Rafa Roundup: Nadal loses world No. 2 ranking to Federer


Rafael Nadal plans to play out the rest of the 2014 season, sharing on Wednesday in Shanghai that he plans to have surgery to remove his appendix following the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. … “I am a little bit more dizzy and feel with not much power than pain. Pain, I think, is under control. That’s important. I think I was lucky for that. Unlucky for another things, but for this thing I was lucky.”

Nadal left open the possibility that he could change his mind and have the surgery sooner. “My feeling today, and my answer today honestly is I going to do it after the World Tour Finals,” he said. “You never know. Depends how the things improve. I want to do it at the end of the year, not now.”

There are two theories about the human appendix: One holds that the thin, four-inch tube below the intestines acts as a repository for “good bacteria,” the other that the appendage is a useless remnant from our evolutionary past. My own theory is that the purpose of Rafael Nadal’s appendix is to ensure that 2014 will go down as one of the most frustrating years of his career.

Roger Federer will return to No. 2 in the Emirates ATP Rankings on Monday as a result of his Shanghai second-round win. … “It’s good news,” said Federer. “Better moving up than down. Nothing more than that. Clearly I want to move up, play well. Others not playing so well. Clearly Rafa hasn’t played for some time; take advantage of that. Plus I didn’t win a Slam this year, so it shows even more so how consistent I’ve actually played and how much I played this year, so I guess I deserve it from that standpoint.”

Feliciano López eliminó 6-3 y 7-6 a Rafael Nadal en la segunda ronda del Masters 1.000 de Shanghái. La derrota del mallorquín, que se trató durante los días previos de fuertes dolores en el apéndice, sumada a la victoria de Roger Federer a Leonardo Mayer, le han arrebatado el número dos del ránking, que pasa a manos del suizo.

“Mi idea es seguir con Basilea, París y Londres”, dijo el No. 2 del mundo. “Es cierto que en los últimos meses no he tenido la mejor de las suertes. No tuve la mejor de las suertes desde Wimbledon. Estaba jugando un buen año, un año muy positivo. Tras eso no tuve suerte con mi muñeca y lo de ahora. Ahora quedan tres torneos para mí”.

Tennis star Rafael Nadal made the Fab 40 for the first time this year with a brand value of $10 million. Nadal’s two Grand Slams (French Open, U.S. Open) last year and top year-end ranking kicked in bonuses from sponsors in addition to the $14.5 million in prize money he earned for the 12 months ending in June.


AUDIO: Entrevista al Dr. Ángel Ruiz Cotorro en la SER



  1. Roger is not Rafa’s nemesis! Roger hasn’t defeated Rafa in so many years. Novak is
    Rafa’s nemesis. I’m glad Roger can go toe to toe with Novak and beat him now and then when Rafa is out with an injury or illness. This way Novak becomes less dominant when Rafa isn’t able to compete. I was so glad Clicic won the US Open 2014 and not Novak or Roger.
    Rankings will always fluctuate as long as Rafa stays within the top 4 what difference
    does it make? He always sails back to #1 whenever he is 100% healthy, anyway! He’ll be back before you know it!!!

  2. Agree that Rafa should have the treatment of Appendicitis done NOW. There is really no point watching him playing in a match when he is not 100% fit. Unbearable to watch as a fan.

  3. Roger is so full of himself talking about being consistent all these lower rank players beat him kei for one, he should thank his lucky stars Rafa couldn’t defend Roger’s Cup. cincy and U.S. Open so 4,000 points got deducted from his rankings and he got to # 2 but Rafa don’t really care about rankings, he’s happy with where he is and I’m his fan who will always love and enjoy his tennis more than any other player.Get well soon Rafa

  4. Federer should just shut the bleep up. Rafa has defeated him in their last 6 slam head-to-head matches dating all the way back to the 2008 French Open final. Rafa has also won at least one slam during each of the last 10 calendar years, the only male player in history to accomplish that. That’s consistency. That’s consistency in spades. Chris Evert holds the record on the WTA with 13 straight years of winning at least one slam. Rafa has a very good chance of tying or breaking that record as well. VAMOS!!!

    PS – Rafa should have his appendix removed NOW so he can be 100% healthy for the Australian Open. Continuing to play while being hampered by appendicitis is totally pointless(no pun intended).

  5. Rafa your health is so very important. Please take care of the medical problem, , & come back strong next season. A concerned fan. You will always be number 1 with me. Dawn Hanley

  6. Defintly JayDee!!! Please Rafa, do the operation now. After the operation you are not able to play tennis for 4-6weeks. So that, you are not able to practice for the new Year and the AO…please do it NOW!

  7. No Roger, your consistency is not the reason you are now #2. The reason is the 4000 points Rafa had to sacrifice by not playing the US hard court season. That’s the reason and the only reason.

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