VIDEO: Rafael Nadal qualifies for 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

Rafael Nadal has become the first player to qualify for 2014 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, to be held at The O2 in London from 9-16 November.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. I think Rafa qualified when he reached the 4th round of Wimbledon and Novak when he won. But updates are only announced on the monday after the tournament final, which is why they were announced at the same time. Nothing sinister there.

  2. Why say “the first two singles players” when that is a lie? RAFA qualified ahead; Novak qualified only after he won Wimbledon.

  3. Rafa left the ATP player council a few years ago because it wasn’t listening to any of his suggestions for improving the tour. Federer seems to run the show at the ATP, at least from the players’ side. It’s a shame, because Rafa – not Federer – is far and away the tour’s biggest attraction. I wouldn’t be surprised if Federer or one of his ATP lackeys were behind this latest snub. VAMOS!!!

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