Thank You – 10 Million Times!

Photo: Ella Ling
Photo: Ella Ling

10,000,000 views! THANK YOU!

Ten million is not just a number to us, it is proof that we’re not alone on our mission to support Rafael Nadal. We are very thankful to all the people who visit our website daily, who comment on our posts, who send us e-mails, who follow us on Facebook/Twitter and who share their Rafa stories and material with us.

We hope you will continue to visit and support our website, and we look forward to many more years of exciting Rafa news.

Note: We are not official. If you would like to see Rafael Nadal’s official site, visit


  1. Rafa I want to continue to see u play fantastic great tennis u r the best I loveu Rafael

  2. It’s thanks to you a million times for creating this fan page and posting all about Rafa which is actually what I like. More power to you and God Bless!

  3. You provide such wonderful service and a forum for Rafaites to share our support for this fantastic player and human being. A million thanks to you. Rafa forever

  4. Muchos gracias! Thank you. Danke schön! Merci beaucoup! For all that you and your team do for us – fans of Rafael Nadal. Yours is the first site I go to in the morning to see what is happening in the Nadal world, and your links and photos and info are always up to date and relevant. Keep up the fantastic, awesome job! The birthday greetings videos give me goosebumps – there is so much support for our inspiring tennis champion around the world from people of all ages and backgrounds. I am honored to have had the opportunity to watch Rafa play live several times – the first time I saw him on the court, I cried. A dream come true! Coming to this site brings back that memory!

  5. Having web sites such as yours is extremely useful and allows us to share our gratitude for a wonderful man.Every good wish to you in the future as we follow Rafa to Toronto and then the US Open.

  6. I completely agree with all your viewers that we should be the ones to thank you for keeping us updated on almost everything interesting about Rafa. And so may I say, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You not only inform us on Rafa’s tennis exploits, stats and remarkable records, you also allow us to share with all other Rafa admirers, although only electronically, the glorious feeling of Rafa’s victory against the odds, the gripping pain of watching him fight although injured, the beautiful yet tension-filled close games and matches Rafa plays, and of course, and our collective prayers in thanksgiving for his continuous good health, safety, supportive family, team and FANS (ahem, that is US). So, may I invite everyone, wherever you are in the world — and I am here in Manila, Philippines — to shout in unison ‘VAMOS RAFA!”

  7. Thanks so much for sharing Rafa with me and all oters that Love him, he is my favorite sportsman and Tennis Player ever/ Love to Rafa allways!!!!!!!!

  8. You should be the one we fans thank for. This website has given me so much comfort as Rafa’s fan to view his ever so handsome and sweet photos, latest news of Rafa both on and off courts. What can I ask for as Rafa’s fan?? A BIG HUGE THANK YOU for creating this website.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful world of Rafa with his adoring fans.
    Your dedication and hard work allow us fans to follow his magical journey on and off
    the courts and experience how special he really is. With all your posts, we are able to support and appreciate him and send him positive messages and best wishes. Always
    a loyal fan!

  10. You may not be an official Rafa Nadal page but you do a great job of honouring him!
    So thanks for making this site for his many fans the world over! : )

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