Rafa Roundup: Federer Feels A ‘Special Connection’ To Nadal


Rafael Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni Nadal told the DPA news agency that the ATP world number three is undergoing stem cell treatment in an attempt to alleviate the back problems that have plagued him all season. “He’s had them for the past six months”, said Toni Nadal. “It’s stem cell treatment, and doing it properly requires five weeks”, he added when explaining why they did not take advantage of the three months between July and October. “Because we all thought that he’d play at the US Open, we were more focused on his wrist injury, which looked to be healing well”.

‘I feel a special connection towards Rafa just because we did, I don’t want to say come up together somewhat on the tour, but we did have a very strong, intense rivalry for many years, starting 2004 maybe,’ Federer said, bringing up Rafael Nadal, who is absent from the World Tour Finals as he recovers from surgery on a troubled appendix. ‘Especially we played each other that many times in finals of slams, which hasn’t been the case with the other players as much. ‘I know Novak, the matches and the rivalry is nice. I really enjoy playing against him. It’s very evenly matched, you know. But I played him more often probably in semis than in finals most likely. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s kind of how it felt like. Because me and Rafa were always 1 and 2 or 2 and 1 for so long.

“A Rafael le duele la espalda desde que jugó en Australia, no se consiguió curar del todo”, explican fuentes que conocen al detalle su estado físico. “Le duele cuando saca y no se siente con libertad de movimientos”, añaden. Las células madre necesitan un periodo de tres semanas “para reproducirse y que se las puedan volver a inyectar”. El tratamiento, que también están empezando a utilizar futbolistas, es “doloroso”, y en el caso del número tres mundial incluye que se le practiquen dos aparatosos agujeros que le condenan a la inactividad durante cinco días.

We can never write off Nadal, and he could contend a couple more times at the WTF, but the best of his career is already in the rearview mirror.


  • Rafael Nadal attends Olimpic vs. Viva Sports (via futbolbalear.es)




  1. I just finished watching replays of you and Federer. beautiful!!!! It is easy to see
    why you cannot play that way now. I wish you all the best going forward. You have given so many tennis lovers many wonderful hours of fantastic tennis watching. Thank You Rafa.

  2. I really feel sorry for Rafa, as a great champion like him should have been won more GS than Roger by now if not of his frequent injuries. Miss him so much and hope he will have an injury free 2015. As loyal Rafan, I really want to enjoy his success for many years to come. Take care Rafa and have a speedy recovery. Vamos!!!

  3. Alll the best for a speedy recovery Rafa, not to speedy though, we all your fans want it to be a complete success the stem cell treatment, you are receiving, you are a true champion, and to young to have such problems at such a young age, good luck with everything Rafa.

  4. I do hope all his treatments are successful, and look forward to seeing him when next years season begins. Yes, he and Federer are two of the classiest players in tennis, and truly respect and admire one another. I am sure they miss one another. I am a loyal Rafa fan, and wish him a quick, speedy recovery. Tennis has a void without his presence!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  5. Rafa and Roger, I agree, are by far the two greatest athletes and gentlemen of this
    era. Always demonstrating the utmost in sportsmanship, class and good manners on the court.

    Both Rafa and Roger have driven the sport of tennis to what it is today. I love the
    compassion and respect they show for each other. Quite honestly, in Rafa’s absence
    I would love to see Roger re-claim the #1 ranking from Novak.

  6. I think Rafa will skip Australian Open as 5 weeks to recover from stem cell treatment won’t allow him to practice and be competitive for first Grand Slam. See it coming a mile off but hope I’m wrong as he due in Abu Dhabi at beginning of year

  7. Roger and Rafa, the two best players and perfect gentlemen, so great to watch them play each other. I’m sure it will happen again. I am really missing seeing Rafa on the courts

  8. I’m sure Roger misses Rafa on the your ,but I also think he wishes him well and a speedy recovery, Roger knows only to well that the tour needs the top players like himself and Rafa to keep the crowds and the fans interested enough to pay big ticket money to watch great tennis,

  9. I think Federer can not live without Nadal ! Why he talks all the time about Rafa!! Surely he “misses” Rafa 😉

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