PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal hits practice courts in Manacor

Photos: @bluemathilde@cseburaska76


  1. Me too my son surprised me with the tournament tickets for Roger’s cup and now I’m so disappointed so much money going down the drain as i don’t care for the other players, I saw them already in 2012 Knee injuries 2012 now more injuries I gave up will watch him on TV as usual until he retires that’s it will never ever want to see im live again JINX !

  2. Waves of good wishes for a full recovery of his injury. So disappointing for Rafael but he will always have 100 % support from millions of people all over the world.

  3. Rafa, we’re all sad about your new injury. However, we do know you’ll fight as hard as ever to recuperate and win the US OPEN if at all possible. We’re 100% behind you, as always. VAMOS RAFA!!

  4. I hope recovers quick rafa he’s behind the 8 ball already with withdrawing from us open series rafa need some good luck for a chance to win us open.i will pray for him

  5. Awesome pictures! He looks so relaxed. Let’s hope this additional rest will do wonders in Asian swing later in the year.

  6. I am out there next Saturday how amazing would it be to see him on practice courts. Mission xxxx

  7. My first year to attend Western Southern open and I bought a double mini package for my sister’s retirement gift because she is such a huge Rafa fan. We are so bummed that we won’t get to see him play but are wishing for a quick and full recovery so we can watch him on TV at the US Open.

  8. Only forehands for Rafa now. At least that stroke should be ready for the US Open. He’ll be well-rested too. Just trying to look at the bright side, folks. VAMOS!!!

  9. Lamentable situación Rafa, pero dentro de todo, al menos fue la derecha, que duele igual y te impide jugar. Sanate pronto y tomate el tiempo que esto requiera. Apoyo total

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