INFOGRAPHIC: A look back at Rafael Nadal’s many injuries

As you know, Rafael Nadal announced that his wrist needed to be immobilized in a cast, which will force him to miss the warm-up Masters events in Toronto and Cincinnati. Our champion is now in Mallorca, where he continues to practice forehands, with his left wrist, and still hopes to play at the US Open.

How much exactly has Rafa’s body suffered during his career? Thanks to a great infographic, we are able to see which parts of his body have suffered the most.

Infographic Rafael Nadal Injuries
Infographic: El Mundo

Take care, Rafa. Get better soon!


  1. With God’s help, Rafa will get better! He is a warrior! Please have a speedy recovery! Praying for you CHAMP!! Without you tennis is not the same!! God bless you <3

  2. Wow I didn’t know rafa had been injured so much makes me wonder is he going to retire early I certainly hope not wish for super speedy recovery for rafa

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