca last month. Watch:

Video via YouTube/RNDH1987


  1. Miss Rafa heaps. So proud of him in every aspect of his on and off court achievements. At least I know where to reach him when he hangs up his racket. Couldn’t agree more with Arline and Debby.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better, Arline. What a fine role model, the world certainly needs more in the Nadal mold.
    Missing Rafa so much, how about some good luck for our boy in 2015? Can’t even imagine surviving the excitement of watching a 10th RG win but can barely recall a loss . . .

  3. Uncle Toni said it all when asked why he hasn’t coached other famous people; his answer was not a surprise when he said that he was lucky to have been able to coach his own nephew and that Rafa’s respect for his tennis crew as well as respect for his uncle had everything to do with his continuing as Rafa’s one and only coach. This is a splendid family and serve to bolster the appreciation we all have for Rafael Nadal and everything for which he stands: hard work, respect for others, discipline and caring for others. VAMOS RAFA!!!

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