Rafael Nadal US Open 2014 Nike Outfit

Rafael Nadal NIKE US Open 2014 Outfit

Rafael Nadal is going back to sleeveless at the 2014 US Open. He will sport the Advantage Premier Sleeveless top and gladiator shorts for the last grand slam of the year.

Rafael Nadal Nike outfit US Open 2014

Rafa’s night match look:

Sources: Nike.com, TennisExpress.com, GQ


  1. Wow, that electric blue colored shirt is just spot on and perfect for Rafa as he always
    electrifies every court and stage he is on. Love the sleeveless style as well. Why not
    showcase those beautifully toned and tanned shoulders and muscles! As long as Rafa
    never wears those funny floral printed shirts that Tomas Berdych wears! (lol) I couldn’t
    resist. Vamos, Rafa!

  2. Super cette tenue . Ca me rappelle les belles années de Rafa lorsqu’il affrontait Roger son ami dans les finales de GC .C’est génial ! Reviens nous vite Rafa . Tu nous manques
    VAMOS champion !!!!

  3. WOOW! Rafa looks fine on everything he wears…..but the sleeveless shirts is like flashback from the past…great….

  4. Love the outfit, back to your greatest days,,back to the confident you, just hope your fit in time to wear it ,and for us to see you looking cool again, miss you playing in the tournaments Rafa ,tennis really does need you ,

  5. Oh wow!!! That’s fantastic Rafa, will be fantastic to see you in the sleeveless shirt again, I just hope your injury doesn’t keep you out of playing in the U.S. Open and beating Novak!!

  6. I thought I wouldn’t like the sleeveless but it looks great on him. I hope he will be able to play. Tennis is just so boring when Rafa is not playing. Vamos Rafa

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